Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And So It Begins...

SCHOOOOLLLLLL! Monday marked the beginning of my 15th year of counseling at the Alternative School here in town. I can't believe I have been there that long working with those dang bad kids! *okie cracks up laughing*

My regional director often teases me about me always saying the kids aren't bad but I do try to find something good in each one of them and over the years I can only think of maybe 3 who didn't seem to have any redeeming qualities. When I first started at the Alternative school it was because I needed a job and that is what was available. Somehow that quickly changed as I started to get to know the students and their issues. Of course I dreamed of making a huge difference in so many lives and they would go on to be successful productive adults but the reality is that if a student is able to make it to graduation it's almost miraculous.

I still feel if I can help just one kid each year make positive changes then my job is worth it. It does get frustrating when kids don't want to do the work to make the positive changes and I have to tell them I don't have a magic wand and if I did I would whack them over the head with it.

The amount of work that it takes me to get back in the groove each school year is enough to make me want to jump off a cliff. It takes me a good 3-4 weeks before I have my scheduled settled and all the intakes and treatment reviews done because while doing all that I still have to keep seeing the clients I have. It might be okay if it was something I could quit at 5pm but it's not. Most of the time I am still working on paperwork or schedules until almost midnight. I dread it every year and every year I say it is my last year but somehow I continue on. I guess deep down I know in the long run it is worth it because no matter how much I bitch about all the paperwork I absolutely love what I do and working with those kids.

For those who have me on Facebook you have been warned....THE SUPER BITCHING WILL BEGIN!


  1. Bless you for working with their kids Shirley! And you can bitch all you want. lol Hugs, Brenda

  2. Thanks for your work with the kids. I cannot imagine the paperwork and issues you face but believe that with your willingness to put all that time and effort into the kids that so many see as too much trouble that you are a blessing in their lives. Often we don't see the fruits of our tabor "in the moment" but I am sure you have made and continue to make a difference to many of them.

  3. Best of luck to you as you begin your new school year!