Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love My Truck - Layout

This is another "my baby daddy" layout *okie cracks up laughing because she said that in her "I'm on the Maury Show" voice*. Wayne was always polishing that dang truck. Every weekend he would spend hours washing, waxing and shining that truck. I told him one time "you keep rubbing on it and all the paint is gonna come off!". He actually came over that day because I had turned my ankle and was laid up on the couch so he figured he would come over and finish waxing his truck and check on me. I was able to hobble out and get some pictures of him. My daughter and I use to joke about him spending more time with that truck than he did us....but it wasn't really a joke because it was true! LOL

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Printing Press cartridge
Basic Grey Boxer Collection
3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon
Various cardstock
Colorbox Chalk Ink

I got the "map" for the layout from my PageMaps book. I really am loving that book and would love to have the second one that have available but gotta save money for the cruise. I like the use of variety of patterns on the papers and the Boxer Collection worked great with the colors and the masculinity of the theme.

I was worried about it being too busy with the papers but I think with a lot of the background paper showing it worked out okay.

I think the larger piece on the right of this page also helped tone down all the patterns of paper used. Each paper is from the same collection.

The title is from Printing Press and I used Design Studio to weld the letters together. The font does have a shadow but instead of doing an even shadow all the way around I set it off a bit so it would shadow more on the side and bottom. I do this techinque when the shadows are a little thin as it helps give the top layer more shadow *okie thinks she confused herself and decides she doesn't need to see 10 clients in one day again*. Uh, I think you might understand what I was trying to say there, I dunno though. I added a few white dots on the letters just for a little pop.


  1. Suz Molin (from Minnesota)February 28, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    My husbands, "other wife" is a 1955 Chevy! I always tell everyone, "She's had more rubbing and buffing than I'll ever dream of!" He seriously sports a cloth diaper in his back pocket! Love your layout!

  2. Great layout. It's pretty plain compared to the ones you generally do--but perfect since it's a "guy" layout. You sure wouldn't want to put too much bling on Waynie's pages! lol!

  3. I always joke that if I catch my husband rubber-necking, at least I know it won't be a woman - it will be some form of car/truck that he is straining to get a look at. Is it normal to be jealous of a car???

  4. I don't comment here enough...but I'm always stopping by for a good laugh and some inspiration! TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  5. Great Lo's Okie!
    Your Daughter will be so happy someday as she grows older and she can tell her babies the story of how her Dad had a truck that he was forever cleaning :)
    Then she will have the pictures to prove it.
    My Three middle Grand babies love for me to tell them stories about their Daddy :)

    It is a nice Red shiny truck though!!!!!! TFS!!

  6. LOVE the Layout! I think most men would rather "RUB & WAX" their stinkin' cars than us! LOL