Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gypsy file for the Tri-Shutter

Someone on the Cricut MB asked about a Gypsy file for the Tri Shutter card so I thought I would go in and quickly convert the file and make it a TRI-SHUTTER GYPSY file. This is set for the Expression using Plantin Schoolbook. There are mats for cutting only one of the card and then mats if you want to cut two of the card.


  1. Hi Okie:
    Thanks for the Gypsy file - the one really nice thing about the Gypsy is not having to have the cart!! Yeah!

  2. ok okie, i'm gonna try this. never used anyones gypsy files before. thank you. i'm not too worried, cause i make these tri shutter cards 'manually', all the time. so if the download doesn't work...i have my 'backup'
    thank you,

  3. Thank you for the file Okie, you're the best!
    mhalford6@ aol. com

  4. Thanks Okie....

    I have been wanting to try to make on of these cards. Hope to make on today!

    aka craftycreations on Cricut board
    formally known as 1scraphappygal