Monday, January 11, 2010


Whew am I bushed! I finished cooking supper. Waynie and I ate and watched an episode of Bones. I cleaned up the kitchen and then took my bath. I even shaved my legs which is something I don't do often. Being blessed with Native American genes my legs aren't really very hairy, and what hair is there is quite soft *okie sometimes shares way too much information*.

I am trying a new shampoo. It is a generic version of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. It really made my head tingle but my hair feels soft and fluffy *okie isnt' sure if she just described her hair or her cat*. I did use the conditioner also.

*okie wonders if anyone is reading this babbling or just skimming and seeing if they won the DVD*

I need to get busy on my Secret Sister gift for the Swarm on Saturday. I was hoping to get a few more page kits done, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. Do you know how hard it is to get a nice little Secret Sister gift together for under $10? Well it is impossible I tell you.......JUST IMPOSSIBLE. Then you always wonder if your secret sister will like your gift. I bet if my secret's sister name was Lori she would like it. But my gift isn't a DVD. I am still not sure what I will do for the gift...*okie thinks for a minute*....Hempel, I better think about it quick because the Swarm is closing in fast!!

OOHHH YEESSS.....ya'll want to know the winner!!! Well the winner's name is buried in my post, and NO it is NOT Paul Mitchell!!


  1. Wow thanks, I don't think I have won anything in a long time.

    Lori Hempel

  2. Well dang Lori you weren't suppose to see it that fast! LMAO

  3. I just finished dinner and came on to check out FB and you had a post up. Wooo Hoooo. Thanks again

  4. HA Glad I was reading the whole post and not skimming! Okie you are the best.

  5. YOu are to funny, Okie!! I love reading your blog!!


  6. Congrats Lori. Okie must be nice to have legs you don't have to shave too often. :)

  7. Congrats Lori. I saw Lori and got all excited. Wrong Lori though.

  8. Congrats Lori! Gail

  9. Congratulations Lori!! I hope you enjoy my first DVD!

    Thanks Okie for doing this giveaway!!! See you on Saturday!

  10. Congrats Lori!!

    And Okie, you made me laugh. This was the best winner announcement I have ever seen :)

  11. all right Okie, you did share a bit to much information, but I did enjoy the laugh, so thanks for that!
    Congrats Lori!
    always enjoy reading not skimming over your blog!

  12. Congrats Lori.
    Hey Okie I just treatened to stop shaving my legs for extra warmth!
    Love your blog. It was nice of you and Robyn to do this.

  13. Okie you always make me smile! I love to read your blog.

    Congratulations Lori!!

  14. I check your blog everyday just to see what you're up to. Not a stalker - just wanted you to know you put a smile on my face and an occasional belly laugh. You have a wonderful sense of humor and some great ideas. My DH thinks I'm a little crazy sometimes but then I tell him about you and other MB gals and he says he understands - must be the Cricut connection. By the way - congrats to Lori Hempel!!! Carrie Moos (really my name and yes, I collect cows! lol

  15. Okie,

    How can anyone skim over your blog? Your sense of humor is just what makes a day turn brighter. Thanks for the chance. Enjoy reading your blog when I can.

    Congrats, Lori.

    Mary R.
    Chattanooga, TN

  16. Congrats Lori! Have fun with your DVD, you will really enjoy it.
    Thanks Okie for the give away and also for giving me a laugh when I read your post. Love your blog!

  17. Congrats Lori!
    Even though my heart stopped as I read it. Just wondering how many Lori(s) posted.

  18. You are too funny. To stay on topic, I wish I was blessed to have you genes.

  19. I love how you sneaked her name in! FAbulous! Congratulations, Lori!