Thursday, April 2, 2009


I can't believe it. I am just too excited. I think I am so excited I might be over being angry and moody now!!

So I was sitting here in my office at the school and one of the kids comes in talkin about her problems. I was trying to ignore her *okie cracks up laughin*, okay so I wasn't ignoring her but I just like to me mean and will read this to her *okie read this to the kid and she started laughing and said "it's nice of you to put me in your blog"*. Uhh...where was I? Oh yes, being excited!! Yeah so she comes in talkin and I am sitting here listening and all the sudden I look at her and say "Did you have a cigarette this morning?"

She said "yes"


Of course she went to sniffin herself and said she couldn't smell it. Then she said "OMG! YOU ARE GETTING YOUR SENSE OF SMELL BACK!"

I was just so excited that I could smell it on her! I mean it was very faint but it was there!

Oh and I think I am about over wanting a cigarette now. I haven't even used my little plastic fake peppermint one in several days. I am still fighting a headache that I have been having for the last 3 days but shoot I am still excited! *okie thinks she is such a nerd*

****let me add****

Uhh..not sure why folks think I have lost my sense to smell before I quit smoking. I could smell quite well thank you very much, maybe even better than some people I know. I was just saying that my sense of smell has improved. And I shall note that my sense of taste is still the same........FOOD STILL TASTES AWESOME! But then again it did when I was smoking too!


  1. Okie!!! Hip Hip Hooray for you!!!! That is wonderful news and the best part of it is, now you can enjoy all the wonderful aromas around you that you have been missing out on...(and a few you probably would LIKE to miss out on! hehehe) The best part of quitting smoking, though, is that it is like getting a raise! Have you SEEN the price of those things these days? YIKES!!! BTW, I need your address again...I lost it...*Shannon knows that she is a complete scatterbrain most of the time...* Your little surprise has been sitting here waiting and waiting...

  2. Congratulations, Okie! You are getting your sense smell back! You should also start finding that food tastes better too! I am so happy for you! Hang in there! You can do this!
    Mary101, Cricut MB

  3. Way to go Okie!! your making progress keep it up girl ;-)

  4. Congrats on your sense of smell, but watch out when your sense of TASTE comes back. LOL

  5. WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! It is a great time of year to get your sense of smell back!! (Well, it is turning Spring here) you can smell all the flowers and grass and fresh air!!!!
    ....Sharon :)

  6. You are not a nerd! That is awesome! Just be careful. The more you can smell it on the people the more the smell will tempt you.

    You're doing awesome though!

  7. My parents both had acupuncture done to quit smoking. Hmmm... 22 years ago. My mom tells the story that she dragged my dad kicking and screaming to the office, in other words, quite reluctant. My mom used to smoke three packs a day and my dad smoked two packs. Neither have smoked since that ONE office visit. My dad tried but he said this feeling of dread just passed through his whole body and he had to put the cigarette out. Anyhow, where I was going with this is that every weekend my mom would make tuna sandwiches for us. While I like tuna, I don't like it THAT often. Once they quit smoking, neither of them can stand the smell OR taste of TUNA! You will probably find that some things that you used to be able to eat really taste quite different.

    You can this! :)

  8. Oh, I forgot to add that they chain smoked the whole drive (70 miles) to the clinic and then stood outside and smoked two more before going in. I never would have believed that acupuncture would work, but it does!

  9. Congratulations on your KEENER :) sense of smell - it could be that your senses are coming more to life now that they don't have to be SMOKED out by the cigarrette :) LOL - great job Okie, keep it up!!! HURRAY!!!

  10. wow okie
    You are doing good, keep it up girl and boy, you made my day, Having a migraine and another headache allday, reading your blog, made me smile. thanks okie.

    Hug Linda

  11. Yay Okie!!! Keep up the great work!!!! You can do it!!!

  12. Keep up the Great job !!! I am so proud of you!!!!! It was so good to meet you at the OKC Swarm last year. You were a blast!!!! I pray that this habit gets kicked to the curb and doesn't show its ugly rear ever again!!!! You can do it!
    I know you can!!! Just get mad at it and teach it a good lesson!!! :)

  13. Okie-- you are well on your way to the world of NON SMOKERS. Next is how far away can you stand from someone that has smoked and still smell it!!! hehehehehe -- KathyLuvRaggedy (Kathy Wyatt)

  14. That is so great to hear! I remember when DH had it..... Keep it up!

  15. I've been following your blog for a while, and I wanted to give you a big WOOHOO for quitting smoking! (I'm a former director of the Lung Association). You are doing awesome and now you can use your time to create even more of the fantastic projects you share with us...go Okie!!!!

  16. congrats on quitting smoking!!! I need to as well :(. I also wanted to thank you for all the great projects you have shared on your blog..just fantastic!!!!


  17. Okie, I am so proud of you!!!
    Janber from the Cricut message board.

  18. Congratulations on your choice to quit smoking. I had headaches from withdrawal as well as the 'shakes'. Now I feel like a million bucks and it is a pleasure to walk into my clean smelling home! I am extremely proud of myself for this HUGE accomlishment. You will be too!