Sunday, June 1, 2008

Triangle Trifold Card

Okay so I am totally addicted to card making now!! I bet you couldn't tell could you? HA HA HA
I like the trifold but I wanted a different version. This one I call the TRIANGLE TRIFOLD CARD. There is a little bit of difference between this and the other version. They basically go together the same. I am including pictures and instructions.

These are the basic cuts you end up with. I do have a stamp from Basecamp on the file that fits well with this card. The first mat is for reference only so if you want to make some type of medallion you can size it easy enough.

I generally do my inking before I start putting a card together, if I remember! *so sometimes I forget until later then have to try and get the paper to come apart after I have taped it.....UGH*.
Next you will want to score the pieces seen in the photo. I did not make score lines since it is easy to tell where you need to score. I drew arrows and dash lines on the picture so you can see where to score.

Next attach the bottom flap to the bottom of the large piece centering between your score lines. I usually fold it up and line it up with the bottom.

I forgot to take a picture of how it is folded so I am showing this picture. The bottom flap folds up first and then the triangles get folded over. I think it gives it more of an envelope look!!

Next attach the inner mat to the outer mat.

This is what you should have at this point. I did use the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder for the scalloped band. I think it gives it a nice look!

Next you will attach the scallop band. Then you will attach the smaller band. On a side note if you would like to use this band with the other trifold card it should fit just fine! The scalloped circle from the other card should fit on this one just fine also. Don't you just love my interchangeable confusing files! HA HA HA

I just attached a flower on this version. I used a brad and put on the smaller flower then the larger flower and then poked it through the inner band. I also dotted some Stickles along the inner band.

This is another one I made. It uses the stamp cut that is included in the file.

Hope you guys like the card files I am making! I love sharing them with you guys!!


  1. hey Okie,
    i do love your stuff. the triangle card is great, as is everything else.

  2. This card looks great, can't wait to try it. Made a criss cross card yesterday and even my hubby was impressed. Thankyou so much for sharing.

  3. You never cease to amaze me with all your neat designs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, what a great idea to use Cricut to cut card & envelope patterns! Makes those fancy cards that take so much time to measure and cut almost easy. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas and always generously sharing!

  5. Eunice I am all about trying to make things EASY!! LOL

  6. I love all your designs and ideas. I'll be linking your blog to mine so I can find you again. Plus, I'm a fellow Okie!

  7. Hi Okie!

    I have had my design software for a long time, but am just now finding the time to 'play' with it. I haven't learned how to weld yet, but thanks to your blog I have learned how to download cut files (thank you so much!) and actually use them too! I made your top fold card as my very first CDS project and I love them!! I will post pictures on my blog so you can see what I did!
    I am trying to cut your Triangle Card now and was successful with everything but the stamp cut from Basecamp. Is there a trick to get the software to switch to another cartridge? I loaded all the needed cartridgs into my jukebox, but it didn't do it. I even put Basecamp directly into my E and it still did nothing. Would appreciate any help that you can provide! Thanks again from one Ladybug to another!

  8. I am not sure why it wouldn't recognize Basecamp. I went back and looked at the file to make sure it was basecamp that I used and it was. Try loading the cart backwards. Sometimes that works.

  9. Okie
    I really love all of your cutfiles. I think this is at least number 3 today, that I would love to have you share.
    Thanks and keep it up with your creativity-it is amazing!