Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's back.....finally after so many months of waiting!! And now I hear only 8 episodes? WTF? NOW REALLY!

How am I suppose to survive on only 8 episodes of LOST? How am I suppose to find it if Sun survives her pregnancy, how am I suppose to find out if Benry (Ben who said he was Henry) will get beat up by the ghost man in the shack again, how am I suppose to know why Walt keeps reappearing to people. I have so many questions and there just isn't enough episodes to tell me everything I want to know!

Oh I know I am suppose to blog about scrappin but I just can't betray my love for LOST.

I am loving the repeat from last seasons last episode. The captions are really kinda funny, while being informative!

Dang that Bernard just can't keep his mouth shut! But I didn't want them to shoot Jin either. And definately no shooting if Sayid. He wants to marry me but Barbara (Barbara Hershey in RL is his wife) just keeps beggin him to stay with her. I will have my evil kitty Simon figure out a way to get rid of her yet! *evil plotting grin*

I just can't stand that dang Juliette I think Kate should snap her neck! I think Juliette has deep seated relationship issues, has to be the reason for her not being able to be able to make up her mind if she likes Jack or wants him dead (hhmm...kinda reminds me of some of my past relationships, maybe she ain't so bad afterall).

Okay I am sure you all know so I can say this......a moment of silence for Charlie who drowns in the Looking Glass station. *MOMENT OF SILENCE* BUT.......this is LOST so does he really die, I am hoping not! At least he does get to tell them it is not Penny's boat (stupid lyin Naomi! Who is she really!)

That Benry is such a baby stealer! Poor Russo not knowing what happened to her baby 16 years ago.

Oh there is so much I could say about more of the characters but I will leave that for the new episodes!!

Well that is all for tonight......until the new episode tomorrow night!! I can't hardly wait! Phones will be turned off...kid isn't allowed to talk to me except for commercial time, she has 2 minutes and 2 seconds to do a whole conversation.

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