Friday, October 22, 2010

An old layout!

I was browsing through my pictures and found this picture of a layout I did WAY BACK when I first got my Cricut. My cats, Simon and Sebastian, were totally intrigued by the Cricut.

As you can tell this was way before I started inking things and looking at this now I would love to rip it apart and get the ink after it! LOL

I love the picture at the bottom of my cat Simon, he looks like he is smiling!

I made the cat faces and the bug head with George. I would say the title is with Base Camp and Opposites Attract.


  1. OMG ... Okie, your cats are so very much like my own cat. She sits and watches it perform.

    Hmmmm ... maybe we should sell kitty tickets to watch the show! You never know ... we just might earn enuff to buy a new cart!


    Love the LO!

  2. It is funny when we look back at our first layouts :)

    Simon looks very much like my sweet Tigger who lived a wonderful long life, but left us last year at 19.

    I had to rearrange my scrapping area after that because he used to come and lie on the back of the couch to be near my while I played. He always stayed within a foot or two of me.

  3. This is still cute! A friend of mine has gone through and re did a lot of her pages. I told her 10 years from now she will do it again.
    I love the pictures!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Adorable! I think it looks good as it is, but I'd love to see the comparison to what you'd do today (with the inking)!

  5. Wow Okie your cat at the top of your layout looks exactly like our cat Tippy we lost him about 2 months ago to renal failure he was about 17 years old he looked just like your cat I was shocked when I looked at your picture

  6. I like it! Nothing wrong at all and don't you dare tear it apart and ink it!

    How else can you look back and see how your style has changed since you began scrapbooking?

    That would be like taking a color book page that Shiane did and gave you while she was in kindergarten and touching it up!

    I'm glad I made photos of my first attempts at making cards so I can definitely see that I've come a looong way baby! LOL!

  7. It's an adorable page! I love the topic you chose to scrap too :)

  8. How cute Okie! I love it, you've got to give yourself credit for making the cat faces and bug head with just George. :)

  9. Cute! You know how cats love to play with bugs!

  10. What a cute Layout Okie... I know how you feel about wanting to rip up an old layout and ink it up.... I look back at some of my first layouts and think... OMGOSH??? What was I thinking??? But that was then... and like with anything we get better with AGE! :o)
    Your cats look adorable! :o)

  11. How cute! I dont even let me kids get that close LOL

  12. Love your page! I also had a Tonkinese like your Sebastian in the dark sealpoint. After he got old and passed after a long and happy life I got another like him in platinum/mink points. My favorite kind of cat.
    Don't make changes to the page...take new pictures and make a new current one!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  13. Great job on the Light Camera Christmas layout page at the OKC Swarm :) Saw this from Robyn & Karlee. You were the first to finish a layout?

  14. Very cute, even if the edges aren't inked, LOL. Do you still have the Siamese cat, Simon seems to be the only one i ever see.