Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Good Ol Days

In our busy world today we sometimes don't stop long enough to enjoy the simple things in life. Well I can tell ya electricity is one of those simple things!

I have been having problems for a few weeks with half the house loosing electricity off and on and an electrician has been here twice before with the same results. Finally he did find the problem and it was a major one. There was a "leg" also referred to as a "phase" out in the lines. The electric company had to come out and disconnect the power and pull the meter. The electrician forgot a few things and had to run to the shop several times and this caused him to lose track of time and thus caused me to be without electricity for the night.

A few weeks ago I had some new neighbors move in and while I don't know them very well I did decide to ask if I could run an extension cord so I could at least plug in the fridge, charge the phones, etc. The woman was very understanding and immediately said she didn't mind at all. I told her I would gladly give her $20 for the electric for the night. She said she didn't want any money and was more than glad to help. I am thinking a box of cards as a thank you is in order for sure!

Since we couldn't cook I took the kids out to dinner and then to Walmart for some batteries for one of the camping lanterns. We also stopped at Goodwill and looked around a bit and then buy Autozone for a headlight lamp for the van. After returning home to a dark house we lit some candles and put the batteries in the lantern. Shiane had her Kindle already charged so she spent time reading a book. Chuck was able to get his homework done and then he and I watched a movie. Most nights all three of us are in separate rooms doing our own things but last night was different since we had to be contained to one area of the house and it was nice spending some time with them. I am thinking it might be a nice thing to have the electric go out a few nights a month.

It's amazing how we take things for granted so much, especially electricity. It reminded me of a simpler time of when I was growing up and we didn't have cable TV, cell phones, laptops or any other electronic devices and the family spent time together eating dinner and watching TV. It definitely made me think "those were the good ol days".

Hopefully the electrician will be here soon and get the problem all resolved and I will be restored to full power. In the meantime I am thankful for having those few hours to spend with the kids just enjoying each other's company.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get It Straight Laser Square

I am one of those people with terrible hand writing unless I am writing painfully slow so when I am doing journaling I want to make sure I keep my wording straight so I don't have to do it again. I do have a nice little laser ruler that someone sent me sometime ago which does help but I can't seem to find the batteries for it *okie wonders how many sizes of little round batteries there are in the world*.

I was checking out my Blitsy emails this week and the Kellycraft Get It Straight Laser Square came up in one of the emails. It looks pretty cool but seems a bit pricey. Luckily I had some credits at Blitsy and was able justify the purchase and plus if I can find something cool to try out and let you guys know if I like or don't like the product then I feel it's an added benefit of my little crafty shopping problem I have...yes, I use you guys as an excuse to buy chit! DON'T JUDGE!

They also carry some really cool looking skins you can add to the square. I think you lay them over or replace the black material that you see around the edge in the picture. I am not sure I will get any skins since they are $20 for a pack of 3. I am thinking if I want to decorate mine I can always use some paper and Modge Podge! *okie thinks she is really cheap sometimes and messes up some good stuff by trying to save a few cents*.

I did get my order confirmation and should get my shipping notice on Monday, Blitsy is usually very good at shipping your order very quickly, so be on the look out for my review of this product in the next week and a half or so. And as always....I tell you guys how I honestly feel about products!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bee Mine - Valentine Card

Are ya'll getting sick of Valentine cards? I am starting to get tired of them but I still have to get the ones for my McCall's clients ready and also for my friends who will be coming to the card making party next weekend.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut
Daisy D's Pattern Paper
Glitter Cardstock
Various Cardstock
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Signo Gel Pen
Mounting Foam

I will have to admit that little flourish is not for the faint of heart and if I use that cut again I am not going to do the top layer as it was a beeotch to cut *okie thinks she won't even discuss the gluing* because of the thin lines. The problem is that it really looks nice on the card *okie feels so torn*. I really gotta start paying more attention to the pressure settings on the Pazzles. I am not use to having 50 different settings and I have always thought more is better but I am finding out that less will get the job done, at least when it comes to low and high pressure settings! The Pazzles did cut the glitter paper with two passes and the vellum for the wings in one easy pass and no tearing!

If you would like the file for this card please see below:

Love U Card - Completed

I got these cards embellished and decided to post the completed project with some better pictures.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut
Love U MTC File
DCWV Pattern Paper
Various Pattern Paper
Various Cardstock
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Mounting Foam

When choosing some accent color I decided to go with orange and it reminds me a bit of those heart candies that always come out at Valentine's day and taste like chalk, well at least to me they do! The touch of orange for the ribbon and circle seemed to really help in adding "POP" to the card.

I am always amazed at what a little extra embellishing can do to a project and I have been addicted to embellishing since right after starting my hardcore papercrafting hobby!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love Heart Banner - Completed

I didn't do much else to finish the card on the cuts I posted last week, but I did want to show some better pictures.. I added a light colored mat to the card base to help the images pop a little more.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut
Make The Cut Heart Banner File
Little Yellow Bicycle
Various Cardstock
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Mounting Foam

I used the conical tool in MTC to get the "Love" curved to fit the banner across the heart.

There are quite a few layers for the banner cut, Shadow, Base (grey pattern in the picture), Banner filled (red in the picture)  and top outline cuts (pink in the picture). And then of course there are two layers to the "Love" that goes on the banner.

I wasn't sure how the image would cut because of some of the fine lines but it did seem to cut fine. Not sure I would try to cut it any smaller though as some of the lines might not make it through alive.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adore Valentine Card

I just fell in love with these lips and wanted to use them on a card and had a hard time figuring out exactly what to do. I was pleased with the over all effect, which is something that doesn't happen often!

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut
Little Yellow Bicycle paper
Various Cardstock
Glimmer Mist
Glossy Accents
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Mounting Foam

Glimmer Mist, in Pearl, was spritzed on the top layer of the lips and then after putting the layers together I added Glossy Accents in the light pink area. It's a little difficult to see in the picture but it did give it a nice look.

Once  got the cards put together it seemed like it need a little something else so I added 3 small light pink brads in the bottom left hand corner and that seemed to finish it off nicely.

For download click the links below:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Embossing Folder Storage - MTC SVG format

I made storage folders for embossing folders a few years back and I had some people ask if I had them in SVG format. At that time I was only using Design Studio and didn't have the capablity to make SVG files. Now that I am using Make The Cut and can export designs to SVG format I thought I should make files for the folders. Also, because believe it or not....I let myself get behind in the storage of those folders! *okie grins slightly knowing Kristy thinks she has blackmail material with this information but now okie had confessed Kristy can do nothing!*.

I did try and include the score marks you will need but not sure they will cut right since I haven't tried to cut the file. I will leave that up to you guys to do! *okie thinks she can't do everything and then wonders if maybe she is hungry since she is feeling a little cranky...Snickers...must have a Snickers*

This is the screenshot for the A2 folders and the information that those who are using SVG files will need in order to get them the right size *okie is beginning to think those SVG folks are a pain in her arse*.


This screenshot is for the 5x7 embossing folders.


This folder can be used for the combo sets or the small border embossing folders.

The flaps on the back of the folder are to be scored and then adhered to the front of the folder, I do mine on the inside as I think it looks neater.

The long piece is if you have border folders, see picture below.


Here is a picture of my border embossing folders with the ban. I add brads between the two larger one to keep the folders in place.

The top picture is the front and the bottom is the back.

For those just now seeing this system I would like to direct you to this page CUTTLEBUG A2 STORAGE FOLDER so you can see how I like to emboss the front of my folders. It sure makes it easier to see the design of the folder and I can flip through them a lot quicker.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Independence Day - Layout

It's been a bit cold this winter and one evening when it was particularly chilly I thought I would work on something that reminded me of warmer days so I chose to do a 4th of July layout. I got the "map" from the Scrapbook Page Maps 2 book. I really love those books for ideas for layouts!

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut
Varies Pattern Paper
Various Cardstock
Glimmer Glaze
Mounting Foam

I added some Glimmer Glaze to the fire on the rocket although it is hard to see in the picture. The stitching around the blue seemed to make the rocket look better as well.

I have had this paper for a few years and can't remember who makes it right off the top of my head but I loved that it was a bit darker than most papers for the 4th of July. The words on the paper also just seemed to fit the occasion since we were having a cookout at my Aunt Betty's house that day.

I didn't like how the title looked after I got it cut but since I already had it done and didn't want to waste paper I used it. I had to play around with the firecracker to get it where it looked good. I might have cut it a bit big for the page but it's done just the same.

You might be able to see the Glimmer Glaze effect a little bit better in this close up picture. I used an old paint brush to apply. The glaze comes with a brush much like nail polish but I feel a regular paint brush gives me better control. I will just have to remeber to use it only for the glaze since it does have some sticky effect to it.

On my cuts the top of the rocket was white and I cut it off with some scissors because I wanted the top to be red. I can't remember if I fixed the file for that or not but you can check it out if you download it.

I wanted the spark part from the firecracker to be red but cut the wrong color so instead of wasting paper I just added some Diamond Stickles to dress it up a bit. I used a white gel pen to add the stitching around the stars.

To download the Fireworks file see below:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Card - Double Heart

I saw the layout for this on Pintrest and fell in love with the colors. I think it would be cute in any colors though. I knew it would be a great one for my Valentine Cardmaking Party I am having with a few of my girlfriends.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut 
Flocked Paper
Various Pattern Papers
Various Cardstock
Cuttlebug folder Script
Colorbox Chalk Ink

This is a pretty simple card with simple cuts but still thought I would make the files available so if anyone liked they card they could just download and cut and not have to go look up images to use.

I did end up cutting the mat in half since most of it seemed to be covered up by the other images on top of it and I wanted the pretty flocked paper to show. You can easily adjust the mat in the files if you need the mat longer. Since there were a lot of layers I didn't use mounting foam on any images.

You can download the file for this project below...
MTC FILE - Double Heart Card
SVG FILE - Double Heart Card

Friday, January 18, 2013

Love Heart Banner - Valentine Card

Sorry the picture is so bad on this. I was just trying to get a picture so I could post the file for download and didn't take time to set up my little photo studio *okie wonders if she should explain that is some quilting batting she hangs off some wire frames* this time.

I cut mine from some Little Yellow Bicycle paper I got a few years back at GASC when Linda, BFF Karen and I made a trip to Arlington Texas for the occasion.

Again this is just the cuts and not a completed project. I am going to make 6 Valentine cards out of these cuts but wanted to get the files posted for download.

If you would like to download the files please click the links below:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love U - Valentine's Card

So I got the Pazzles smokin now! Okay not literally...I would cry if it was really smoking because that would mean it was on fire or something!

I designed this card over the weekend and got the idea from Pinterest and was waiting to get the Pazzles before cutting it out. One reason I wanted to wait was the scallop circle. My Cricut was not cutting scallops right, and never has. Well as you can see the Pazzles did a pretty dang good job!

My card isn't finished and I will probably start posting some things that aren't finished so I can post the files for download. I still have to do some inking and embellishing on these before they will be considered DONE. I will post a picture of the completed card later on when I get them finished.

I wanted to get it posted so you guys can download and get some cards made for Valentine's Day if you would like. Of course they don't' have to be Valentine cards and you can make what you want with the files if you download them. 

If you would like to download the files for this project please see below:
MTC - Love U Card
SVG - Love U Card

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pazzles Arrived!

I got my Pazzles via UPS yesterday and of course I immediately unpacked it. I also got the different tools - distressing tool, engraving tool, pen tool, etching tool and embossing tool. Of course I havent had time to try those out but will try to get to them eventually. My main concern was getting the Pazzles hooked up and seeing if it worked.

It was no problem getting it out of the box and plugging it in. I installed the software, which I haven't tried either, updated drivers, etc and tried a cut in Make The Cut. IT WAS A FRIKKIN DISASTER! I am not quite sure what I did wrong, other than probably not read all the directions and follow all the guidelines but it was cutting very weirdly and making terrible noises. So in order to fix this problem I promptly took a 2.5 hour nap! HEY! After seeing 33 people I was very mentally exhausted! Of course finding out Walmart messed up where my spare tire goes and me having to go to a junk yard and get the tire out of there and then to the tire shop didn't lessen my mental stress for the day either.

After waking up I was dreading a bit about even trying the Pazzles again and I was on the phone with Carmen talking to her about the issue and she kept asking what I needed to do and trying to give me suggestions...because ya know she is an expert on Pazzles - NOT! Anyway after some frustration and me pushing this button and that button I decided to push the little red button where the blade housing is and the pulled it and then pushed the blade housing back *okie wonders if that was the order or if she could even possibly remember the order she did things since she was pushing everything constantly to get the thing to work*. Finally after that the blade housing lined up right and I was able to get a proper cut...NOT! Guess what? The mat orientation is different so it was in the wrong place *okie gives herself a V-8 smack on the forehead*.

After getting the mat orientation set correctly I first I just cut a simple plus sign and then I thought I would try something a little more difficult and cut a happy birthday image I had in MTC format. Chuck was rather hilarious at telling me I was messing up and he grabbed the manual, put on my reading glasses which I am quite sure almost gave him a headache, and proceeded to try and tell me what I needed to do. I changed the pressure settings and was able to get a nice clean cut. After getting Chuck's approval that I was able to use the machine and him leaving to go play his Xbox and leaving me alone I decided it was time to cut something a little more difficult.

I tried a very intricate cut after a happy birthday cut went well and these were cut at 2.5". I tried, from left to right - speed 5, speed 4 and speed 3. As you can see in the picture speed  3 seemed to do the best but 4 was not far behind. Speed 5 at something this intricate is a definite NO NO!

I cut the shadow in a darker color of some very cheap thin cardstock, which did cut beautifully in the Pazzles, so I could show the contrast well.  I am not sure how well the Cricut would cut these at this size but I might have to try it so I can do a side by side comparison between the machines and handling intricate cuts.

I do know the Pazzles is going to take some getting use to but the different pressures are going to be awesome! Carmen was nice enough to look online and find me a cutting guide that will come in handy! I am going to give their software a shot and see if I am able to do anything with it but if not...I always have Make The Cut!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Busy Week - Files Coming Later This Week

I really don't have anything to post today. I did finish a layout this weekend that I need to get uploaded and share but I have been working on some designs for Valentine cards so I haven't gotten a chance to get the layout ready for post.Now that I have finished watching Merlin on Netflix I might be able to get more done as well!

I will be posting probably 4-5 card designs that you can download for Valentine card use. Of course if you don't want to make the cards you can still download the files and have the components for use in other projects.

This week is extremely busy for me. The gal that does the groups at the school is out for the week due to her father passing away so I am covering her groups plus still trying to get in a few individuals with the kids and also my regular schedule at McCalls in the afternoons. While this type of schedule is very mentally draining it also is something that gets my blood pumping. I guess it is the "can I do it without having a breakdown" type of thing. Luckily it is something I don't have to do very often and I know I can do it because I have in the past. The awesome thing is that I found that McCalls has wi-fi and they were nice enough to let me hook my laptop into their wi-fi. Since our paperwork is done in a database that requires internet this is going to save a lot of time not in my life but the life of the other counselors that go to McCalls and see clients.

But back to crafting! I did work on getting some cards cut last night and got part of them together. I am hoping to finish them tonight and get started on cutting some others...BUT *okie figures folks knew there was a BUT coming in there* I am not sure how well I will do since my Pazzles is suppose to arrive today! I am going to try and focus on my work with my clients and not think about the Pazzles *okie hopes folks knows she is kidding and that once she is in with a client that is her only focus*.

I will post tomorrow if I got the Pazzles hooked up and ready to cut!

Monday, January 14, 2013


My landlord is a pharmacist by trade and has been working for May's Drug Warehouse *okie thinks there is something wrong with a warehouse full of drugs and how it seems a bit like the Mexican Cartel kinda deal* ever since I have known him. Recently May's sold out to Walgreen's and is closing down. Instead of him making the switch he and his wife have opened up their own pharmacy and gift shop. I am totally excited for them and I am quite certain they will do well.

I was in there this weekend and she asked if I wanted to make some cards to put in the store. Well ya'll know I like money but don't like pressure!  I hate crafting under pressure! Okay I hate doing anything under pressure, but especially crafting. I think because it is my outlet, time to relax, time to do what I want how I want without any rules or dictation of methods. But, I have to admit that the opportunity is exciting! She wanted to know a price and I told her I generally sell my cards for between $4.50 and $5.00 each depending on the card. I don't think that excited her too much really and we will have to hash out the details of the expense and that means I will have to think numbers which sends me into fits of "JUST LET ME DIE", and my friend Linda can attest to this quite well.

Now I wonder if this is truly a journey I want to go on and then I think "nothing ventured, nothing gained". I guess I will just have to give it a shot and see how it goes!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thank You!

I just want to tell everyone THANK YOU and I appreciated all, well most, of the comments you guys left when I posted about possibly not posting projects anymore. After I posted the analogy of cooking a dinner then it seemed those who didn't understand before suddenly understood where I was coming from in my original post.

I actually don't think I could ever completely stop coming here and letting my fingers do their dance across the keyboard allowing words appear on the screen, but I was seriously contemplating not posting projects anymore due to the time it takes, etc...but you guys already know that. I have come to the conclusion that my blog is a big part of me now and it is an outlet for me to put my thoughts, feelings and experiences I have in life to share with others. I do tend to get more comments on my "commentary" posts than my projects and that actually just cracks me up. I told Linda one time "I can spend hours doing a project and then posting it and get like two comments but let me post about how I bought some Scott butt wipes and I get like 60 freakin comments!", at which we both laughed. I have received feedback from many readers saying "I feel like I know you" and probably if you met me you would kinda know me because I pretty much write the way I talk *okie thinks she does reduce the bad words more in her writing than when she is talking*.

After this past week I find myself wanting to continue with the posting of projects, not only because so many people understood where I was coming from but also because now that I am using Make The Cut and being able to share files once more that people can use. I haven't been this excited about posting projects in a few years *okie looks at that and feels it was a long drawn out sentence but decides she has no desire to break out her knowledge of correct grammar and such from her English major days during her early college years*. I was in and out of the Make The Cut forum the last few days getting help on how to convert my MTC files to SVG so people who have other progams could use the files. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome those folks are in that forum! I think I did finally figure it out and it might be a pain on a few and if it is I might not convert the file...it will depend on my time and mood.

How to express my excitement and love for this MTC program is beyond my ability right now. I am learning something new every day and it is just getting better and better! I did have to go in and download the newer version to be able to properly convert MTC files to SVG files but the folks in the forum were wonderful in providing me with the information to do so and I am still able to have the version that uses my Cricut to cut.

Oh and another thing I will share with you today before I leave to do other things *okie grimaces at the idea of having to finish her progress notes but smiles slightly at the reminder that she can play around with some designs when she gets done*....I am getting a Pazzles! I know many of you know from my Facebook posts but thought I would share with those who aren't on Facebook. The great thing is that I have my newer version of MTC ready to cut with the Pazzles once it gets here.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Having Some Troubles...Downloading My Files





Perk You Up - Card

I am a coffee lover, not one of those over the top persnickety coffee lovers but just one of those "I gotta have my cup of coffee every morning" coffee lovers and so it only makes sense that I love cutting images that pertain to such a delectable and necessary for life liquid! I hope on doing some more coffee cards in the near future, this one was more of a test than a work of something I hoped would turn out cute.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut Software
Various Papers
Various Cardstock
Stampin Up Paper Piercing Guide
Stampin Up Markers
Glimmer Glaze - Indian Summer
Stamped Sentiment (don't remember)

I thought the front of the card was a little plain and I wasn't sure what to do with it to make it look a little more cute so I decided to add a little strip of polka dot paper to the inside and then used the blue heart that was cut out from the mug. While it didn't dress up the front it did add to the overall cuteness of the card.

I wanted to try and show the effect Glimmer Glaze gives so I took this picture at an angle. I am not sure it really shows the effect but you can see the shine, although not so much of the glimmer. I thought it would also maybe look like coffee with a little creamer, not sure I got that effect either. But, either way I do think it made the card a little more interesting.

Here is another view of the Glimmer Glaze on the scroll piece. This also shows how I put mounting foam on the cup. The bottom blue piece is a cut included in the file and matches up with the scroll. It was a lot nicer than having to cut it by hand.

The scroll has 3 layers - shadow, bottom layer and top half scroll layer. I did make multiples so if you download the MTC file you will need to delete the pieces you don't want to cut.

If you would like to download the files for this project please see below:
MTC - Coffee Mug Scroll
SVG - Coffee Mug Scroll keep images grouped and size at  8.0625 wide x 4.7987 high, then ungroup.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Princess - Layout

My daughter, Shiane..or Porsche *okie wonders which she gets called more*, worked at a daycare last fall. One day she sent me a text and told me she had a castle and then sent me these pictures. I made sure to save them because I knew I wanted to do a layout. These were some of the pictures in my Snapfish order I had last week.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut Software
Fancy Pants - Crush Collection
Glitter Cardstock
Stampin Up Cardstock
Prisma Cardstock
EK Success Corner Punch
Various Ribbon
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Mounting Foam

Linda picked up some awesome corner punches at Ross Dress for Less one day and this is the first time I have gotten to use this one. I love the scroll pattern and it looks nice layered and mounted.

The banner is included in the files for download and while it does have the word "princess" it can easily be removed and you choose a different lettering. There 4 layers to the banner - shadow, scallop, solid triangle and letter triangle. To cut the glitter paper I flipped the letter triangles to do a mirror image, this seems to be the best way to cut glitter paper, at least in my experience.

I thought adding the ribbon gave the banner a more princess type look, and I have a lot of ribbon I need to use up *okie laughs thinking about all her ribbon she hoards*.

The castle consists of 4 layers as well - shadow layer, base layer, main castle layer and front castle layer. There are separate cuts for the door and the rooftops. I used mounting foam on the front pink layer and the rooftops to add some dimension.

If you would like to download the file for this project please see below:
keep images grouped and size at 11.2609 wide x 9.0249 high then ungroup

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentine Layout

Over the years I have had friends over for a card party for Valentine's Day. Well we actually get together a week or two before so they can have ample time to send or give their cards they make to those they love. My first one was years ago...before I ever got my Cricut!

Last year I had a few friends over and we had a blast. I made up card kits to make things go a little smoother and it actually went a little too smooth as they finished up a lot faster than I thought they would. I have asked them if they want me to do the kits again this year and they said they do.

This is the layout I made with a few pictures from last year.

Supplies Used:
Sketch from the internet
Basic Grey Sugar Rush
Make The Cut Software
Various Cardstock
Make The Cut
Mounting Foam
Colorbox Chalk Ink

All parts for this layout, except for the straight cut pieces of paper, are included in the files that are available for download. 

The cupid had 4 layers to it. There is a base layer, white layer, pink layer and grey layer. I think it is set to cut around 3 inches and I wouldn't try cutting it much smaller because I'm not sure it would come out okay.

The heart strip is a border strip and includes a shadow. There are 3 separate hearts included if you want to pop dot a few on the border like I did.l I also inked the edges because...well ya'll know...I gotta ink everything!

The word Valentine has 3 layers to it and would need to be resized all at once to keep things in proportion.

The scallop circle and the circle that fits in it are included in the files as is the long strip with the 3 hearts.

You can download the file for this project below...
MTC FILE - Valentine Layout
SVG FILE - Valentine Layout

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Butterfly Frame - Party Prize

WHEW! This is the last of the posts about the party prizes! Now you guys can see why I wasn't posting anything crafty for so long...I was too busy making all the party prizes and I couldn't share on here because I didn't want them to be able to see everything.

Supplies Used:
Make The Cut Software
Graphic 45 Botanicals
Prima Bling
Border Punch
Circle Punch
Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Epoxy Clear Domes
Mounting Foam
Signo White Gel Pen

I found these little bees on the punch out pack and really liked them and incorporated them into the frame by punching out some 1" circles to put them on and then adding an Clear Epoxy Dome on top of them. It just added a little extra interest to the frame. I did use mounting foam to attach them to the frame.

I wanted the "live, love, GROW" to really pop off the frame so I did use a lot of mounting foam. I cut two pieces for the orange behind the green stripe and after adhering the green stripe to the first layer of orange I put mounting foam between the two orange layers. I did the same on the maroon print  layer and then also on the bottom layer that attached the whole piece to the frame.  A few years back I saw where Enfys, of Going Bugging, had used this method and I loved it so I use it as often as I can when I can go wild with dimension.

I absolutely loved the butterflies on this paper and wanted them to be the focal point of the frame, well besides the picture that will go in it of course! I found an image on the internet of a Monarch I liked and did a little tweaking so I could cut it with my Cricut and MTC.

I actually showed a picture of one of the butterflies back at the end of November in my GLIMMER GLAZE - BUTTERFLY MTC FILE and there is more information there if you would like to read  it. The flourishes out of the tail are some pieces of a big sheet of Prima bling. I got several sheets a few years ago in a really good sale bin and have been slowly using them by cutting them apart. I also used a flourish on the bottom right hand side of the picture hole.

You can download the file for this project below...
MTC FILE - Live Love Grow Frame
SVG FILE - Live Love Grow Frame

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thanks For Cooking Dinner....

I have had a few comments and a few emails saying I am seeking attention with my last post. Truly that was not my intent. My post was more about how it takes time to make a post and it is nice to have a few comments every now and then about a project.

Let us put this in perspective for a moment. Bear with me and play along, please. Let's pretend for a moment that you cook a fabulous dinner for a house full of guests. You are careful in making a fantastic menu, something that pleases everyone's tastes. You polish all the silverware to a gleaming shine, making sure there are no spots on the glassware, set out the best dinnerware you have and setting the table to the impeccable standards of that *okie refrains from using words that come to mind* Martha Stewart. All of your guests join around the table and partake of the meal you worked so hard on providing for them. After dinner they all leave and not one of the guests make a comment about any of the meal or the setting or even seem to notice your efforts.

After all of this you are standing at the kitchen doing the dishes what would you think? Would you think your efforts were worth the work you put into the dinner? Or would you think that your efforts were not worth the time and feel discouraged to ever throw another dinner party?

Now, let's pretend, right as you were getting ready to turn off the lights there was a light knock at the door and you answer the door and there stands one guest who has returned and gives you a hug and thanks you for a wonderful meal. After telling them they are welcome and hugging them back you close the door and lean up against the door with a smile on your face knowing at least someone appreciated the efforts suddenly made you feel "yeah...that was worth it!"

Even in our day to day life people like to know their efforts are appreciated. Yes, oddly enough I am human and I do like to be told every now and then "thanks for posting" "love the color combo" or even "your project looks like shit" or at least something. If that makes me an attention seeker because I like to be acknowledge for my efforts then so be it...think of me how you will. One reader said it was unlike me to need stroking and thinks my account has been hacked, I do not want stroking, just a simple acknowledgement from time to time.

I do appreciate all the comments and encouragement that has been extended today. It did show me there are people who appreciate my postings and even some of my projects. I had to laugh as one dear friend/reader commented "Give flowers to the living" and thought "SHE GETS IT!" and it drove home the point that it sometimes takes someone one just giving up before anyone really notices.

It Maybe Time....

I have been blogging now for almost 5 years and have enjoyed it most of that time. I have shared projects, my thoughts, my opinions, my life experiences from day to day and even shared part of my most deepest feelings during this time.

I am afraid though it maybe time for me to stop. I have noticed that I hardly get any comments on the projects I post and there are other things I can do with that time that it takes to set up a project for photographing, taking the pictures, editing the pictures, uploading the pictures, trying to remember a supply list and then writing about the project.  And now for me to share files takes even more time to make sure the files are correct, get them ready in two different formats and then upload them and then link them back to my blog. In all it generally takes at least an hour for me to do all this and when you think of how many hours I have put in to it then that is a lot of hours I could spend doing something else. While an hour may not seem like much to most people it is precious to me. I know a lot of people forget I work a full time job as well and that crafting is not my life but my hobby.

I have had a love hate relationship with this blog of mine. I hate that I feel so tied to it but love that I can share so much. I know there is way more love than hate though. I love that so many of you have been supportive during rough times I have experienced and even shared your experiences with me, always making me realize I am not alone in any trial or tribulation I face in my life.

I have posts scheduled to finish out the week. After that I am not sure if I will continue. Maybe after 5 years it is time to move on to something else in my life...what it is I have no idea.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Peacock Feather Frame - Party Prize

While I very rarely remember who wins what at my parties I do remember who won this one...MY SISTER! The reason it is so easy to remember is because when she opened it and pulled it out of the box I went "OOOHHHH!!" like it was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. Which was totally stupid of me because I made the dang thing! *okie smiles remembering how she and everyone else in the room cracked up laughing at her reaction*. I will attribute my reaction to it being over 2 hours since the party had started and my having about 5 glasses of Hurricane Punch by that point.

Supplies Used:
Webster's Pages Paper
Webster's Pages Embellishments
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Prima Bling

I used a fairly neutral sheet of paper for the base of the frame and then added a 12x12 vellum overlay on top. Since there was a lot of printing on the vellum I wasn't too worried about the tape showing around the edges.

Once again I used one of the little cards that were included int he box as a way to add some sort of words to the frame. I really can't tell you how much I love the Webster's Pages boxes! All of the embellishments were from the box, as was the paper. I thought it looked a little busy but since all the elements went so well together I doubt the picture will have a hard time being the focal point.

Tomorrow will be my last post of the Christmas Party prizes. There will be downloadable file in tomorrow's post and hopefully I am going to start having more files to share in the Make The Cut and SVG formats.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dream BIG - Party Prize

This frame was pretty easy to do since all the papers and embellishments were from a Webster's Pages warehouse sale box and the elements all just flowed nicely together. I did have to change out some of the embellishments a few times until I got something that looked decent to me.

Supplies Used:
Webster's Pages Paper
Webster's Pages Embellishments
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Stampin Up Border Punch
Liquid Pearls

I wasn't sure about the black leaves at first but once I got them down and the flowers on top I decided it actually gave the flowers a nice background and made them not get lost in the paleness of the paper. The "Dream Big Big Big" was from a little container of cards that was in the warehouse box as well. I did try to match up my papers and embellishments by collection as much as possible.

If you guys have never done a Webster's Pages Warehouse Box Sale then you really should! I think they have them once or twice a year and my friend Carmen let's me know when it is and then orders for us. She usually orders two boxes each and it is well worth the money! This year's boxes were the exact same but we both decided that was fine since we won't be as likely to hoard it all...well at least that is our thinking but knowing us we will hoard somethings - we always do!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beach Frame - Party Prize

My friend Carmen came across this fantastic Graphic 45 paper at Tuesday Morning a few months back and picked some up for use to split. I was of course thinking about my cruise layouts but decided to use some for a frame since there was quite a bit of it.

Supplies Used:
12x12 Memory Frame
Graphic 45 On The Boardwalk
Ranger Memory Slide
Shells from Puerto Rico
Starfish Charm
Colorbox Chalk Ink

 All the images are from the Graphic 45 paper. I did cut around the men from a different sheet of paper but I thought they were just too dang cute not to use. I love the vintage look of this and I might need to make one for myself!

I had a heck of a time getting sand in that little blister for the Memory Slide and I think it all ended up falling out anyway. I am really going to have to practice using stuff like that. The other items stuck in there well and went so together so nicely with the theme. I still had some shells from one of my cruise's and then added a starfish charm that my friend Carmen had given me in an assortment she had sent.

I was afraid the frame looked a little plain compared to my other ones I had made for prizes but there were a few guests who really commented on liking this one. One of them was BFF Karen, who of course lives for the beach so it only made sense she would love this one!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Organization - Okie Style Definition

So ya'll know what a problem I have about organization. Well not so much as a problem but more of a very slight obsession. The other night I was on the phone with BFF Karen and getting her started on Pintrest. I was explaining about the different boards and I went to mine so I could tell her how I have some of mine set up. I looked and the conversation went like this...

ME: What are pork chops doing in my organization folder?
BFF Karen: You probably organize your pork chops in the pan knowing you
ME: *laughing* Well actually in the picture they are nicely lined up in a Crockpot
BFF Karen: I knew it!!

Here is the picture! And yes I think I will keep that in my organization board! HA HA HA Actually I need to go in and move some things on my boards because I have pinned to the wrong board on a few things, but that is besides the point right now.

Anyone who has such a need to organize items in their life should really  have ways to describe what they do and how they feel during and after they accomplish massive feats of organization. In order to completely describe this feeling I have, as recently as last night even, I made up a new word...ORGAZN.

If you look it up in Okie's World Dictionary you will find the definition as follows -
Orgazn: [awr-gaz-uh n] 
1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of organization systematization, usually resulting from stimulation of systematizing of items
2. an instance of experiencing this
3. intense or unrestrained systematization
4. an instance or occurrence of such systematization

verb (used without object)
5. to have an orgazn.

Now go on and enjoy your day while thinking how you can make yourself go into an orgaznic frenzy!!