Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gel Pen Winners!!

I bet ya'll figured I would forget didn't ya! Did ya think I would forget?? HUH HUH HUH? *okie cracks up laughin* Well I didn't forget! I will be contacting the following people today for their mail information so I can send it to Cri- Kits.

I certainly hope you guys like the pens as much as I do! My friend Linda, aka LGuild, was playing with them a little when she was here this week. She was comparing them to another pen and she said "Oh the Cri-Kits are definitely better!" She agreed they didn't skip and were easy to get in and out of the pen holder.

Thank you for someone suggesting about posting pictures of of my daughter in the parade today. I guess I should ask you guys do you want me to post something everyday even if it isn't scrap related? I mean I can do that easily. But that doesn't mean I am going to slow down on crafting. I just get busy with Nana Donna on the message board or I might be dreamin about being a Scrappin KY Momma where I can enjoy the green rolling hills of home! But about pictures, I really do need to take some! I am going to a swarm in two weeks and need to get some layout kits ready!

I will be finishing up the princess cards this weekend. We still have Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella to showcase. I am so glad most of you are enjoying the cards. I thought they were rather funny.

Oh yeah still waiting for the winners? Well I already posted who won. Their names are in the post somewhere and it ain't Linda! LOL


  1. LOL.. LOVE IT!!! You are sooo clever!!! Thanks a BUNCH Okie!! I'm totally tickled!!! ( yes, I DID think you were busy .. :) not that you forgot or anything.. LOL )


  2. Congrats winners!! I love anything that you post Okie. Would love to see photos of the parade! :)

  3. Good Morning Okie........ha ha ha love ya thanks!
    Nana Donna

  4. Phhhhhhhhttttt! (blowing Okie a raspberry!)

    Congratulations to the winner, I'm sure you're going to love using the pens.

    Okie had two brands on her work table and I tried them both using my hand, not the Cricut.

    One brand didn't flow as smoothly and even had noticeable skipping in the lines I drew. It also didn't provide near as much coverage.

    So, you got the best ones! LOL!

  5. you make me smile when i read your posts. great idea on the stamp cleaner.


  6. congrats to the winners! Hope your Naomi is feeling a bit better!

  7. LOL Okie you crack me up! Love u girl!

  8. Congratulations to Scrappin KY Momma and Nana Donna, I think????????

  9. Ohhhhh Nooooo! You mean I didn't win? Well, phooey! But before I go to the corner to pout ... let me just say a great big friendly


    to the winners ... Nana Donna and Scrappin KY Momma! I know you are totally going to love them. Have fun ... and let us know what you think of them. Ohhh, and I am only joking about going to the corner t pout, because I am honestly happy that you won! =)


  10. Please post pictures, everyday, want to seeeeeeeee!!!!!! Thanks for the recipe I'm going to get the supplies soon.
    mhalford6 @aol. com