Sunday, October 3, 2010

Okie? Where is Okie??

Well I am right here! *okie cracks up laughin*

I decided this weekend I would get the rest of my stamps unmounted and put in the DVD cases I ordered from Stampin Up. I didn't decide this until Friday night, and I didn't finish until Saturday night! WHEW talk about a job! But it was totally worth it. I got 10 sets of Stampin Up stamps to fit in 3 DVD cases.

Now I knew if I posted about doing this you guys would be hollering "hey okie we need pictures!" so in my foresight I took pictures! Okay everyone say "YYEEAHHH OKIEEEEE!"....I can't hear you! *okie puts one hand behind her ear and waves up with her other arm to get the people cheering*. That was much better!!

I got the static cling foam on eBay from a seller named 941nmb and I got the product quickly. The seller did combine shipping. I ordered 7 sheets and I now only have 1/2 sheet left.

1. In order to save on foam I laid out a sheet of foam and then arranged my stamps to maximize usage of the product *okie thinks she sounded very professional just then*. Okay, let's break it down, ya'll know I am cheap and I am gonna find the best way I can to get the most out of anything! HA HA HA

2. Here you can see where I stamped the images with Stazon ink. I used Stazon so it would be permanent and not rub off. I left the stamps on the foam as I was stamping so I could get them positioned where they were originally. I did sometimes have to move a stamp or two so I could get an image stamped.

3. I unmounted my stamps by peeling them off the blocks and foam. Usually the foam stayed on the block and I was just able to peel the stamp off the foam. If you have problems you can stick the stamp in the microwave for a few seconds to loosen up the adhesive. Luckily I didn't have any problems and mine come off pretty easy. Some of the older ones took a little bit more elbow grease but it wasn't bad.

4. I lined up the image on the foam by holding it up to the light. I actually had the stamped side toward the light and the stamp facing me. I thought about trying to find my little light table thing I have but I was too lazy to go look for it. The good thing about the foam is that it takes a few hours for it to become permanent so if you don't get it straight the first time *okie thinks...or the first four times* don't worry, you can just pull the stamp up and reposition.

5. After trimming the foam on a few I noticed my scissors were getting sticky and I go the Undu out and cleaned them off. I decided to use the little device shown in the picture to get rid of the sticky and it made it a lot easier to trim the stamp. I can't remember the name of the thing, but it has talcum powder in it.

6. Next I trimmed right next to the stamped image. The foam cuts very easily. I was using big scissors at first but then went to using my Cutterbee's because I could get in the corners a lot easier on some of the stamps.

7. TADA! *okie throws her hands in the air like she just did the most fabulous magic trick* And this is what you end up with after you get the stamp stamped on the foam, unmounted from the block, positioned on the foam and then trimmed! A nice little stamp that takes up about 1/4 of the room you were using before!

8. Now you can see why I unmounted my stamps! What you see in the picture is actually space saving proof. All 10 sets of the stamps fit in 3 DVD cases! A few of the sets were smaller ones but at least half were the large sets.

Well now you guys see why I didn't post this weekend! Oh I know you are thinking "okay so what did you do all day today!" I worked on my Naughty Princess card set that will start tomorrow!


Jann asked about my stamp binders. Well I still use them. And that was part of the reason it took me so long to finish the whole stamp thing. I had some Stampin Up stamps in my binders and as I was going through the binders I noticed my stamps had somehow gotten disorganized. So of course I had to re-organize them! I do still love my binders and use them for my acrylic stamps.

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want to see more detail.

Here is a picture of what my table looked like while I was in the middle of the process. It was quite a task redoing them all but now I can easily find what I need. I actually knew they had gotten a little disorganized but I just didn't want to do the task. But felt I had no choice this weekend since I had them all out anyway.

Here are my binders on the shelf. The white binders hold my Studio G and Inkadinkado stamps in baseball sleeves. Don't they look so neat?

And yes those are CARDS magazines you see on the shelf. I LOVE THAT MAGAZINE!

Here is a close up of the Tim Holtz binder tags all relabeled more appropriately now. It will be a lot easier to just grab the binder I need rather than thinking I had the right one and then finding out I didn't!

I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY NOW JANN! *okie cracks up laughin*


  1. Would U believe My sister just bought me some cases for my birthday to do this and I CAN NOT FIND THEM..ARGGGGG
    O But mine do not look as good as Yours.. I can not see mine in the cases..That I have done. I aint doing nothing else till I check on U.. HAHAHAH

  2. Wanna come do mine next? I don't have nearly as many stamps as you do so it shouldn't take you too long. I will make you some coffee and give you a cookie!

  3. I so have to do this. I think you got me inspired. Thanks for sharing. I just love your blog.

  4. uh... what happened to your Tim Holtz stamp storage system that you enabled me to buy????

  5. You know, making more space in your craft room means that you'll just buy something else to put there! ROFLMAO!

    I'll check out how you put them into the CD cases next time I come down. I'm OUT OF ROOM up here and need to do something because I can't find stuff to work with!

  6. great stamp storage ideas!! :)
    where in OK are you from?? I'm from right outside OKC!

  7. Jillian I live in Ada. I will be in Norman on the 23rd at Whole Lotta Scrap for the Cricut Swarm. And of course I will be getting in some shopping! LOL

  8. This is Great ... but what are you going to do with all the wood now, from the stamps?

  9. "Cheering" Yea Okie!!! Thanks for showing how you did it. Very helpful.

  10. Wahoo! Aren't you glad that job is over?? I did over 200 SU sets and it took forever. DH helped me though and he used a heat tool from Walnut Hollow and it sliced thru that stuff like budda! :)

  11. Thanks for the info on the eBay seller of static cling foam. I really do need to remove my stamps from their blocks and get them into CD cases.....

  12. Hey Okie,
    not sure if you ever mentioned this, so sorry if you have and I wasn't paying attention. Do you keep your stamp sets together or do you seperate them. EX: a set that has a flower, sentiment and a bee, do you put all flowers together, sentiments, etc? Im thinking of doing this and not sure if I should keep my sets they way they came.

  13. "YYEEAHHH OKIEEEEE!" This is so cool, first time I have ever heard of this, you are so smart, and I can't believe how much I learn from you!
    Really Okie!!!! You’re the best; I really, really mean this! Another "Donate" coming your way from me ( for it please, I hope you got my other 2.
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  14. Bridget I do separate some of them. I am still having problems with breaking up some of the sets LOL. If they are general sentiments then I try to put them together by category such as birthday, thank you, etc. But if the sentiment seems to go with the stamp better I leave it with the set. Hope that makes sense!

  15. way cool but, I see you still wasted a lot of the ezmount. TFS! wanna come do mine? warning: stampin up demo! LOL

    if you aren't using the wood blocks, can I have them for DD? :baby girl smiles very sweetly:

  16. A tip re: sticky scissors... I use Tim Holtz Tonic scissors and they're a wonder at repelling stickiness!

  17. thank Okie :) made total sense to me

  18. Neat - but how do you use the stamps now? Does the foam allow them to stick to the acrylic blocks or something?