Monday, October 11, 2010

Ariel! You naughty girl!

So after a little hiatus from the Naughty Princess cards I am back to finish the series! For today we have Ariel who lives under the sea!

It was easy for me to choose the sentiment for this card because it was actually something I said to a man one time. But that is a whole notha story! *okie cracks up laughing remember that night*

But I do have to tell you I added "and right after that sign there is another sign.....DO NOT ENTER" It was actually funny since it was at a company Christmas party and the man was like a supervisor and I knew he was kidding around. He about died laughing when I answered him. I so enjoy people with a good sense of humor!

The background paper is one that I have no idea who it is made by. I got it for 10 cents a sheet last year at the LSS because it had a corner that had water damage. Which is a bit ironic since the paper is sea creatures! When I decided to do the card I did think of this paper for Ariel and I think it worked out pretty good.

Her flower is made with two of those wedding flowers from Michaels, the kind that come in a bucket. I added a green brad in the middle. I used purple brads in the corners.

The sentiments are computer generated in Microsoft Word. I used a Stampin Up punch for the sentiment on the front and then used the Cozzule puzzle maker to make the mat. A wonderfully nice person from the Cricut message board sent me this little tool. She said she never used it and hoped I could. Well I have used it several times and thought I should post about it. I just use a pen in the hole in the center and the wheel glides around the edge of what I am wanting to matte. It does require hand cutting but it makes it nice when I don't have a larger punch for matting purposes.

I adhered Ariel directly to the card and then pop dotted the flower in her hair and the sentiment. You can see a bit more of the sparkle of the paper in this picture, especially if you click it to enlarge.

I am not sure which princess will be tomorrow but I better get crackin with some ideas!!

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  1. LOVE IT! Maybe your next card should be Snow White. I tink it was Mae West who was quoted as saying "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted."

  2. LOVE IT!!! Such a great card!!!

  3. These naughty ladies are my faves Okie! This one is sooooo much fun! hugs, eileen

  4. OMG ... Shirley, this one knocked me outta my chair!!! My puter screen doesn't look very nice with my diet drink spewed all over it! ;)

    Back in my younger, and much bettter looking days, I was asked the "Hey, Baby, what's your sign?" Question a bazillion times (might be over stating that just a tad, but not much). In my day, guys just weren't very original. Oh how I wish I had been clever enough to come up with this line. The only thing I ever thought of was "this space for rent" ... but there was NO WAY I was going to say that! I was always too afraid they might open their wallet, or worse yet, start fishing around for loose change! ughhhh!

    I do love this card! =)


  5. OMGOSH! Made me laugh so hard OKIE!
    What a great card and the sayings are just AWESOME! I'm totaly lovin' this set of cards! :o)

  6. Walt is definitely rolling over in his grave on that one! You are very naughty Okie!

  7. Magic Matters oldies but goodies have a set myself. Love Ariel. She is Naughty!!

  8. Too funny, Okie! Great cards. They are coming out really nicely!

  9. Love the card and the sentiment. Haven't heard that old line "what's your sign" in a long time. I showed the card to DH and he spit coffee.

  10. Oh, Okie! You are a naughty girl!

  11. Okie you are priceless! Love it!

  12. Oh my goodness I love this and I just read Jennifer's Snow White. If you two got together there would be now end to the fun. I am starting to not have food or drink in my mouth when I read your blog. Like Carol it isn't safe for my computer.
    Thanks for the fun.

  13. lol. I can be so sad/down and i come to my favorite blogs and it makes me laugh. thanks for sharing your thoughts and inner thoughts. you so make my day. love the card by the way.


  14. Loving the card, you are such the artist!!!! To bad you live so far from Disneyland, I'm sure they would hire you in a heart beat! LOL
    mhalford6 @aol. com