Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Play - Layout

Last summer there were a few squirrels that decided to live in the trees in our neighborhood. I don't mind squirrels really, growing up in the country they were always around and I actually enjoy watching them. Last year was especially entertaining!

I kept telling everyone that the squirrels were playing chase with Lucy and everyone would laugh at me *okie wonders why folks always think she is crazy*. I would try to explain how they would almost let Lucy catch them then run up a tree, then they would come back down the tree just out of her reach and I swear they were talking to her in squirrelese *okie thinks she needs to write her own dictionary one of these days with all the made up words she uses*! Poor Lucy would run from one side of the yard to the other chasing the squirrels and never seemed to get tired of chasing them. She even got brave enough to go up the pool steps at one point, and believe me....Lucy does NOT like water! *okie thinks she needs to take pics of Lucy in the bath with her pitiful look and do a layout*. Luckily my daughter was over one afternoon and she got to witness the sight with her own eyes. She actually told me "Momma I thought you were crazy and lying...but those squirrels are teasing Lucy!". I WAS VINDICATED!!

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Create A Critter cartridge
DCWV Farmer's Market
DCWV cardstock
D'Vine Swirls folder
Swiss Dots folder
Stampin Up Marker
Signo UM 153 gel pen
Colorbox Chalk Ink

I cut the title out of brown so I could have a shadow *okie figures everyone should know by now that she is addicted to shadows on cuts as much as she is addicted to inking....and organizing*. I put the word "play" through the Cuttlebug using the Swiss Dots folder. On the squirrel I added a little stitching because he just looked plain without it. I also added a little white on the eyes to make them pop a little more.

The acorn looked like it needed a little something so I put the cap through the Cuttlebug using the D'Vine Swirls folder and then the base using the Swiss Dots folder. I am always amazed how a little embossing can really make things look so much more interesting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love My Truck - Layout

This is another "my baby daddy" layout *okie cracks up laughing because she said that in her "I'm on the Maury Show" voice*. Wayne was always polishing that dang truck. Every weekend he would spend hours washing, waxing and shining that truck. I told him one time "you keep rubbing on it and all the paint is gonna come off!". He actually came over that day because I had turned my ankle and was laid up on the couch so he figured he would come over and finish waxing his truck and check on me. I was able to hobble out and get some pictures of him. My daughter and I use to joke about him spending more time with that truck than he did us....but it wasn't really a joke because it was true! LOL

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Printing Press cartridge
Basic Grey Boxer Collection
3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon
Various cardstock
Colorbox Chalk Ink

I got the "map" for the layout from my PageMaps book. I really am loving that book and would love to have the second one that have available but gotta save money for the cruise. I like the use of variety of patterns on the papers and the Boxer Collection worked great with the colors and the masculinity of the theme.

I was worried about it being too busy with the papers but I think with a lot of the background paper showing it worked out okay.

I think the larger piece on the right of this page also helped tone down all the patterns of paper used. Each paper is from the same collection.

The title is from Printing Press and I used Design Studio to weld the letters together. The font does have a shadow but instead of doing an even shadow all the way around I set it off a bit so it would shadow more on the side and bottom. I do this techinque when the shadows are a little thin as it helps give the top layer more shadow *okie thinks she confused herself and decides she doesn't need to see 10 clients in one day again*. Uh, I think you might understand what I was trying to say there, I dunno though. I added a few white dots on the letters just for a little pop.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't Bother Me, I'm Scrapping - Layout

I think everyone knows by now that I love doing scrapbook pages of my lovely Lucy. Sometime ago the Cricut Circle was having a drawing and to enter you just needed to post a picture of you in your scrap area. Since Lucy does not have the use of opposable thumbs she was not able to take a picture of me and there was on one else in the house available to take a picture I decided to sneak up on Lucy and get a picture of her scrapping at my table. She actually did quite a nice layout that day!

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Everyday Cartridge
Making Memories Chloe's Closet
Colorbox Chalk Ink

This one was a very simple layout and went together very quickly at the Swarm. It was actually the first one I pulled out of my kits to do because I knew I could finish it quickly and then holler "FIRST LAYOUT DONE!" and beat all the other ladies. Of course there was one, Dedrah, who tried to say she was first and that she just didn't holler it. I told her it didn't count unless you hollered it *okie smiles evilly at setting her own rules*.

I used some silver Stardream for the base of the scissors so I could get the color of scissors and then just choose colors that matched the layout, the odd thing is...I have some orange and green Fiskar scissors that I got for becoming a Fiskateer a few years back.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good-bye Shade - Layout

We had a couple of bad ice storms the last few years, and thankfully this year we have been spared the horrid stuff. Two years ago after a particularly bad ice storm the big elm outside the front of my house got hit pretty bad. My daughter's father wanted to cut it all the way down and I told him I didn't want it cut down because it helps shade my car in the summer and besides it's the tree my daughter use to climb almost daily when she was little. He was nice enough to trim it up and save the tree. It is starting to leaf out a little more and hopefully this year it will be back providing good shade.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expressions
Paperdoll Dress Up Cartridge
Songbird Cartridge
Handyman Cartridge
Basic Grey Figgy Pudding
Various Cardstock
Colorbox Chalk Ink

I got the tree from Paperdoll Dress up and sized it to fit most of the page. Since I wanted it off to the side a little I clipped off the branches even with the page and then used them along the bottom of the page. The saw came from Handyman and I used brads where the saw would be put together.

I used Songbird to make the title. I distressed the Coredinations cardstock before I cut it. I keep saying it is easier to distress before cutting and I will keep saying it so I can save others some time and mistakes, at least I hope! I have distress afterwards a few times but it is often easy to tear the cuts when trying to sand after the cardstock is cut.

I got quite a few comments at the swarm about the tree and for the life of me I couldn't remember which cartridge I got it from. I had to look it up on Design Studio so I could post where it came from. I think sometimes the carts all start to run together after getting so many...but you didn't hear that from me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddy's Girl - Layout

This is another one of those layouts that I do for my daughter. I will be posting two others the next few days. I wasn't sure how my daughter would feel about the title of this layout but when I showed it to her she smiled broadly and said "I love it Momma". At least I know the few scrapbook pages I have done of her father she will always have and appreciate those few and far between good times and good memories with him.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Elegant Edges Cartridge
Hannah Montana Cartridge
Basic Grey
Stampin Up Corner Punch
3/8" Grosgrain ribbon
3/4" Sheer Ribbon
Diamond Stickles
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Redline Tape

I found the title on Hannah Montana and just fell in love with it and knew I wanted to use it. I only had one picture of my daughter and her dad in this type of pose so I knew it would be the one I would use for the layout.

The large circle is from Elegant Edges. I cut the top layer and then turned the center that cut up since I used double sided paper and ended up with the red trim and then the patterned center. I think by doing it this way the photograph stood out even more.

I wanted to add the date somewhere and found this heart in the Hannah Montana cart as well so decided it would work good for adding the date of the photograph.

To adhere the ribbon I used my ATG gun but I knew the bows would be a little trickier so I used a little Redline Tape since that stuff is like the SuperGlue of the tape world. Those bows won't be coming off anytime soon for sure!

Since this was a layout kit I did for the swarm I did the cuts ahead of time and I also did the glitter before hand because I knew I would mess it up waiting for it to dry at the swarm.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm A Bad Blogger...But Good At Organizing!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I really have been busy....ORGANIZING! *okie hears the shocked gasps of her readers*. Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe isn't it?!

I went to the Stampin Up Stamp Cases for my storage of stamps because it took up less room and my unmounted stamps fit in them nicely. If you haven't seen how I unmount stamps you can check out that post at UNMOUNTING STAMPS. I started unmounting stamps almost 3 years ago to save space.

I started working on reorganizing my stamps on Sunday. I actually broke up sets of stamps and re-organized by category, something I have wanted to do for a long time but had to build up the courage.

Just to prove what a mess this task was I took a picture so people would believe it. It all started out because I needed to put a baby stamp away. Who knew one little stamp could lead to such a time consuming, sweat and tears task? Okay, to be honest I think I did know and that is why I have been putting it off for quite some time, like YEARS!

Deciding on categories and which stamps went in each one was easy for some and difficult for others and I still might have to move a few around...but not today!

After getting home from work yesterday I decided I didn't like the ugly mix matched labels I had on the case spines and went to work on figuring out a way to make a nice label for the cases. I made a table in Microsoft Word and set the row height at .43" and it worked perfectly on the spine. I also made two columns, the first for the category and the second for stamp descriptions that are included in the case. This way I can easily tell what I have in there without having to pull out every case.

The stamps you see in the bottom left hand corner are background stamps, which I am thinking about unmounting, and some others stamps that I need to unmount once I get some more foam.

Here is a close up of the cases so you can see the categories and descriptions a little better. I did put them in alphabetical order after getting them all done. Now I can easily just go look for what I need and then slip out the case or cases I am wanting to use.

Even though this was time consuming I know it will save me tons of time in the long run since I won't have to be pulling out ones I don't even need to look at. I did think about color coding the categories but then I decided I needed to stop the madness somewhere!

I know someone is going to ask so I might as well tell you now...the "shelves" the cases are in are DVD crates I got at Walmart a few years back. I think they were like $1 each. They fit nicely in my built in shelves and they are interlocking so I don't have to worry about them falling over with them stacked.

I feel so much better having my stamps all organized and it will make it easier to add to the collection as new stamps are purchased. *okie hears the whispers of "does okie really think she needs any more stamps?" and glares* OF COURSE I WILL NEED MORE STAMPS!! I can't believe you would even question this *okie sighs deeply and shakes her head and just really wonders about the sanity of some of her readers*.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Not Available Right Now....

Today is the day of the Swarm and I am attending with my friend Linda, aka LGuild. I got my page kits ready in plenty of time so I didn't have to stress at the end wondering what to do. I am hoping to get all of them done but if I don't I will have time on Sunday to work on them as well. I will be posting the finished products during the week for you guys to see.

Of course when we go to the city we always have to go shopping. I am not sure where our stops will be today but I figure some of the same old haunts....Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Sam's and now the new Joann's that opened last year. There isn't much either of us is wanting right now, and to be honest probably isn't a thing we NEED! *okie cracks up laughing because she knows they will not come home empty handed*. I know we do want to check and see if there are any of the Paper Studio 12x12 vertical paper storage things available. We both love those and usually they are out when they have been on sale and we get there at the end of the week, but maybe we will get lucky this time!

I made some items for the Valentine swap and will post the pictures of them later this week as well, even if it is after Valentines day.

Hope everyone has a great day and wish us luck on finishing projects today! Sometimes we don't get much done because we are too busy talking *okie knows everyone has a hard time believing that*.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cougar Baseball - Layout

A friend of mine who has a son that plays on the local high school baseball team asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to donate anything for the silent auction they are having. I told her I would make a layout, a double walled tumbler and donate some cards. This is the layout I made for the silent auction.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expressions
Cricut Sports Mania cart
Cricut Varsity cart
Tim Holtz wood embossing folder
Various Cardstock
1/4" and 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon
Janome Sew Mini
Stampin Up Markers

This is a close up of the first page of the layout. I put in white cardstock where the photo's are to go. I thought this would be easier if the person who wins the layout could place the photos, just in case they aren't a scrapbooker.

I also used pieces of white cardstock on the second page where photos are to go. I thought I would make the suggestion of using a 4x6 photo or using two smaller photos in the one spot. This way they can use more photos on the layout.

I had posted the layout on Facebook and got a lot of comments about the layout but mostly about the glove. To make the glove I used 3 different colors of Coredinations brown cardstock. I sanded in areas on all of it but on the top layer, which is the darkest brown I wadded up the paper and then sanded the paper to make it look worn. I did a little extra sanding on the palm part of the glove. I then added some Colorbox Chalk Ink to "dirty" it up a bit.  I went around the edges of the "stitching" with a black Stampin Up marker to add a little definition.

I cut several layers on the baseball and used mounting foam between the layers, it's hard to see in the picture but the ball "pops up" a little more than the other elements. I added a little chalk ink to make the ball look like it's been used. I went around the stitching of the ball with the black marker as well.

On the bat I put all the layers together and then used the Tim Holtz Wood grain embossing folder and then sanded and inked.

I don't know how much the layout might go for but I am curious to see if people will think it is nice enough to bid on!! I will have to update you guys on the final winning bid.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Long Awaited Ribbon Storage!

First off I have to say I got the idea from Linda, aka LGuild, for the ribbon this is not my original idea. Who knew Linda could come up with an idea so fantastic *okie thinks for a minute and knows for sure she didn't think so*, but then again Linda probably got the idea of Pintrest since SHE is totally addicted to that site!

The "bobbins" were cut from the dividers of the Cropper Hopper, or Paper Studio, 12x12 vertical paper storage dividers. When I buy my paper storage packs there is a large one along with 4 small ones, in each small one there are 3 dividers. I never use all the dividers. I had plenty of those so I didn't worry about running out. I was able to get 6 cut from each divider. You could use whatever material you have handy and that is inexpensive.

You can see in the picture that I cut 4" x 5" rectangles. I drew lines that were 3/4" from the ends and then 3/4" in on the sides. This made sure the ribbon wouldn't just slide off the bobbins. I then used my Corner Chomper corner rounder to round off the corners. That is just a personal preference and I like the rounded corners. Finally cut in along the lines of the bobbin. I only marked one and once I got it cut I used it as a guide to draw my lines for the other ones.

Here is the ribbon in the 9L Really Useful boxes. The bobbins were cut to fit these boxes. I had my spools just kinda tossed in the Really Useful boxes and there was a lot of wasted space but now it is all nice and neat. You can see where I labeled some of the ribbon by writing the colors on a piece of scotch tape and putting it on the top. I did this because there are some colors I use a lot of but it is hard to remember the names. Since I get most of my Ribbon from Ribbons And Bows Oh My I didn't need to add the Manufactures name to the ribbon. There were a few that I did add HL for Hobby Lobby and Walmart so I know where it came from if I want more of those colors.

Someone asked me why didn't I turn the ribbon the other way so I could see it better and the truth is...I wanted it this way. I do like the clear boxes for the ribbon because I can turn the box a little and see the colors without having to lift each one individually. You can see that on some bobbins I put more than one specific ribbon on them. Those were generally the ribbons that were collections where they come a few in a pack and only a few yards of each.

This chore took me a lot longer than I thought it would and by the time I finished I was thinking I never wanted to see another piece of ribbon again! About a week after I finished Linda brought me more ribbon that we had ordered and I had to start winding again. I do have to say that all the work was worth it because ALL my ribbon is now in one place instead of being scattered in a bin here, a basket here, a jar over there.

So if you are looking for a nice way to store your ribbon you might give this a shot!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Organizing...Card Cardstock

Organizing and re-organizing is something I do often. Sometimes I think I do it more than I craft but then again...NNAAWW, that can't be!!

I had to re-organize my cardstock for cards when I got my Stampin Up order because I had ordered some new colors and also ordered some I was close to being out of *okie doesn't think she will ever have enough Chocolate Chip or Old Olive*. I can't remember off hand if I blogged about re-organizing my card cardstock a few weeks ago but I do know I posted about it on Facebook *okie thinks her CRS that her friend Helen, aka DCdoll, diagnosed her with years ago is kicking in again*. Anyway remember the folders that I found during my dumpster diving adventure? Well I used some of those to organize my card cardstock *okie wonders if anyone is wondering why okie keeps saying "card cardstock" and thinks she might need to explain*.

First off let me explain about my "card cardstock", it is cardstock that is 8.5x11 inches. I use it almost exclusively for making cards. Most of what I have is from Stampin Up because I love the quality and thickness. Linda, aka LGuild, and I disagree about it being too thick. I do have to admit that if I made cards for the purposes that Linda does that I would likely agree with her...but then again I might not just so we would have something else to disagree about, we like to do that you might know this by now.

Anyway, I finally got around to re-organizing it a few weeks ago and got it all sorted by color. If you will look to the right of your screen you will see it all nicely stored away *okie listens for the oooo's and aahhh's and beams with pride and has a smile the size of a 10 inch plate on her face* yes I know...I know....IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!! I love being able to see the colors so I can easily grab the file folder I need to get the color I want. It is so much easier than having it stacked on top of each other.

When I got my new cardstock in earlier this week I went about to putting it away and had to move some of the carstock around in the file folders and also added a few so they weren't too crowded. If you will look at the tabs you can see where I cut the label apart and taped it on the tabs so I will know if the cardstock is Stampin Up and also easily identify the color. This will be great for when I get low and need to reorder a color. It really is taking the guessing out of for me.

I am still convinced that my dumpster diving experience of finding these file folders was a once in a life time opportunity and I feel the stars in the cosmo's *okie wonders if she is going over board...shrugs...and decides she isn't going over board* were really watching out for me and wanted me to have my life a little more organized so they made it possible for me to find the fantastic file folders!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Win A Full Set of FlexMarkers!

Letraset has introduced a new marker and is giving away a full set of 92 markers on Going Buggy! To enter just go to GOING BUGGY: WIN a COMPLETE set of FLEXMARKERS! and follow the directions for entering, basically leaving a comment. Entries are accepted from anywhere in the world and entries must be received by March 12th at 7pm EST.

Here is some information on the FlexMarker....

FlexMarker is the ideal solution for marker illustrators who want the unique handling quality and performance of a soft brush tip. FlexMarker features an all-new versatile brush tip and uses the same class leading, alcohol based dye inks as ProMarker and Tria for flawless, streak free colour and come in a range of 92 colours. If you would like more information please go to FLEXMARKER.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wanna Win A Cricut Mini??

Consumer Crafts is giving away a Cricut Mini on their blog CRAFTS UNLEASHED, because they reached 4,000 fans on their Facebook page! To enter just go to their blog and leave a comment on the post titled 4K Facebook Fans Giveaway: Mini Cricut Machine. The deadline is 3pm Eastern time 2/15/12 so there is still time to go over there and leave a comment for your chance to win!!

Now about me....I AM LAZY!!! Yes I am! I am too lazy to blog these days. I have some pictures of some things that I wanted to blog about eventually but right now I still just can't seem to muster up the energy to edit the photos and write up posts.

I had planned on doing some posts this evening but instead I have been spending the time organizing my Stampin Up goodies I got from my party that Kristen Long did for me. That is always time consuming. Especially when it means I have to reorganize my cardstock for cards and rearrange colors. I am loving my new color system and that is something I need to show you guys. It is awesome, at least for me and makes things so easy to find.

My ribbon storage is another thing I haven't taken time to blog about. I am still loving it although it was very time consuming, but only because I had a little more ribbon than I thought.

*okie sighs deeply* I guess sometimes we just don't always feel like doing the things we always do and this is my time. Oh well, back to organizing and checking out my new Stampin Up goodies!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I GOT 'ER DONE! Been Busy!

But I can't show you! HA HA HA

I am attending a Swarm in Norman next weekend and some of us signed up to participate in a Valentine Swap. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I sat down yesterday evening and decided what to make. I had to make 16 so I wanted something fairly simple. I will tell you it is a project I have made before so it isn't anything new or exciting. I am afraid to even say anymore than that because I don't want to ruin it for those receiving.

I really enjoy going to the Swarms and getting to meet new people and seeing some of my friends that I only get to see at Swarms. We always have a great time and do a lot more talking that creating...oh wait, that might just be me. Oh well, I now do layout kits and I have mine done for the Swarm so I am good to go. I do need to get my kits out and see what supplies I need to take, like inks, markers, bling, etc in case there is something I want to embellish with.

I have been busy on Facebook the last few days with the Cricut Cruise group and trying to keep information posted on the Cruising With The Cricut blog. We are getting to know each other on Facebook so maybe we can be better acquainted on the ship. My friend Sandie and I are trying to keep up with the questions that new cruisers have and it will help now that the travel agent has joined the group. I remember last year there were so many questions some of us had but there really wasn't any much information available so it is nice to be able to help those who are curious and maybe even a little nervous. I am getting excited about the cruise and we only have about 7 weeks until we sail! I am also excited about going down to Houston and spending the night with my friend Carmen. I wish Houston wasn't so far away but then again if we lived closer we might get in trouble a lot!

I have some plans for this weekend. I am hoping to get a little crafting done but I am more excited about the DVD release of Breaking Dawn! My friend Lisa and I are planning a Twilight series marathon for either Saturday or Sunday. The weather is suppose to be nasty and cold so we might as well enjoy staying in the house. I told her I would make tacos for us and I even got some popcorn, the old fashion kind you have to pop on the stove and some butter topping to put on it! Hopefully we won't forget to get some Sugar Babies to enjoy with it! If you have never tried hot buttered popcorn with some Sugar Babies you should! You just put a few kernels of popcorn in your mouth, toss in a Sugar Baby and chew....MMMMMM!! The perfect combination of salty sweet goodness!

I really need to get some pictures edited and post some projects on here but I just keep crafting and not getting the crap posted...I really suck at this craft blogging sometimes! HA HA HA

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Opportunity To Be Grateful

I have groups at the school today and we are going to discuss once again on how to be grateful. Actually we will be rounding out the last few sessions we have had that lead us to this subject. We started with this topic last week and it started out with me asking "who are you" and "what are you" then "which is more important, or do they go together". When you work with teenagers you really never know what kind of response such questions will warrant. They kids actually did quite well.

From the "who and what" we went to "what and who do you want to be". Once again they amazed me with some of their answers, not because they wanted to be rocket scientists or rock stars but because they answered with such things as "good parents" "good spouse" "have a stable home" etc. At this point we went to what did all this boil down to really wanting. It took them awhile but finally each group was able to identify what they really want out of life is to be happy, which was the point I was trying to make with them from the very beginning.

They thought we were done, their mission was accomplished but I wasn't done with them quite yet. The next step to this...what is one thing they can do in order to find happiness in life. Of course I did get some smart azz answers, which is to be expected *okie won't share she has a few of her own going through her head* from teenagers. However, overall they did not disappoint me. After some discussion and me doing a little leading they were able to understand the main thing that can help them find happiness is to be grateful. Be grateful for the small things in life. I asked them to think throughout the day about being grateful and to report back 3 things they were grateful for during the day. The next group, which was on Tuesday some of them came back with some really good answers and some came back with "nothing, I can't think of anything I am grateful for". Now this concerned me about how some teenagers have never learned to appreciate the people in their lives. I was finally able to get each and everyone of them to report at least one thing they were grateful for and give the reason for feeling grateful.

One of the gals answered "Life, I am grateful for living". This let my mind open more to help them understand. I used this to have them talk about how each day they are alive they have something special....OPPORTUNITY. I tried to have them understand that each day is a new opportunity to make better choices, to realize there are always things and people in our lives in which to be grateful. I know some of the kids were only humoring me but there was one kid who I know it struck a chord. I told them that no matter how bad their home life was they are getting at an age where they have the opportunity to change their course in life with the decisions they make and ultimately hold the power to find true happiness in life. The kid who it seemed to really sink in for nodded his head and in a very serious voice said "that's some powerful shit right there". I had to smile and tell them "yeah it is powerful shit guys. Just think you have the power and the choice on how you want to live your life. If you want to break free of any of the crap that keeps you down and choose that for today you can be who and what you want...and you can be happy".

To be honest I was too lazy to edit some pictures for a blog post and just started typing and this is what came out. It is all true though, and I will be rounding out my groups today talking more about how every day is an opportunity to chose how we want to feel. As for me, I think I will take the opportunity to be grateful for so many things in my life and think of how I am blessed.

So how about you? Will you take the opportunity to be grateful today?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Redfish Seafood Grill - Layout

When I was in Houston my friend Lori wanted us to try her favorite restaurant, Redfish Seafood Grill. She and her husband go there so often that their caricature painting is on the wall! Carmen and I were leery about having sushi but thought we would give it a try. Our friend Karen was able to join us and she was down for the sushi but let me tell ya about Karen...don't think there is much that woman wouldn't try! *okie cracks up laughing*

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Pagoda
Cricut Art Philosophy
Cricut Markers
Basic Grey Ambrosia
Coredinations Cardstock
Embroidery Thread
Hot fix studs
Colorbox Chalk Inks
Transparency Sheet

I got the layout from my PageMaps book and I was excited to see one that I thought would work with the photos. The pictures worked great in showcasing us individually and our choice of sushi, along with a group picture.

I like how the grey band across the bottom framed the pictures and I didn't have to use individual cardstock for each one. 

The picture of Karen in Lori where they are smiling so big I just couldn't resist using because I loved how both of them were so tickled. Lori was going to hold flowers behind Karen's head and Karen caught her.

I love the font on Art Philosophy! This one was great for adding a little more color with the circles cut in the letters.

I was able to find a lantern on the Pagoda cart that worked nicely in the long red strip. I used some embroidery thread and wrapped the paper that would have been the strings holding the lantern. I added some hot fix studs where there were circles cut at the top and bottom of the lantern.

I used a Cricut marker on the top layer of the lantern since I knew it would be hard to ink. I cut another one in black for more stability since I wanted to pop dot the top layer over the orange layer...DIMENSION, DIMENSION, DIMENSION, you guys know how I love it!

For the journaling, I printed on a Transparency sheet and then cut the same size of paper out of the orange color so it would be easy to read.

The Ambrosia paper by Basic Grey seemed to really work with this theme and the colors we all had on. I emailed pictures of the layout to Carmen when I finished it and she just loved it. But then again Carmen is a Basic Grey nut just like I am!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SPIKE IT - layout

Bet when you read the title of today's post you probably thought it was about football didn't ya! Instead it is about my daugther and when her hair grew back in after losing it as a baby. I couldn't believe how it grew just straight up like it did. When she would be outside and the wind would blow it looked like waves of grain swaying around...that ain't no lie!

The layout I used was from the challenge that Anne-Therese of Paper Patch Crafts had posted on her Facebook page last night.  She wanted us to use the layout she got from Pagemaps and then the requirements were to use at least 4 buttons and having sewing, either machine or hand, on the layout.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Kate's ABC's cart
K & Co. Chocolate Neapolitan
Coredinations Cardstock
Stampin Up Corduroy buttons
Stampin Up markers
Stampin Up Spiral punch
Small brown buttons
1" circle punch
Petaloo Flowers
3/8" Grosgrain ribbon
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Janome Sew Mini
Signo UM - 153 gel pen

I used Petaloo flowers and layered them then added a button for the center. The button was one from Stampin Up clearance a few months ago and is Summer Sun. The other colors used were Pumpkin Pie and Kiwi Kiss. I have always wanted some of their buttons but you guys know how cheap I am. When I saw some on clearance I jumped on them! I am still too cheap to use them on cards but I don't mind using them on layouts.

The tag with the date was in the K & Co. paper stack, that sure made it easy to add the date!

I liked the pink strip and wanted to add some buttons but wasn't sure how since I didn't have miniscule buttons to use as flower centers. What I decided to do was to punch out two of the flowers using a 1" circle punch and pop dot them. I also punched a circle of chipboard to give the circles strength and keep them from losing shape once they are in a book. The inking around the edges made them stand out a lot better.

I added buttons on the center of the white flowers. I know they cover them up but I still like how it turned out.

I used Kate's ABC's font for the title of the page. I added a few doodle dots on the lettering to make them stand out a little more than the words printed on the papers. I was going to pop dot the title but I started getting a little lazy and just wanted to finish so I just glued that sucker down instead.

Monday, February 6, 2012

1st grade - layout

When my daughter was in elementary school getting pictures of her was a rare thing. Not that I didn't take a lot of pictures, I really did, but she would often end up opening the camera on accident and exposing the film. It sure makes me appreciate the digital age we live in today! I was cleaning out my filing cabinet and found some pictures in one of her school folders. I was so excited to see pictures from when she was in first grade that her teacher had taken through out the year and given to me. I just forgot I had them!

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Locker Talk cart
Cricut Preserves cart
Stampin Up Photo Corner Punch
K & Co. Wild Saffron
Creative Imaginations
Coredinations Cardstock
Various Cardstock
Inkessentials Enamel Accents
Colorbox Chalk Ink

The Creative Imaginations paper had red on one side and white on the other that was patterned like notebook paper. I thought it worked well with the theme and also allowed me to use a piece for the journaling.

The 1st grade cut is from Locker Talk. I think this is a must cart for anyone doing layouts of school age kids. I think it might be retired now, I'm not sure.

The apple is from the Preserves cartridge. It didn't have a shadow layer so it was difficult for me to use it *okie so loves her shadow layers* but I thought it would work good with the layout. Instead of just leaving the apple seed area green I used the Inkessentials Enamel Accents in black to emphasize the seeds. I think it worked great.

I have a few more pictures that I am looking forward to scrap that I found in the little stack of pictures. Anytime I get upset with my daughter I can always go back and look at layouts of her when she was a child and the anger I am feeling subsides quickly because I remember that precious little girl she was and how I learned that my heart could feel like it was going to burst with love when I would see her and hold her.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes I Can't Help...

But to just L A U G H at some of the messages I get on Facebook! And then sometimes I have to laugh, shake my head and wonder what the heck is wrong with folks!

Last night of course was Superbowl XXXVI. I always know the year of the Superbowl because we are the same age, I realized this at Superbowl XXII which was a few years ago. Anyway on Facebook people had been making comments all night about commericals and the game. After the game and the Vince Lombardi trophy was being taken to the field and all the folks were touching and kissing the trophy and leaving prints all over that nice shiny trophy and I made a comment on my Facebook wall that said:

"I would be telling them boys to stop puttin their greasy lips on the shiny trophy!!"

I got a private message on Facebook from someone who said "Don't your think your comment is very racist? About the greasy lips...I'm just sayin". I wrote back and asked "why would it be racist?" *okie is seriously still trying to figure out why it would be a racist statement since people tend to leave a greasy print when they kiss something of a solid surface*.

I immediately had to call my friend Carmen, aka ScrapperDelighted and tell her about the message and she had to ask me to repeat it because I was laughing so hard when I called her. Of course it might have been because as soon as she answered the phone I said "OMG! I'M A RACIST!" to which she replied with "what the" and some rather non-lady like words that I will not repeat for the open public to read and then added "are you talking about?". When I told her we both cracked up laughing about it and she told me "she obviously doesn't know you or anything about you".

Then I got another message from the woman....

The woman responded with "There were more than a few AA kissing that trophy.
Not to make a big deal about it, but sometimes we get on Facebook and just say the first thing that comes to our mind and "poof" there ya go!"

I responded "uh I saw a bunch of people kissing the trophy...I didn't pay attention to if they were AA NA WA. All I know is that they were American men who played a good game.
I say what comes to my mind a lot. I can fix that for ya real quick. BUH BYE!"

I told my friend Carmen "I am just gonna remove her from my friends list that way she doesn't have to read what comes to my mind" and I preceded to remove the woman from my friends list.

Was it because I was upset about her sending me a private message? Nope. I get a lot of private messages on Facebook.

Was it because I was offended by her calling me a racist? Nope. I am not offended by people calling me something that I am not.

I removed her because she obviously gets upset about people posting "what comes to their mind" on their own Facebook wall. I feel it is MY Facebook Wall just as this is my website and if I want to write about something in MY OWN spaces then I am allowed to do so. If someone is going to be offended then I can remove them so they don't have to read what pops into my mind. I have always told folks "if ya don't like what I post then don't read it and don't come to my blog" and I guess I need to make the same statement about my Facebook.

I just wonder how many other people I offend by writing what pops into my mind...oh doesn't really matter because I can say what ever I want IN MY HOUSE  *okie falls out chair laughing*.

A Capella - Card

One of my favorite paper patterns is music sheet. I am not a musician, even though I use to play the clarinet while in elementary and junior high and enjoyed it until I got a band director I didn't care for and then I quit. Oddly enough my parents weren't upset about me quitting, I think they enjoyed having the peace and quiet of not listening me to practice an hour to an hour and a half a day. They would make me go outside and practice my clarinet.

Oh the card...yeah I made this one last week and it is one that just kinda came about because of the paper.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expressions
Cricut Quarter Note cart
Paper Studio Music Sheet
Stampin Up Pattern Paper
Stampin Up Cardstock
Prism Cardstock
Metallic Cardstock
Cat Eye Chalk Inks
Hallmark Studio

I came up with the sentiment on my own since I wanted something that went with the theme of the card. I used Hallmark Studio to make the sentiment and used two different fonts, which ones I used I just don't remember off hand. I added a piece of scrap Music Sheet paper to the inside since I had some strips and I think it really made the inside look elegant as the front of the card.

I wanted to show you the metallic cardstock and how well it looks so I took this close up picture. It is a shiny finish and to be honest I don't remember where I got it, but I think at one of the stamp garage sales. I really liked it for the sentiment and swirl on the music note because it stood out nicely against the papers and colors.

This is one of those cards I really wish you could see in person. It's a lot more elegant and polished looking in person.

 Would love to keep typing but I got chit to do today! I wanna get some layouts done of some pictures I found of my daughter when she was in first grade and I also am going to make tacos for my daughter and her friend this afternoon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Card Party - Another Great Evening With Friends!

Last night I had my Valentine Card party. I had one years ago, pre-Cricut days, and we all had a great time. This time was a little less formal but still a lot of fun. I made 4 card kits for my friends to put together thinking it would help get cards done faster than if everyone was looking through paper, trying to figure out what to cut or use to emebellish. Three of my friends are NOT Cricut people so it would have taken awhile to get a basic card done. The kits were almost too much of a success as everyone had their cards together in no time!

Linda came a little early and we went to an architectural salvage place out west of town so she could find some items for a craft project she is wanting to do. She was able to score some great supplies for it. We went over to Burger King and got something to eat before the other gals arrived. Linda was the first to finish her cards. I didn't have an example, thinking that we would work on the cards together, but since everyone showed up at different times people just kinda did their own thing.

This is Linda watching Lisa put a card together when I took this picture.

I am giving some background on my friends in other pictures but with Linda, well most of ya'll know the story of how we met and the adventures we go on. I guess when I think about it I probably talk about Linda on my blog more than any other friend *okie thinks...GRREEATTT!! Now Linda is gonna get the big head*

While Linda and I argue like an old married couple I do value Linda's opinions and I know she will always be honest with me, even if she knows it is something I might not want to hear. This only strengthens our friendship. There were some rough times I had with my daughter and Linda was there with solid sound advice for me, she was never judgmental but would confront me if she felt I was in the wrong. I can never thank her enough for that *okie so hopes Linda doesn't read this because if Linda reads this okie fears Linda will go running around jumping up and down holler "nana nana boo boo I told you I was right!"*.

Nancy, the one on the left, does like to do crafty things but she doesn't have a Cricut. I think she is a secret "wanna get a Cricut" person though. When Nancy comes over she stands in my room and just looks around and tells me how much stuff I have. I have to kinda watch her because sometimes I think she would like to start grabbing stuff and putting it in her purse *okie cracks up laughing*. Nancy and I met years ago when our kids went to the same daycare and we were working on our Master's degrees. We had some classes together a few times and then we ended up working at the same agency for awhile. I have to give Nancy credit for not letting make one of the biggest mistakes of my life one time when I was going to get married. She told me "if it doesn't feel right, I don't care if it is when you are walking down that aisle, DON'T DO IT". That was two weeks before my wedding. I went home on lunch break that day and told the man that I couldn't marry him. I don't think I had ever felt so relieved in my life! Nancy and I a great support to each other, she teaches me to be more compromising with others while I try to teach her to be assertive with others in a quicker amount of time than she is comfortable with.

Wendi, the one on the right in the picture above, is a Cricut person. She is the one that bought my first Expression when I sold it to get my red one. She is also going on the cruise with Karen and I and we should have a blast! Although, Karen and I are threatening to toss Wendi overboard if she wears a bikini, she works out regularly and we don't want to look bad next to her so we will just get rid of her. She has been warned. Wendi and I had to go out of town to get our birth certificates so we can get our passports and during the drive Wendi asks me "do you want me to bring my Cricut to the party?" I looked at her and laughed and told her "Wendi I have three". She said "oh that's right, well I can bring my Gypsy". I told her "Wendi I have one". She said "well dang! Is there anything that you think I might have that you don't have that you want me to bring?". I just looked at her and she said "Nevermind" and we both cracked up laughing. She did offer to bring some Valentine ribbon she has but alas she forgot it or couldn't find it*okie shakes her head and just wonders when Wendi is going to get organized in her craft room*. Wendi and I are new friends but growing a great bond. We seem to have some of the same issues with kids and can vent to each other, support each other and share our experiences.

My friend Andrea, on the right, is not a crafter. She doesn't pretend to be a crafter and always says she can't do anything crafty *okie is one to never disagree with a friend*. Last night she was rather surprised at herself when she got done with her cards and was proud to show them off! She admitted that she can see why I love this hobby so much and said she would like to do more of it. I have been trying to convert her ever since I got my first Cricut!

Andrea and I met in college back in 1986 and we became friends pretty fast. I think you have heard me talk about my Goddaughters, well this is their mother. Andrea is also the Godmother to my daughter. Our kids have grown up knowing each other literally from the day they were born. They may not always see each other, they may not always agree with each other, they may fight and argue but let me tell you those girls would go to the mat for each other in a heart beat! This is a picture of our girls together the night my daughter graduated from high school. There isn't enough room on this blog to even being to explain the bond Andrea and I have with each other.

My friend Lisa, the one on the left, was a little late due to going to dinner with her parents. By the time Lisa got there we were almost done with our cards. Andrea was such an expert by the time Lisa got there she was able to give Lisa instructions on how to complete the cards! We were all a little surprised and I think it even surprised Andrea!

Lisa and I known each other for quite sometime, but we only knew of each other for years. We started hanging out a few years ago and got to be very close. There was a time I was too judgmental with her and cut off communication. Luckily I was able to come to my senses, and she being the great person she is was able to forgive me.  We were able to talk about it, get over it and I am so blessed to have her back in my life. Lisa helps me to process all possibilities in situations and makes me look at things in a different light, usually keeping me from going insane!

Well I just meant for this post to be about the cards and show you pictures of my friends making them but you guys know how my fingers get to flying sometimes and just keep typing out chit without me even realizing what all is being done. At least you have a little more history about some of my friends *okie is so glad she has posted a disclaimer on Facebook warning her friends and family about they are subject to be written about on her blog at anytime* and the reasons I love them so much.

Here is a picture of my cards completed. I will be doing detailed posts about each one later and adding the .cut files. 

I am so glad that my friends who don't craft love me enough to pacify me and come over and join me in doing the thing I love to do so much. I tell ya...I know God has blessed me so much to give me the friends I have who each have a special reason for being in my life. I got the best friends in the world!!