Friday, October 31, 2008

The recipe books.....

Aren't done yet! LOL But I do have all the appetizer pages done and one of the main dish pages so I thought I would post them and see what you guys think. The books are only going to be 6x6 so I had limited areas to work with.

This is the Bacon Crisp and Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe pages. I did use the Cricut Markers on some of the elements and I think I like them! Of course I inked all the is compulsive with me now! HA HA HA

I pop dotted the pigs nose and used small brads for the chicken's eyes.

Here are the Olive Garden Zuppa Tuscana soup recipe and the 7 Layer Salad recipe. Luckily I was able to cheat on some of these since I had the recipes saved for my own use and also on the 7 layer salad I had used it for a recipe card for part of a swap I did. The lettuce is made from handmade paper and the tomatoes are Robin Nest embellies.

Here is the Steak Marinade recipe, again I had used this one on a recipe card before, and the steak is from a swap I did. The blank page is where I will put Main Dish, but I don't have it done yet.

This one is the first page of the Main Dish section, it is my daughters favorite thing I make, which isn't often. Ya know you don't want to make too much of a good thing...well that is my excuse anyway! HA!

So ya'll let me know what ya'll think!

Happy Halloween!!

Just a quick greeting to my readers!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you ever.......

Think you have a grand idea and that the project will be just fabulous?? Well I had a grand idea to make 4 recipe books for prizes for my Christmas party. Now I am doubting myself. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Do you know how much stuff there is to cut out?? *okie gives a deep sigh* I will finish them and I will use them as prizes. I just hope the other scrappers coming to the party don't get these as prizes. My friends that don't scrap will think they are fabulous. ROTFLMAO

Luckily I am only doing 15 recipes. I plan on using my Bind It All to put them together. I have to wait until I am completely done with them before I can order wires because I have no idea how thick these things are going to be, maybe somewhere between 200-5,000 layers by the time I am finished!! AACCKKK!! *okie certainly hopes there are BIA wires big enough to handle the job*

Monday, October 27, 2008

Home again home again.......

Jiggity jig jig!! Made it home safe and sound from Phoenix. Had a wonderful time. The Tina Turner concert was FAN TAS TIC!! I would love to say I hope I can be in that shape when I get to be 70, but let's face it, I am not in that great shape now being almost 30 years younger than her! HA!

I got to meet two messageboard members while in Phoenix! WOOT WOOT! It is always nice to get to meet our cricut sisters!!

I would write more but I am bushed!! I will try to share some photo's later on in a post but for now.....I am just too dang tired! LOL

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm leavin on a jet plane........

Don't know when I'll be back again....

Okay I really do know when I will be back, Monday. Tomorrow I fly out for Phoenix for an extended weekend with my sister and her 2 sister in laws. We are going to the Tina Turner concert and going to the Grand Canyon. Other than that I am not sure. But I am sure I will have fun.

HOWEVER.......I can't take any papercrafting stuff with me! *okie gasps* I think that is just cruel and unusual punishment!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mailing Template

I got this handy dandy mailing template at my Post Office. I was asking one of the clerks about envie size and such and he handed me this to take home with me. I use it often! He didn't charge me for it so I would assume you can ask for one free of charge.

This picture shows the inside that has useful information about sizes and such. Notice the slots. The large slot is for measuring depth of larger envelopes and the smaller slot is for smaller envelopes. There are a few useful guides on the template, and some useful information.

Here is a picture of the square envie I made showing how the envie fits through the small slot. You can not force the envie it has to fall through on it's own. If it doesn't, then get ready to pay extra postage. While it did fall through easily right now it probably won't after I stick it another envie for mailing.

Making my own envies.......Crafters Companion HOORAY!

Months ago I received a Crafters Companion from a MB member as thanks for sharing my .cut files. I used this often!! I do have tons of envies but sometimes I like envies that match my card. I made some envies for my square cards and thought "huh.....maybe I should post pictures of how this works". So that is what I am doing!! You can click the pictures if you want a closer look.

I needed envies for my square cards that I got at the stamp garage sale. The card measure s 5 1/8 inches and there wasn't a guide for how to make that size so I had to figure out the size of square I needed for my envie *okie sometimes wishes she had paid attention in math class*.

I figured out that for this size card I needed a square of 8 3/8 inches for this card. Don't ask me how I figured it out, I have no idea. I also figured that I needed to use my "E" guide lines. I wanted to make a gusset envie because my cards I had made had skittles on them.

A. That is the 8 3/8 paper I cut.
B. I scored at the inside of the template on "E"
C. I then moved my paper to the outer guide and scored again on "E".
D. That gave me two score lines. I did this on all sides of the paper.

E. I cut notches where the score lines met, cutting on the OUTER score line.
F. I then folded on all the score lines, this gave me the gusset.
G. I used my ATG gun and added adhesive on the lower part of the triangle on the SIDES of the envie as shown.
H. I then folded up the bottom and them the side and pressed.

I. I then folded the other side in.
J. shows how it looks after folding
K & L. Show how the cards fit in the envies.

And that is all there is too it! I just love being able to make envies that match cards! I do this also because a square envie takes more postage. This way I can pop the card in it's custom envie in a larger envie and use just one stamp. Of course that is unless it is over the 1/4" guideline, then I still have to use extra postage.

I love square cards!

I made two square cards last night. I used a K & Co. paper pad that I got from Scraparazzi. I did use the Arch Lattice Border punch on the Live It Up.....soooo lovin that punch!! The stamping is from the Fancy Pants Fresh Mod 12x12 set. Also the Live It Up was the one I was working on when my eyelet setter died. Guess the setter won't be living it up any longer *tear runs down okies cheek*

When I looked at the cards again this morning I thought they looked kinda plain. So I decided to jazz them up a bit. I went to my faithful skittles and added some of those. I think it gave them just the right touch. I just think it is amazing how just adding a little embellishment can really make a card so much better!

The death of an eyelet setter.....

It is a sad moment at okie's eyelet setter died last night.

There I was making a few cards and thought I would use eyelets. I grabbed my ever faithful eyelet setter and went about to punching the holes. I got two done and then all the sudden.....IT DIDN'T POP! The setter I have is a spring loaded type gadget.

I tried to do CPR but it just didn't respond. I then tried open heart surgery *okie was quite impressed with the genius simplistic design of the setter* and that didn't work. I would have tried organ transplant but a compatible donor could not be found.

Afterward I did an autopsy to try and find the cause of death. But alas, since I know nothing about eyelet setters I still wasn't able to find the cause. So the poor little eyelet setter sits on my desk not breathing, not working...not moving. I have been able to pull myself together and write an obituary.


ADA — Services for Eyelet Setter, Ada, are noon Sunday at okie's craft room. Burial follows at okie's craft trash can. Eyelet Setter died Oct. 18, 2008, at okie's craft table. Date of actual birth unknown but Setter came to live with okie in February 2008. She attended crops in Ada, OK and OKC, OK. She worked for okieladybug for 8 wonderful months and had perfect attendance. Setter did have a good sense of humor and would often hide from okie during crafting projects but she would always show herself and go straight to work. Survivors include her faithful companions, large hole punch head, medium hole punch head, small hole punch head, large setter head, medium setter head, small setter head and self healing mat. Ms. Setter will be greatly missed by all that knew her. Bearers will be Circut, Purple Cows Ultimate Cutter, Bic Mark It's, Fiskar Scissors, Sunlight Lamp, and Plaid Essentials Spinner. Honorary bearers will be K & Co., Basic Grey, SEI, Cuttlebug, Prism paper and DCWV. Family has asked that in lieu of flowers please donate to your favorite local scrapbook store. Condolences may be expressed to the family at Okieladybug's Crafts N' More.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I still have to other Stampin Up replica .cut files to release! Oh I don't mean the last two cut files I will ever release, just mean the last two from the whole adjustable set I did! HA HA HA

First we have the STAMPIN UP SCALLOP CIRCLE REPLICA. It has the 14 bumps just like the punch. I measured and certainly hope it works right, if not let me know and I will see if I can do some adjusting.

Next we have the STAMPIN UP SCALLOP SQUARE REPLICA. I measured this one too. I also measured this one, by that I mean I checked the measurements I found, and I did do the bumps according to the pictures of the punch. Let me know if it works okay!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The infamous moving card!!

So if you guys remember I had told my cousin I would make her moving cards for her, thinking she would want about 15-20. Well she said she needed 50! I was like WTF?? 50 SERIOUSLY?? But I'll show her. I only made 48! HA HA HA

This is one of the cards I made. I think they looked cuter on the mat when I was designing. BUT OH WELL!

For the inside I put "A house is built by human hands, A home is built by human hearts" and then put "announcing our move (then the address)" I printed that on the computer on the same cloud background paper that I used on the front of the card.

I did send her a picture and her husband said "we don't have a fireplace and that is too many windows....and the pine trees are too pointy". I told her "(cusswords) cards are going in the trash!" Of course her husband was only teasing with me. AT LEAST HE BETTER HAVE BEEN! When I told her I was only sending 48 she said "well I guess I don't have to send you one" and I kindly replied "I never want to see the $#*@ again!!" HA HA HA She said she loves the cards and can't wait to get them.

Holly Border Merry Christmas

A little early huh! HA HA HA This is a card I made this week. I call it HOLLY BORDER. The card base is with George and Stretch your Imagination and the Merry Christmas is with Joys of the Season.

I had some gold card stock that I got in the scraps my LSS owner gave me and used that for the Merry Christmas. I think this makes a nice little card. Well an A2 card, so it's a nice standard card.

In the cut file I also have a mat that will just cut a holly border mat if you are just wanting a mat and not the whole card.

Oh I should add....that on the mats I was able to cut the holly at the same time as the card. I just cut the card stock at 9 inches I think and then added a 2 inch strip where the holly is placed. Saved time that way.

****UPDATE 11/18/08****

It was brought to my attention that the second object on the "mat only" mat didn't cut right. I forgot to burp it! Sorry for the inconvenience. It is now fixed and the download is corrected. Thanks SwimMom for pointing this out.

Life is Wonderful...........

I made this card real quick just to see how the Martha Stewart Arch Lattice punch worked. I LOVE THIS PUNCH! It has a bit of an simple elegance look about it. I got the punch from my friend Scraparazzi who often picks things up that she thinks people are looking for and then sells them for the price she paid (she loves using coupons, and sells for that price) plus shipping. THANKS RAZZI!! You can check out her blog Just call me Razzi and see what she has available.

The flowers are prima, the little butterfly is a Martha Stewart punch also. The flourishes and the Life is Wonderful are Fancy Pants stamps from the Fresh Mod collection. I can't remember what the paper is. Since I just grabbed a card base I had on hand I to use the punch on I just a scrap of double sided paper that I thought matched the card base. The strip of green is Prism card stock *okie's favorite brand of card stock hands down*. I was going to heat emboss the wording and flourishes but I can feel a serious nap coming on so I just stamped *okie gets lazy at nap time*.

Stampin Up Designer Label Replica - DOWNLOAD NOW!

I forgot to post the STAMPIN UP DESIGNER LABEL replica .cut file last night. Please forgive me. I have been trying to design a cookbook and worked on that yesterday. Good news.....I have all my papers picked out, recipes ready for printing and my .cut files for the books are designed and ready to cut! Bad news is........I still have to finish my cousins moving cards, which will get done today so I can get them in the mail to her as she moved in I believe yesterday.

In case you have forgotten what this one looks like I used it on this card. I did size a small circle to stamp the acorn on. It is smaller than I though it would be but I tried to measure it according to the Stampin Up punch. If anyone knows if it is off please let me know and I will adjust it if I can.

It is made with GEORGE as are the other SU replica and adjustable .cut files I have posted lately. Thanks Joy for pointing out that I forgot to mention the cart used. Sometimes I do forget.....okay I forget a lot of stuff a lot of the time, but we won't talk about that LOL.

Now remember this is a two layer design. Meaning there is one image on top of the other. In order to get the little ticket punch like designs on the corners I had to lay the circles over the base. If you want to cut multiples just copy and paste the base, slide it over and then do the same for the cirlces. I don't have any stamps that go with this punch so I am not sure if it good enough. SSSOOO.....if any of ya'll do please let me know!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stampin UP Tag Starburst

Someone on the Cricut Messageboard pointed out a Starburst made with the Stampin Up Tag set. Since I had just made that file I thought I would be able to fix it to where you can make one. And ya know what.......I DID! LOL

The file is SU TAG STARBURST. The important thing to remember is that there are two mats that will be cut and the instructions below are very specific for this to work right.

Load your paper.
Click cut for the first mat.
Once it is cut then click LOAD PAPER (do not unload your paper or it will not work).
This will set it back to the starting point.
Click to your second mat and then click cut.

You will end up with this

Remove the pieces from the mat. I left the frames on there so you could see. Please ignore my dirty mat. I need to wipe it down but have been using it for cutting the last two days. That zig pen method really works good for resticking your mats!!

Next you will want to line up four of the frames. Okay so my file is a hair off. But you can overlap them to get the perfecdt if you want. I was in a hurry and wanted to get this on my blog so I didn't take time to overlap. I used a scrap of pearlescent vellum I had to glue the frames to.

Next lay your other four frames on top of the first set like in the picture here.

And lastly cut way the areas show in the this picture.

And this is what you will end up with. Like I said the file I made is a hair off but I think with some overlapping it will line up better and not have the gaps in the center.

I just want to say thank you!!

I totally appreciate everyone leaving comments!! Before I put out this latest set of .cut files I would get a few comments. I know people were downloading the files because AMKscrap would email me the stats. It does get discouraging when a file has like 500 downloads and only 3 comments. But you guys are leaving comments now! YEEHHAA!! It is greatly appreciated!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I couldn't resist! I just couldn't! I just had to try the tag set. I had gotten the Stampin Up Tag Set at the stamp garage sale a few weeks back and haven't really played with it because I wanted to get the smaller tag punch. I thought I should make a card to see if the .cut file I made worked, especially since I already posted the file for download. IT DID IT DID!! *okie says beaming with pride*

Since I don't have the small tag punch I couldn't compare but I did with the large tag punch I have and I got it within a hair of being exact!

The birthday stamp was part of the set I got. I did have some problems lining up the stamp, but I used one of the better ones for the card. The flowers are prima and the brad in the middle is one I got from Eyelet Outlet. The butterfly punch is Martha Stewart *okie wonders if Martha even knows she offers this punch*. I have no idea what the paper is as it was some more scrap I had. I did use some mica for the large tag and the bottom layer of the butterfly, but you can't really see it. I really like this card! You can click on the picture for a closer look.

Stampin Up Tag Set Replica - DOWNLOAD NOW!

I guess I should have used the STAMPIN UP TAG SET REPLICA to make a card tonight instead of the designer label. That is what I get for not checking the poll! LOL

I will try to get some cards made with this one tomorrow since I do have 12 stamps that go with this.

Like I said before.....this is the file that started all the latest .cut file designs I have done. I have the punch for the large tag but not the small tag and didn't want to spend the money on the small tag right now.

Two Fall Cards

I was able to make two cards tonight. Don't really like them but I was trying to solve a crime at the time! Have you guys watch the show The Mentalist? Oh gosh I am really like it! And MAN ON MAN that guy is a hottie!!

Oh back to the cards.

This one is a Thanksgiving card. I did add the dots with a little Sugar Loaf stamp I have. The turkey and Happy Thanksgiving are Studio G's. The tree paper is just a piece that I got in the scrap box that my LSS owner gave me. The scallop circle is one that I did quite sometime ago, it isn't th new version that I did.

This card is one I just wanted to try the designer label .cut file on. I did make a small circle to fit in the label to stamp the acorn on. Not sure I like the card but I do like the papers at least HA HA HA The tree is from a Marvy punch that borrowed from my LSS owner.

OOPPSS!! Scallop circle problem.

It was pointed out to me that the circle wasn't cutting right. I forgot to delete a big circle I had put in the middle when I was doing the screenshot. So you will need to go in and delete that on the mat and then save the file.

Click a small circle until your editing handles appear.
Slide the scallop shape over.
Delete the plain circle
Save your file.

And that should fix it.

I have changed the file in the original post if you just want to download it again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Adjustable Scallop Rectangle - DOWNLOAD NOW!

The ADJUSTABLE SCALLOP RECTANGLE is the last of the basic shapes. I really appreciate all the support you guys are showing for these files!! It honestly makes it worth the time an effort. I know myself like other DS designers appreciate the little support you can show us through our blogs.

I will be releasing the Stampin Up punch duplicates this week also!!

As a bonus tonight I am also adding the ADJUSTABLE SCALLOP HEART .cut file available. Thanks to my friend LacyGilbertson I made this one tonight. She asked if I could do a heart one.

Adjustable Scallop Oval - DOWNLOAD NOW!

I really like the ADJUSTABLE SCALLOP OVAL but then again I like all scallop shapes. And ya know what. I even like to eat scallops....but the seafood kind of course.

I think I forgot to mention, but I think you guys already know that I used George for creating the file set.

If you guys wanted to create a frame from any of them all you would need to do is set your size of cut out for the middle, line it up and then leave it on top of the scallop shape. Just make sure that it is NOT welded.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments about the files. I have gotten a few messages about how I was able to make the files. To be honest I am not good at explaining things. However, Capadia has a great tutorial on her blog at Capadia Designs that explains how to use some of the new features with the most recent Design Studio update. If you hop over there why not show her some support and check out her page sponsors as well! Cap is a great designer and shares some fantabulous .cut files! I hadn't checked out her blog in awhile but she also has a scallop circle that is adjustable. If I had known that I could have saved myself a few hours LOL.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Votes are in!! Scalloped Square - DOWNLOAD NOW!

The votes are in and the ADJUSTABLE SCALLOP SQUARE won by one vote!! But ya know only one vote is all it takes *okie cracks up laughing*. This is so much fun for me...maybe not for you guys.....but for me....*okie laughs again at herself*.

I am just wondering if you guys are enjoying the suspense? Shoot I now know what Provo Craft feels like when they are getting to release new products! IT'S SO COOL!!

Adjustable Scallop Circle - DOWNLOAD NOW!

Here is the first release! It is the ADJUSTABLE SCALLOP CIRCLE .cut file. You can copy and paste the whole image and fill up the mat if you wish. You can resize it bigger or smaller. I am including the screenshot again just so you can be sure you know which file you are downloading. There are two included on the screenshot but there is only one on the file. But like I said you can totally copy and paste the whole image and fill up the mat.

DO YOU GUYS REALIZE HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS?? I can't even begin to describe how excited!!


The brand new totally re-sizable, adjustable, multiplicative shapes!! After working for hours yesterday....and maybe an hour today I was finally able to get scallop shapes made that have the flexibility we cricut lovers just HAVE TO HAVE! LOL

I did Stampin UP punch duplicates that are as close as 1/16th of an inch correct. You can resize them if you wish but they are set in the file to be cut at the size of the punch. And then I also did a set of basic scallop shapes that we all love!!

Here is the scallop oval. You can resize the inside oval and also the scallop oval, as you can with each of the files, if you need to. Just do the copy and paste and fill your whole mat with the shapes!

And next we have the scallop circle. I forgot to do the inside circle during the screen shot but it is on there.

This is the rectangle shape. I like this one for cards. I have one I did in various sizes that I use a lot with Studio G and Inkadinkado little stamps quite often but could only cut one at a time since it was do difficult to copy and paste each individual circle.

And then we have the scallop square. Yet another good one for the small stamps. But now you can even use bigger stamps, or at least I can. I will so love being able to cut a whole mat of these to have on hand!! I know Enfys says she cuts her most used colors to have handy when she is making cards, that woman is just too smart and too talented!!

These next screenshots are the Stampin Up punch duplicates. And it is actually how I got started on all this. I recently bought a retired set at a garage sale of the Tag punch and stamps and loved them. I thought "dang I need the smaller tag but I don't have the money for the punch right now". Who knew one little cut file was going to lead to all of this! I wanted to see if I could make it where I could copy and paste the whole image. Once I got it figured out I thought I would do the large tag. And then that lead to the scallop circle, square...etc. Then I decided to do basic scallop shapes.....anywho...that is how all this started *okie watches everyone going to sleep during the story she is telling* HEY YOU GUYS WAKE UP!! THERE ARE MORE SCREEN SHOTS TO LOOK AT!!

Oh yes...back to the tag set. Here it is. I have the 12 stamps that were made for this set. I got a really good bargain on them. I tell ya I am really liking Stampin Up products! They are pricey in my book but with these it honestly is getting what you pay for. The images are always so crisp!

And this is the Stampin Up scallop square duplicate. I did a rounded corner and regular corner for this. I like rounded corners myself. While I don't have any stamps for this punch yet I have been looking through my catalog at some. I think I will need a Stamp Ma Jig *okie wonders if that is what it is called* that will help me line up my stamps. My friend Scrappinbee says she has one and just loves it!!

This is the Stampin Up scallop circle....14 bumps, just like the punch!! I do have to say I love circle stamps. I don't know why but I just think they are adorable!!

While I don't have any of the designer label Stampin Up stamps I do like the looks of the punch, and who knows, one of these days I might get the stamps to go with it. Now on this one it is a two layer. I couldn't get the circles to do the ticket type punch in the label design. The whole welding thing...*okie looks as some of the faces seem to have a look of "huh?? what??" on them*. Not sure how to explain it. But anyway the circle corners will have to be overlayed on top of the label base to get the ticket corner punch effect.

As I posted on the Cricut message board I will be releasing each file. But will do so one at a time *okie laughs a wicked evil laugh*. Figure if we all get excited about new releases we can get excited about .cut file releases too! Well except me...I already have them don't I! HA HA HA HA HA

Each time I do post a file for download it will have it's own post and be clearly labeled for download so you know which one is being released. Are you excited yet?? I KNOW I AM! I will be releasing AT LEAST one today!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I liked heat embossing before but I was such a messy embosser! I would have little splatters of powder on stuff I was trying to emboss and it just looked like.......well to be perfectly honest it would look like CRAP! *okie makes a very sad face*. People on the Cricut message board would talk about an embossing buddy and how wonderful it was. I got to make my first ever Stampin Up order and one of the things I ordered was an embossing buddy.....MAN OH MAN I AM IN LUV!!!

Tonight was the first night I have gotten to try the embossing buddy. I decided to play around with the stamp set I got and try some embossing. Let me tell you that little pillow of white dust stuff sure made a HUGE HUGE difference! For the first time ever I got a clean crisp embossed image! You can click on the picture for a close up shot and see for yourself.

So the embossing buddy is my tool of the month recommendation!!

I didn't do any embossing on the envies but I did use one of the stamps that came with the set to jazz the envies up a bit. I think the leaves gave the envies just the little bit of extra to tie them to the cards.

I do have to say I am really liking the Stampin Up stamps. They stamp wonderfully!! *okie sighs deeply as she realizes her first order will not be her last*

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Organization is becoming my middle name

I went to the stamp sale. I only bought one stamp. But I stocked up on cardstock for card making. I bought like 300 sheets of 8.5x11 card stock and I think like 300 A2 card bases. And some other odd sizes too. I got some Mica card stock.....OMG it is BEE U TEE FULL!! It is kinda like the Bazzill bling but without the texture and is blinged on both sides, and very thick. It works great in the Cuttlebug too! I also bought 300 A2 size envies.

The prices were CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! The 300 sheets of card stock cost me 12 bucks! WOW WOW WOW! Packs of envies were $1 for 25...and they are quality and colored.

Well with the help of Scrappinbee I got my goodies all organized! THANK YOU SCRAPPINBEE!! This is the paper shelf with the card making stuff in it. I previously used this shelf for my 12x12 but my paper out grew it. Now I am glad I still have it because I can keep card stuff separate from my scrappin stuff!One side has the 8.5x11 card stock and the other side has the pre-cut sizes.

I then needed to organize my envies. I had some odd sizes already because I buy packages of invitations and note cards when they are on clearance just so I can have the envies. Scrappinbee helped me figure out what size cards I need to make to fit in those envies. This is the container that probably has about close to 1,000 envies in it...SERIOUSLY! I made labels so I can know what size card to make for the envie. I didn't bother with 1/8" measurements for trying to cut cards. I rounded them down to the closest 1/4" inch measurement of needed, but some are only 1/8" smaller than the envie.

Here is a picture of the the labels with the card sizes on them that separate the envies.
The envies are cram packed in there but at least I was able to get them in one container. If I had one more envie I would be in trouble.

I keep tellin ya'll I organize more than I scrap!! ROTFLMAO