Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cuttlebug Storage Revisited - CUT FILES

I guess over the years people forget that I use to make .cut files and share them with others. But there are a lot of new Cricut users that came along before we had so many options for cartridges and they likely don't know anything at all about my .cut files.

Long ago before there were 62,000 images of cupcakes, flowers, food items, etc *okie thinks she might be exaggerating just a little* I made .cut files using Design Studio and George so that many others could cut images that just weren't available at the time. Now, 3-4 years later there isn't much need for me to design images but every now and then someone comes along and sends me a message about a .cut file I made long ago and it makes me feel good to know they are still getting used.

Recently I got a few messages from readers about how they were unable to download my .cut files from my blog. I emailed them the files and figured it was a glitch. As my regular readers know, I found out that every file I have ever linked to my blog was lost. So now here I sit feeling overwhelmed about which files to reload and relink or should I just go delink them all and let it go. Of course I am sure I will get back around to relinking all the files it is just going to take me awhile.

But for today *okie thinks it sure took her a long time to get to the point of the post today* I have relinked the Cuttlebug Storage Folders. There has been some recent interest in the system since I posted my storage system for the Cricut Carts.

I originally made the folders for the A2 folders back in 2009 and quite a few people did like the system. This is a picture of one of the folders. In the cut file there are graduating tabs so the folders can be more easily identified.

Please see the original post - CUTTLEBUG A2 STORAGE FOLDERS, for the instructions and .cut file you can download.

I have relinked the .cut file so you should have no problems downloading the file now.

I had a few people who just kept hounding me about wanting storage folders for their 5x7 embossing folders and to shut them up I finally broke down and made the file! *okie falls off her couch laughing* Actually I wasn't able to make one before I did because I didn't have any of the 5x7 folders and didn't know the right measurements. Here is a picture of the 5x7 folders.

Please see the original post - CUTTLEBUG 5X7 FOLDERS STORAGE, for instructions and .cut file you can download.

Friday, August 26, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Sale on Coredinations!!

I got an email that Consumer Crafts is having a sale on their Coredinations cardstock and I wanted to share it with you guys. I really love this company and have only had the best ever service from them! Some packs are only $2.97 for 20 sheets of the 4 color group. There are some great prices on some of the other Coredinations packs as well!

Here is the link...


I am going to have to craft soon!

Not because it is driving me crazy not crafting, well it is to be sure, but also because I have a package on it's way that I am to review!!

One thing about product reviews that I enjoy is using them and then giving my HONEST opinion about the product or retailer. I am excited about this product. It is not a great new product but an addition to something I already own. But it is a little different because of the extra elements that can be used with the product *okie so loves being secretive*. I will tell you guys that I have reviewed products in the past that I didn't like and I would give the retailer, owner, etc the option of me not reviewing the product on my blog, so if I say I like something and use it then you know I AM GIVING THE GOD'S HONEST TRUTH about my feelings on the products I do say I like and use!

I will say the product is Cricut related and that is all I am saying for now!! *okie smiles a devilishly bright grin and knowing folks are so confused about what she is saying*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All files are lost...NEW DOWNLOAD PROCEDURE

I thought I should let you guys know that all the .cut files that have been on my blog over the last few years are no longer downloadable due to me not having access to the online storage I was using. Luckily I do have all my .cut files backed up on an external hard drive *okie hopes she does anyway* and will be trying to store and link them again. This procedure may take some time and I actually thought about not doing it since I never know if people use them or not.

BUT...for now I am trying another method of storing the files and having them available for download. I think there might have been some confusion about how to download the file for the Cricut Cart Box and I thought I would post a picture of a screen shot explaining how to download the files.

The name of the file will be in the upper left hand corner.

To download just click where it says "DOWNLOAD".

With this system I also get to put a descriptor, which I think will be handy, and will include name(s) of cart(s) used and if it is a Gypsy or Design Studio file.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cricut Cart Box - Gypsy file

I had tried to convert my DS file of the Cricut Cart Box to use on the Gypsy but couldn't get it to work. I kept having problems with the Gypsy going back to the home screen when I tried to cut. I emailed the file to a Cricut friend and when she went to use it, well it did the same thing. I told her "huh maybe I just need to see if I can recreate it in the Gypsy". Once I did that I was able to copy and paste to where there were 6 on a 12X12 mat. With my fingers crossed *okie remembers how hard it was to load that mat and open the file with her fingers crossed* I plugged in my Gypsy to the E2 to see if it worked...


I hope you guys are able to download this file. I am still not sure this method is working for my files to be downloaded as no one has let me know yet. So someone please let me know if you are able to download and use the file.

Here is the file ---> CRICUT CART BOX 6 CUT

Here is a picture showing the fold lines.

The narrow flaps are on the inside of the box.

Since I did this on my Gypsy I was unable to make the score lines. You will need to score, or you can just fold if you wish, 3/8" away from the outside edge of the larger flaps. This is indicated by the red dash lines in the picture. The flap then can either tucked inside on the back or flapped around the back of the tall part of the box.

Be sure to decide which you want to do before applying your adhesive so you don't tape the wrong side of the flaps.

Okay I hope you guys can use this sucker! I really like my carts done this way!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Storage - VIDEO

I had posted some pictures on Facebook of a container I got at Staples to store my cartridges. The container is a Really Useful Box *okie wonders how many people are going to understand that is the name* and is the 4L size. I had quite a few responses and thought I would make a video showing the container and how it works. In the video I said it holds 74 carts, but it actually holds 84 cartridges.

The little boxes in that I keep my carts in are made from a .cut file I made years ago. The file uses George and cuts 3 at a time. I had another file that cut more but I am unable to find it right now. Here is the file for the one I have...CRICUT CARTRIDGE BOX and hopefully you guys can download this. I am trying Google Docs to store the file and not sure if it will work.

Here is the video....

If you are unable to get to a Staples or find the Really Useful Boxes they can be ordered online at REALLY USEFUL PRODUCTS. I would like to thank Kymberlee of The Paper Midwife for sharing this information with me!

So you don't have to go searching for the handbook video I am re-posting it now in case you want to see more details on the handbook storage and missed it before.

UPDATE: I have been asked to post how many handbooks the 9L containers hold and it really depends on the handbooks you are using. I would say you can fit approximately 30-40 handbooks to a box, it depends on if it is a full content, lite or solutions handbook.

Was Gonna Have a Video!

But I can't figure out the Movie Maker program on my new computer. I will work on it again tonight. The video is of my new cart storage system.

Also for those of you who have tried to download the Cricut Cart Box .cut file and haven't been able to do so I apologize. I am not sure what is wrong with the file download system but will check that out as well. If you are wanting it now please email me and I can email you the file. The file I have available easily for me to send is with George. I will see if I can get the one using Plantin loaded to my new computer as well.

So hang in there and I will have a video soon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Donate to help a family in need....

My Cricut sister Kymberlee has a daughter that lost everything in a house fire and is holding a FLAME FREE PARTY to help out her daughter.

Proceeds from any size SCENTSY order will be matched and all orders will be entered to win one of two $25 gift certificates.

She is also doing a donation option of where for every $5 you donate you can earn one entry to win an Imagine, so $5 gets you one entry, $10 gets you two entries, etc.

If you would like to see more details on how to donate please go to THE PAPER MIDWIFE.

Friday, August 19, 2011

School starts Monday!

I will officially be back in school on Monday. That means a more structured schedule which I will be looking forward to, believe it or not! I am hoping it also means I will feel like going in that room and crafting! I sure hope so since I have Love You a Latte, Sweet Shoppe and Flower Shoppe coming my way via! My friend Linda, aka LGuild, was able to get a good deal on some Lites and I got Carousal, Handyman, Cherry Limeade, Botanicals, Live Simply and Bloom from her. So there is no reason I shouldn't have plenty to craft with *okie thinks "yeah right ya big dummy like you didn't have enough before"*.

Linda brought my carts down to me last night and we went to the casino so I could practice for the Blackjack tournament I am in at the end of the month, which by the way, I have found out I totally suck at blackjack! LOL Linda brought me home and I hit a hole in my yard and down I went! I was bragging earlier to Linda about my nice tan legs *okie is convinced she has nice legs for a fat gal* and I guess this is what I get for bragging! HA HA HA What pissed me off is that I had a full diet coke and it went flying, so I had no more diet coke! *tear streams down okie's cheek*

Maybe the salt water from the pool will make it heal faster!

I have been asked why I haven't been on the messageboard recently. There are actually a few reasons...Number One: I haven't felt like crafting; Number Two: I have been busy with other things *okie wonders if most people know they can usually find her on Facebook* and hanging out with friends this summer; Number Three: The messageboard is running slow for me and that gets on my last dang nerve; and Number Four: SECURITY CODE TO POST!!! Which I find utterly ridiculous, but since it isn't my board I guess I can't do anything about that one.

Let's see on my last post I told you guys about my daughter wrecking her car and she is driving my little Metro. Well not long after that, just like 3 days I think, she got fired from her job. She wasn't ever given any official write ups and the new manager had hired her friend in the place of my daughter. Luckily my daughter only went about a week without a job and is now working in a daycare and is excited to have weekends off. She started working when she was about 15 1/2 and she hasn't had weekends off very often. I just hope she likes it. She is now also considering going to nursing school but is taking a break for a bit to figure out what she wants to do. I can't say much since I did the same thing, a few times, when I was a little older than her.

I spent time in the pool yesterday and think I am going to head back out there today. It just seems like the thing to do! Maybe after a little swim and nap my new carts will be here and I will want to play with them...notice I said MAYBE! *okie cracks up laughing*. I think most of ya'll know I am an animal lover and evidently animals love me too. I caught this squirrel this morning at the pool. I tried to get a picture of him splashing in the water but he ran off when I moved closer.

SPEAKIN OF THE DEVIL! The fedex truck just showed up! Off to put rewards points in!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Design Studio still opens! And deal on baby bug!

I opened DS today on my computer and just when I thought about something I might want to look at guess what I did...went and cleaned the pool!! HA HA HA Yep! I sure did. Guess I am still not ready to craft yet but at least I am one step closer to hitting that mark.

Things are calming down around here a little bit. Although I am learning that when you want to teach someone a lesson about something it sometimes comes back and blows up in a totally different direction. Hard to explain right now and not sure I will but just a little lesson I am learning and think I should write down somewhere for future reference! Just think MEN! HA HA HA

Oh for those who might be looking for a baby bug Hallmark Scrapbook had a deal where if you bought George for 39.99 and like $9 shipping you got a refurbished baby bug for free and the machine carries the same warranty as a new machine. So guess it is covered for a year. Here is the link of you are interested... BUY GEORGE GET A FREE CRICUT.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday is the start of a new week

Which means it can be a new beginning as well. But I don't want a new beginning, sure wouldn't want to start over! HA!

I was able to finally get my Metro to AutoZone and it was a bad battery. Yep the brand new battery was bad! It is starting and running fine now. My daughter is now driving it, which has no AC, but I think she is just grateful that Mom isn't having to take her everywhere. I am glad as well! I remember when she got her first car and how nice it was not having to stop whatever I was doing to take her here and there and boy was there a lot of here and there's back then!

I had a fabulous time Friday night with my friend Tracy and Lisa. We had some wonderful ribeye steaks, baked potatoes, and Lisa fixed some corn and green beans and crescent rolls. I had made two Dream Pies, one chocolate and one coconut cream. We sat around and visited, drank a few beers and swam in the pool. I hadn't seen Tracy in years even though I have known him for about 25 years so it was nice to catch up with him. Good friends and relaxation does a lot to sooth the stressed out soul.

Last night my friend Lisa and I went to the Casino and hung out and had a blast. Of course anytime I am with Lisa I have a blast. Well not just Lisa but any of my friends! My friends are very important to me and I love them so much. I often call them just to say "I love you". Having lost both of my parents very suddenly and being lucky enough to know the last thing we ever said to each other was "I love you" I have realized how much it means to be able to say that and know they other person knew. So now I make sure I tell my family and friends I love them so they never have to wonder if I did.

I actually thought about some layouts I would like to do but when I went in the craftroom I walked back out. I think it was about 85 or so in there and I knew I wouldn't be able to sit and craft. But at least maybe the inspiration is starting to come back to me. I know once it starts to cool down I will be back in the mood to craft. I might even open up DS later and work on designing a vinyl project for my bathroom later. My friend Linda, aka LGuild, picked up Splish Splash for me when it was on clearance at her Walmart and I have been wanting to do something with it for the bathroom.

I do want to share one thing I thought of the other day. So after my daughter wrecked her car and I had to take her to work and pick her up from work later that night I knew I needed to get the Metro to AutoZone and have the battery checked. Once we got it checked and they replaced it *okie so loves warranties* and it was starting and running I immediately thought "GOD TRULY BLESSES ME". Now some people might think "well crap I bought a new car and didn't need to". But instead I saw it all as a blessing! Had my Metro not had the new bad battery I would have kept it and not had the Sedona now. That would mean that my daughter and I would be sharing a car until she could get hers fixed. But instead God provided the opportunity for me to get a nice vehicle and have the Metro available for when she would need it. THANK YOU LORD FOR WATCHING OUT FOR ME AND MINE!

Even if I do allow myself to think negative for a short period of time I am a true believer that positive thinking and attitude can overcome just about anything. I always tell my clients "there is no such thing as a negative experience as long as you learn something from it and there is always something to be learned from any situation". I honestly believe this and practice it in my own life. I hate self pity so I only allow myself very BRIEF periods of such nastiness and then I start thinking about how lucky I truly am and then it seems things always start to turn around for the better!

Well it is time to get some paperwork done but wanted to let ya'll know that things are better around here. Thank you everyone for the great comments and emails. It has been very comforting to know that other people go through a lot of the same chit! And of course I do know I am still very blessed in life.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And then there is more stress....BRING IT ON!

My friend Linda came down for stamp club last night and we were at the house and I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. I didn't answer it of course, but they called back. I then got a text from my daughter that said "I was in a wreck, tried to call, phone going dead". I called the number back and sure enough it was her that was trying to call me. I immediately rushed to where she was. She was shaken up but okay. Evidently there was an SUV that stopped suddenly and said there was a car in front of her that stopped and turned and she had to slam on her brakes, the guy in the little truck behind her said he barely was able to stop in time, my daughter wasn't able to stop in time and hit the truck that made it ram the back of the SUV.

So of course the 3 car pile up is the fault of my daughter who is on my insurance. I was so relieved that she was okay until she started talking hateful to me. My friend Linda got an ear full while I vented my frustrations and feelings about being treated like chit every time my daughter does something wrong and it some how becomes my fault.

Everything has calmed down now and we are trying to figure out what to do about the car situation and right now I am shaking my fists at stress and saying "BRING IT ON BITCH!! JUST BRING IT ON BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET ME DOWN!!"

Tonight I am having a few friends over for a cookout and swimming. I think a few cold beers are in order and maybe I can relax and just enjoy myself for a little while. Saturday I plan on getting some paper work done and then Sunday spending the day out of town with a friend. Yep...I deserve a little rest and relaxation and by golly I am going to take it and enjoy it!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How ex's can be so stressful!

Another stress factor in my life right now is my ex. Okay I guess I should specify which ex since they are all technically ex's since they aren't currents *okie holds forehead thinking she just confused herself*. So this ex just happens to be the father of my child, not quite what she calls him most days, but we will go with that term for now.

Anywho, he was living with us for about a year and I put him out last August due to some issues. Oh hell, he was getting drunk all the time, staying out late and just being a poopie head! There I said it! Well one weekend where I heard nothing from him and he didn't come home I decided enough was enough and that I was done. When he did come in we had a few words and I told him "it's time for you to go". Long story short, he left. We remained in contact, me being the optimistic person and thinking that maybe my daughter could build a relationship with her father, over the past year even though he was going down hill fast. After being arrested several times he finally got the final blow over 4th of July weekend and got picked up for a DUI, his second in 2 years. Matter of fact COPS was in town that weekend filming so he might actually end up a tv star of sorts...the bad sorts! *okie can't help but laugh at the twisted humor in that statement* Well on top of that he had several other arrests for some issues and he is now sitting in county with a $500,000 bond on him. Now why this would be stressful to me is really hard to understand. I don't want him in my life anymore than a friend. But that's just it, we have been able to remain friends and since he is a friend I worry. But at least I know as long as he is in there he isn't killing himself or someone else with his actions. I do worry about my daughter and how this will effect her. Of course she tells me she doesn't care, but I know it has to bother her in some capacity. I have no idea how long he will be gone, but I know it will be a number of years.

I just wonder what goes through someone's mind who keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over again and some how thinks the results will be different. In the world of counseling, we call that crazy. He is an addict and I hope now he can get the help he needs. But I feel if he got out today he would be right back out doing the same kinda stuff all over again. I have no bad thoughts or feelings for him. Actually I always have wished happiness for any of my ex's. Well at least after a while of being away from there. I think there might have been one that I felt my wishes were less than gracious, but that's a whole notha story!!

I don't blame myself for any of his actions because I know all that he did was by his own choice and he has to face the consequences. I just wish my daughter could have had a father that would have been loving and supportive. In this I feel I have let her down....yep that is probably where the stress comes in over the whole situation.

On a brighter note, tonight is Stamp Club and Linda will be coming to town. We are going to go find somewhere cheap to eat and then head off to spend some time with our stamping friends. Maybe I can get a card done or something but I am making no promises!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Self Therapy update...

Um yeah I am kinda sucking at the self therapy. I think I need chocolate!! *okie laughs and grins*

I would like to thank everyone for the supportive comments and emails I received about yesterdays post. Because of that I have decided that ya know what, this is my blog and it is Scrap N' MORE so you guys might be getting the more part now since I have decided to take my thoughts from MSword to my blog. I figure what the heck, some of ya'll feel like you really know me so ya might as well know a little more about me. And besides, I am usually a pretty open book about things in my life anyway. And if ya don't want to read it, then just don't be clickin on my blog *okie laughs her little smart aleck laugh and gives a wink*

I will share one daughter has officially flunked out of college. This has been a huge blow to me because I wanted so much more for her. *okie does the sshhh motion with her finger on her lips and speaks quietly* Don't ya'll tell her this, but I have to realize that I did the same thing when I was in college. I was a big party animal and then one morning at the age of 24 I woke up and magically said "it's time to grow up and be an adult" and that is what I did. I went back and finished my bachelors degree, after changing my major about six different times, and then went on to complete my masters degree and then get my licensed professional counselor certification. I know there is hope for her yet. I just wanted her to make better decisions than I did. LIVE AND LEARN! Maybe it will make her a stronger person, at least that is my hope. I have to thank my friend Linda for listening to me cry and helping me get my mind a little more straight about this situation. I know I talk bad about Linda on here *okie thinks, because Linda can be meaner than heck sometimes* but she truly is one of my best friends, even if she does tell me all the time when we are in the car and she pulls out in traffic "oh well, it will hit your side first and you are fluffy enough to cushion me".

It amazes me some days in my life when I think about what my worst fears have been and then they come and slap me in the face. My daughter's problems with college is one of them. I remember my dad telling me when I started college "Finish your education. Everything in this world can be taken from you, your house, your family, your money, your freedom. Everything. But the ONE thing that can never be taken from you is your education". My dad died during my first semester of college but his words stuck with me. Even during the times when I had flunked out or decided to sit out I always knew I would go back and finish, but when I was ready. I think my dad would be proud that I went as far with my education that I did.

The hard part I am dealing with is that I made her a deal. I told her as long as she was in school I would pay her car insurance and cell phone bill. Well she isn't going to be in school anymore so that means I have to toughen up and now charge her for those things or let her get her own. I know it will be hard on her and I don't want her to suffer like I did when I was younger. But I do know it made me the person I am today...strong, independent, determined, etc etc *okie thinks she will leave out the crazier than a bedbug adjective* and maybe it will help build her character as well. She even mentioned last night on the phone "Mom you have your life and I have mine". I told her "Ya know what you are right, that is correct. You do have your life and I have my life". I think it scared her and she said "that's not what I meant, don't take it that way". And I told her "but it is true, and it's time you lived your life". I think she might have gotten the hint that the purse strings were going to be pulled tight when I said that because the sound in her voice was one of trepidation.

Okay enough of that for's time for chocolate! HA HA HA Just kidding.

Oh I do want to share with you guys that I have lost 26lbs this summer. I weighed on the last day of school which was May 20th and, *okie looks around and shakes her head* HELL NO I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT I WEIGHED!! Geez Louise! It's just been too hot to cook or eat so I only eat what I feel like I can stand to ingest. I was worried about it but the doctor said I am fine and it is just because I have changed eating habits. I hope I can keep it up, er is that down, and lose some more weight. I know it would be good for my health and my diabetes *okie still swears that doctor is lying and she doesn't have diabetes*. With the heat being the way it is it might be a few more months before my electronic cooking devices in my kitchen get turned on again!

That is all for now, I got some things to get done around here, but not crafting. Sorry about that folks. I hope to craft some day soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am alive

I had friends contact me to let me know others have been concerned about me and if I am okay. So thought I would post to let everyone know I am alive.

As far as being okay, well I will be but right now I just need some time to get my head on straight. There have been some things going on in my life and right now I am having to do some self therapy to over come these issues. I know it will take a little while and I know I will be okay, I always am. And one day I hope to be able to craft again.

To be honest crafting has always been one of my therapies and maybe that is part of my problem right now...I can't craft. It's just not the lack of motivation to do anything but it is also too hot to sit in the craft room and do anything. The craft room use to be a garage and I don't think it is insulated to well and it just isn't staying cool enough to craft. Matter of fact it is not the least bit cool. My friend Carmen from Houston can attest to that for me right now. She came through to get her dog that I kept for them for a week and she even said it was too hot in there to sit and try and do anything.

I actually thought about shutting down my blog until I am ready to craft again and then I figured what the heck...just leave it be for now.

I want to thank all of those who have voiced concerns. It really does mean a lot to me. I have gotten emails in the past where people have told me that they feel like they know me personally because of my writing style on my blog and also because I am *okie thinks crazy* open about my life and post many other things that go on besides just crafting. Not sure if I ever told you guys this but long ago I was a journalism major and an English major and although I don't write properly like I was taught *okie knows she sure wasn't ever taught to write her thoughts in italics* I still enjoy writing, er...typing, crap out. I am doing a lot of writing, or typing as the case may be, right now but nothing that would be needed to post on my blog. You guys would be screaming TMI TMI TMI!! *okie grins a little knowing it would happen*.

So just know that I do appreciate your concerns and I will be back to my old self in time.