Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Will Not Let The Heat Stop Me!

If you guys remember, last summer it was so hot all summer long I never got any crafting done. It was completely miserable from the end of May until the end of August and I think during that time the town I live in had 5 days where it didn't reach over 100 degrees. Well that wonderful hellacious weather has hit again *okie sigh a deep exasperating sigh*. I am bound and determined not to let the hot weather stop me again, especially since I just spent all that time reorganizing my craft room!

I think I might have made a remedy to beating the heat so I can craft. I decided to get a fan and put it directly in front of the ac unit and point it at me. This is providing some much cooler air where I sit but the problem becomes that my little pieces of paper want to go flying off the table and across the room.

Me being the genius I am, figured out that my laptop can actually act as a barrier for the smaller pieces and keep them from flying off the table and then I can just slide it over to unblock the air when I am ready to work on larger pieces. I did have to move my Cricut so it didn't block the air but that I can deal with for sure!

I probably won't be posting in new crafts for awhile since I am working on a card set. Ya'll know how I never like to go back and redo a card set but I have had multiple requests for the Naughty Princess set so actually making them again *okie closes her eyes and shakes her head knowing she has lost her ever lovin mind*. I did get my Cinderella's completed last night, not the cards, just the images. I wanted to show you guys how I do the eyes on the Princess cuts since they are so hard to work with due to the small size. I cut the white and with the whole piece left on the mat I add the color with a Stampin Up marker and then lift off the paper. This way I don't have to worry about trying to hold the small piece and coloring it. It also gives me a little more control with the ink.

Here is Cinderella put together and you can see how the eyes turned out. It sure saves a lot of time, pain and heartache by doing it this way and avoiding going blind from trying to glue that teeny tiny iris on the whites of the eyes. She is cut at 4" and I don't think I would ever try cutting her any smaller.

I also add shading to her using a Stampin Up marker. Trying to do the shading with the chalk ink would cause me to have a nervous breakdown I am afraid and the marker still gives a nice shaded effect.

Okay I am off to work in the heat today and probably come home and pass out on the couch for a bit before I start on Sleeping Beauty...that dirty whore!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Stress Won't Get Me Down!

I have had  a lot going on in my life the last month and have been stressed to the maximum to the 10th power! But I am not going to let it get me down, okay it was but I am going to fight it! Let me say that all the events of last weekend did not add to my stress but actually provided a much needed break and amusement from the things going on in my real personal world.

First off my daughter evidently is having some issues with her Depo Provera shot and the side effects have changed her personality and moods. Of course this didn't come evident until last week when I started thinking about what changes she has had in her life lately and I started researching the side effects of that shot. At this time we have made several appointments to get her off the shot and get her moods stabilized and hopefully get her back to normal. I won't go into all of the details but let's just say I was mentally and emotionally exhausted from trying to figure out what the problem was while also trying to be loving and supportive and with some of the moods she was having it was beyond difficulty. Luckily God has always supplied me with a wonderful support group of friends who have been there for me during this difficult and emotionally charged time.

My daughter is now living back home until we can get all this straightened out and get her back on her feet. I enjoy having her around more and partly because I am less stressed with her being here and having problems than I am with her being gone somewhere and me not knowing what is going on with her. However, at this point my house looks like something off Hoarders due to her stuff having to be moved back into the house but we are getting there and I think we are going to have a big garage sale soon.

Secondly, I have not been able to get a full nights sleep in over a month now. My hands kept going to sleep and the pain would wake me up constantly during the night. I finally made a doctor appointment and on Tuesday he did X-rays and then I had an MRI done on Thursday. Of course the results won't be in for a few days. He is thinking it is something in my neck since my nerves are depressed in my legs and my left arm, also because I have arthritis in my neck. The doctor started me on a low dose of Neurontin to take once at bed time. I think it might help me since I did get some much needed good sleep last night.

But let me tell you why I have decided the stress won't get me down, at least not yet *okie smiles*. I was laying in the MRI machine Thursday and I had to use some of the relaxation techniques I teach my clients because I am a bit claustrophobic. I first worked on getting my muscles in my body relaxed and used my control breathing, after a few minutes I didn't feel my body and my mind was open to what ever I wanted to think about. I started thinking how lucky I was to be able to have this procedure done due to the wonderful care the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center gives me, even though I am not Chickasaw. I decided then I needed to write a letter to Governor Anoatubby and thank him for all the tribe has done for me over the years. I have that letter on my craft desk ready to put in the mail on Monday. After that I started talking to God, which I do quite often, but this time was a little different since there was no chance of me having a "SQUIRREL" moment. I let God know I trust in His wisdom and that I will be faithful in my trust in Him during this difficult time I have been having lately.

When I came out of the MRI machine I felt more relaxed and relieved than I have in over a month. I felt a sense of peace and rejuvenation that I have been needing. I knew God had listened and is going to help me through this. I have said many times and will say again, I am not a religious person as I feel religion is man made. But, I am a highly spiritual person and truly believe that one's relationship with God is the most binding, sacred, and faithful that one will ever have in their life. Never has He let me down. Maybe God doesn't answer my prayers with what I want, but He always answers with what I need. And I know He will this time as well!

Okie dokie, now off to get some laundry done, some stuff packed up and do my paperwork!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reorganized Craftroom - PICTURES!!

I was going to wait and schedule this post for morning but I thought I would go ahead and let it publish now since I know how much we all like to see each other's craft spaces! There is still a lot of work to do but nothing that can't be done over a period of time now that I have all the shelves and drawers in places where they will be. But then again we all know I am in a constant flux of reorganizing my room!!

First off I am going to show an honest picture, a terrible picture...the picture of my old computer desk! I will be getting rid of this desk soon and need to start going through the stuff in and on it. There won't be anything on that wall as I plan on putting my yellow comfy chair in this area. I will be sure to post pictures when I get that done.

Okay, everyone at once *okie holds up her hands like she is conducting a concert* OOHH AND AAHHH! This is the view you see when looking into the craftroom from the living room. I use to have the white shelves above the table there before but I did move them over a bit so I can access the built in shelves easily. I also moved my punch bars to where I can reach them very easily.

This view is if you are coming into the room down the hallway from the kitchen. Of course the broom and box of trash won't be staying, I forgot to move them for the picture. I d.o like my Ikea unit in front of the window. While there were comments about me losing my natural lighting in the room you can see there is still lighting that comes in. I will be getting rid of the revolving peg board in the future after I get some more pegboard cut to fit the end of the new shelves. On the Ikea Expedit unit I used heavy cardboard across the back so the sun doesn't fade my paper on the shelves.

This is another view from the hallway and shows the extra table space I now have along the wall where the Ikea unit use to be. I often had problems finding space to lay things while I was working and this will resolve that. I would like to get another Sunlight lamp for my area but I don't think my Walmart carries them anymore so for now I just have a regular table lamp. I might look for an under the shelf lamp and place it on the shelf right above the punches.

Here is a picture of the new shelving from the opposite corner of the room. I can't believe how much I was able to get on the shelves. I will likely work off and on with organizing everything on there. I do like my red cloth bins on there as well as my themed paper drawers. I use to have a desk in this corner and it there was crap piled on the top and totes under it. I emptied the contents of the totes and organized it all on the shelving so now I can get to it easy and not have to work a jigsaw puzzle to access things.

Here is a close up of my punches and I am really going to enjoy having them where I can reach them a lot easier. I did put seasonal punches on the top bar since I don't use them as often but it still won't be too hard to reach them. I keep very small punches in the hanging baskets and also my remotes for my tv, dvd and roku player. I wouldn't mind having a few more of these baskets now that I have room but I am sure not going to drive all the way to Dallas to get a few little baskets! HA HA HA

This is my main work space and always has been. It gives me a good line of vision to the television and also into the living room, not sure why I think I need to see in there but when my daughter was small I needed to see in there quite frequently. I have set out my Cricut Cake machine on the table so I can start using it. If you look in the bottom left hand corner of the picture you can see the pink and brown plaid dog bed. That is where Lucy likes to stay most of the time when I am in the craftroom. Also on the left you can my cup, I got one of those cup holder things last year in Houston at CKC and I love it!! I don't ever worry about spilling my drinks on my projects anymore.

I have my Cricut Mini and E2 under the table along with my Cuttlebug *okie sighs and feels sad since the end busted off and she hasn't tried to see if it works or not*, Janome Sew Mini, ProMarkers, Cricut Cartridges and a photo storage box. The shelf unit was my daughters, she got it at Family Dollar and used it as an entertainment unit but since moving back home she didn't need it anymore. I will probably move my photo box and ProMarkers to a different area. The grey tote has vinyl in it and the boxes on top of it are my Cricut handbooks. I can grab the other machines easily when I want to use them.

I took the rollers off my drawer units so they don't roll out when I open the drawers and also so I could get all 4 under the table and still  open the drawers. I will have to go through these and reorgize the contents and relabel the drawers, but that is something I have needed to do for quite some time. They use to be under the table where my other machines now sit.

This is a little box that my friend GrammaT sent me years ago and I now have it on the table and I put my most used tools in it.

Like I said, I still have a lot of reorganizing to do but the hardest part is behind me and I can take my time doing the other stuff. I thought I was going to go crazy with everything in such a disarray for the period of time it was. I love keeping my craftroom in a fairly orderly manner and feel a lot more relaxed now that it is a workable space.

Okay now I am off to see what else I can move around!! HA HA HA On come on ya' knew that was coming!!

I'm Alive and Kickin'

I have been working diligently on my craftroom and I think I have it almost done. I still have to get rid of a computer desk I don't use and figure out what to do in that area of the room but my craft area is done...well at least everything has a place. I know I will still need to do some reorganization and labeling but for now I can craft if I desire *okie knows that isn't going to happen until some of the reorganization gets done*.

I will be trying to take a few pictures before the weekend to post and I have had a few requests of a video of the room but will likely wait to do a video until I get rid of the computer desk and get that area set up. I will be putting a comfy chair in here for my guests to sit in when they come over and I am crafting and by guests I generally mean my friend Lisa since she is the one that is here most often.

Just wanted to let you guys know I am alive and kickin'. Oh also I have not gotten anymore emails or any contact from anyone concerning the whole situation from last week. No police showed up at my door and no lawyers called me or presented any papers to me.

Okay off to work for the day and back home to reorganize stuff a little more this evening.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Am Making Progress...I Think

I shared some pics of the shelves I want to use in the scraproom yesterday and want to show you the mess I have now!! I know once I get done it is going to give me more floor space and I won't have crap piled up in one corner of my least that is what I am hoping!!

This first pictures is when I got my Ikea unit unloaded and stuff out of my wire shelves so I could move things around.  I had all my paper on the kitchen table, setting in the wire shelves in the dining room and even some in my little bathroom...don't even ask!!

I decided I wanted the Ikea unit in front of my window so I had to think of something to put on the back so sunlight won't fade my paper. I am one of those people that keeps boxes for electronics for a year in case something goes wrong. Luckily I still had my box for my 32" TV I got on black friday almost two years ago. It worked great and I just had to find a little more cardboard, and thanks to a priority box I hadn't thrown away I had it as well, to finish off the bottom two areas. I just used masking tape to put the cardboard in place so I didn't have to put nails into my shelving unit because let's face it, I never know when I might change my mind and do something else!

I also decided I wanted another table in the room to put my machines on, eventually when I get it all done, and also to give me some more work space. I was able to put an 8' table where the Ikea Unit and the wire shelves were. I am still able to access the built in shelf easily. The upper shelves will be difficult to reach but I put things up there that I don't use as often.

Once I got my table and unit in place I put the paper back where it goes. It took me awhile to find all the paper since I had it scattered everywhere.  Notice the unit under the table, it was setting on top of the Ikea Unit when it was on the other wall.

I had a big desk on the wall where I want to put the shelves I got earlier this week and I had to empty that wall. Here is a picture of the wall where the new shelves will go. I am going to have to do some serious reorganization once I get the new shelves in place but ya'll know good and well that I love to reorganize *okie thinks it might be a sickness at this point, but doesn't worry about it since it is only pertaining to her crafting supplies*.

There were totes under the desk that will have to be emptied and the contents organized. This will let me access the contents a lot better on the new shelves without having to dig under the desk and drag out all the totes. 

And here is a picture of all the crap that was on, under and around the desk in the picture above. I tell ya sometimes it has to get a lot worse before it gets any better! LOL I am not sure if the stuff I have on the shelves I put above the table on the wall will stay there. I am still working on trying to figure all that out and since I will have some extra time this summer I will get it done *okie wonders if she should just take next week off to get it done*

I was going to paint the shelves I got but I don't think they really need to be painted. There are some little rust spots but I am using a brillo pad and scrubbing it off. I don't think I can stand to have everything strung out that long and right now my house looks something similar to Hoarders and it is going to drive me insane!

I will post more pictures as I progress and when I get everything completely done I might make a video of the room. I am sure it will be a little while before that happens though!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Craftroom Is Closing Down....

I am posting this because maybe it will give me the motivation I need to finish washing my shelving and get them in my craftroom and reorganized. I am not looking forward to this task but then again I am. I actually think it is the cleaning of the shelves that I am not looking forward to because we all know how I love to organize! LOL

I was browsing Craigslist last weekend and came across these shelves. They were posted over a month ago so I was surprised to find he still had them. I just knew they would be perfect for my craftroom and a lot cheaper than going all the way to Frisco Texas to Ikea and getting another Expedit unit. However that trip would have been nice since I know I would be going with Linda *okie thinks it would be fairly easy to talk Linda into a trip since she is always wanting to go somewhere* and maybe meet up with Joy and Melanie for lunch. But like I said, these were local and a lot cheaper. Oh but back to the shelves...I thought they looked like something that library books are on and figured they would be sturdy enough for anything I might put on them but come to find out they were for medical files, which is still paper, which is still heavy...well you get my point.

It took me a few days to be able to go pick them up and my friend Khrystal was nice enough to volunteer her husbands truck. The shelves came apart really easily and while they aren't has heavy as I thought they were they are still pretty darn sturdy. I was thinking of painting them white but after washing parts of the shelving I have decided that I am really kinda digging the off white with a touch of rust look, and besides they are gonna be full in no time and no one will see them so what's the point of painting them...RIGHT??

So I guess until I get these bad boys washed up, put together, in  my craftroom and things reorganized my craftroom will be closing down.....I hope it doesn't take all summer *okie sighs deeply*.

And Yet Another Email

This time from a Brenda...

This was the email that was sent to me...

I cant believe you would say this to another person. I know Angela did not deserve your hate mail. This is being sent to Provocraft. I'm sure they will not want someone like you to be representing them. So sad, how can you hate someone that you don't even know? Plus, to treat your readers like this? Oh they are going to know.

This is being posted everywhere to show you are a true bully!!!! SICK!!!!
And this was my reply...

I don't represent Provocraft. I don't work for any companies nor am I on any design teams and I don't sell products, services or anything else for any company. As for Provocraft...well sweetie they are already aware of the situation and know that is not my style of writing or communicating.

Your empty threats do not scare me. I have nothing to fear or lose in this situation. I don't try to sell products, I don't care if any one reads my blog, I blog for me not because I want people to like me, although they do and I often ask them why...I have said that many times on my blog and my readers know it. You can't slander me because too many people know the REAL ME.

I don't care how many people you want to be and email me as because it doesn't bother me. I will just keep posting it all to my blog and on facebook.

Oh and if you want to post it everywhere I don't mind. All I ask is that you send me the links because I would love to see it!!

Have a great night!

Now I am hurt, because if she truly read my blog she would know I tell ya'll all the time I don't give a crap if anyone reads the drivel I write and that I blog for me. Heck I even tell ya'll not to follow me! HA HA HA

Now on a more serious note...I had a friend contact me on Facebook asking me to be careful as she is concerned for my welfare in this situation. I responded with "that is exactly why I am being so open with everything. She threatens others of how she is going to ruin them. I am posting and documenting everything on here, my email and my website. I will not cower like she has made others and if she wants to show up in my town, well...that would not be a good idea for her." And by that I mean I have no problems pressing charges on someone who is wanting to cause me harm.

You guys are all my witnesses to what is going on. If you think I am posting too much drama on here then I ask that you come back at a later date because I am going to continue to document what is going on. Like I stated to my friend, I will not cower down.

Friday, June 15, 2012

And The Saga Continues

So evidently I am now sending hate emails. I had a Rebecca Cole contact me on Facebook wanting to be my friend and I sent the following message...

My message to Rebecca Cole:
Due to some strange circumstances going on right now I am not accepting new friends without verifying identity of those who are sending me friends requests. What mutual friends do we have and why do you want to be my friend on Facebook?

She replied this and added the picture below as an attachement.

Shirley I began following you and I liked your crafting style, but after what you done to my dear friend, I can't support you!! what you did was so mean and sick. Sending that hate mail. How can you hate someone so much that you dont even know?

I replied:
So then why did you send me a friends request if you can't support me? I don't hate anyone. I only work to expose those who have bad business practices with others so my other FRIENDS don't have the same issues.

She replied:
what you did to her is uncalled for. She has never done anything to you. I sent the request in hopes that you would see that she is not who people are making her out to be. But that email you sent her above, shows you can't see the light and the truth. What you are posting is not true. You have no right when you dont know the whole story. How can you hate her? You dont even know her?

My reply:
You ain't real bright are ya...I will be posting the pic on my blog for all to read. I am finding this more and more amusing as you are grasping at straws.

Her reply:
who is grasping for straws, you sent her that email? You sick!!!

My reply:
Well this whole conversation is going on my blog as well.

Her reply:
good, post it and dont forget to post the pic of you evil email to Angela or are you to chicken shit to do so?
you sick and everyone will know what you really do!!! Delete my name and leave me alone!!!!

And then she blocked me.

I guess she will know here shortly that I did indeed post the link as well as a screen shot of the email that was doctored.

I am sure she is likely going to check all this to see if I am going to defend myself but there is nothing to defend since I have done nothing wrong. I am sure she wants me to plead to my readers to understand that I didn't send the email but not for one second do I feel any of my readers or friends would think I would send such an email...well okay I might but I would admit to it because...THAT IS HOW I ROLL!! HA HA HA HA

I Got A Threatening Email

After posting about the petition being closed I got an email from the Holt woman. Since the email is mine I can share it with the public and so I shall. I really don't think of all of this is drama since I don't do drama but rather sharing some interesting reading with my readers.

I am sure my local police will be here to arrest me at 8am sharp. I will make sure I have on a pot of coffee and show them hospitality while they write up the charges. Many of my friends have said I should also offer them donuts.

Here is the email...

First my name is Angela Holt and not Kelli Holt!! My nickname is Angie and I have every right to use it!!! Second, I have never done anything to you, said anything about you or even follow you!!! I have never followed or endorsed provocraft products. I have never signed up for any blogs, groups etc... that pertains to provocraft. Third, I showed my lawyer your post:

***disclaimer: events are factual and therefore no defamation is involved in this post. I type my own feelings and thoughts on my website as well as my own experiences***

It has been advised that you better have proof of everything that you have posted if you want the above statement to hold up in court. I'm done with this bullying!!! Also you are breaking the law when you re-post screen shots of someones accounts etc,,, you are violating my Privacy, therefore breaking the law against the privacy act!!! Check link and get educated!![1]=1&action_results=Go

Also, your friend failed to tell you that the Graphic 45 paper just was released yesterday to smaller retailers. I explained this to her and she failed to get the memo. I will be sending a statement from my representative explaining about the delay to you so that you can continue to break the law and post my information.

Also, it sickens me that you would even do this to me, a fellow crafter, and a human being that has never done one thing to you!!! Can you tell me what I have done to you? NO you can't because there is nothing!!!

Your friend failed to mention to you what rude remarks she said to me on facebook. But like always everything is fabricated and taken out of context and you have only lies to post. I admit calling her that name on in defense of her behavior. Also attached to this email is the paypal where I sent her money back on JUNE 1st!!!! . I bet she failed to tell you that one too!!!

So not only have you got yourself in trouble with my lawyer which is contacting your local police department on Monday to let them know of your behavior and the postings on your blog, you have dragged your friend LINDA into this in which will be contacted also!!! I have been battling this bullying crap for 4 months with people telling vicious lies and I'm done being nice. I have a complete file with my lawyer and each posting, email, blog, faebook page etc.... is noted and will be put into action!!! I have tried to be nice and show people who are the true root of this evil and no one listens! The reason I took the petition down was due to the harassment emails.

And not one of you dam people can set there and tell me what I have done to you!!!!! But you will have your chance in court to prove it!!! 

Angela Holt

PS ***disclaimer: events are factual and therefore no defamation is involved in this email!!! I have the right to prove people in the wron 

I also responded to her email saying:

The link you sent me is for New Zealand so not sure how it pertains to me. But okay.....

As for the police, okay I'll wait for them to show up.

I received the following auto response...

If you are a business contacting me, I will contact you when needed.
If you are a friend, then you know of these changes
If you are a sick, twisted low life piece of shit bully (AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE) KISS MY ASS!!!!!

Sorry peeps that are honest!!! But I done with this crap!!!!

I am sure my local police will be here to arrest me at 8am sharp Monday morning. I will make sure I have on a pot of coffee and show them hospitality while they write up the charges. Many of my friends have said I should offer them donuts as well.

I did have one reader comment on a previous post that she didn't like all this drama on blogs she visits and she is entitled to her feelings and comments. I have always said I don't always post crafting, it's Scrap N' More...and well, this is part of the MORE *okie smiles*. Many of my readers have shared they like to hear about my personal life and I don't mind sharing some of my self with my readers.


I received a message from a friend who let me know that the Holt woman found out about my blog post, which guess she is a fan of mine, and posted a comment on her Facebook page...


Angela Holt

WELL WELL WELL!!! I wake up to another hate mail this morning!!! Run over and check this shit out!!! My new blog is not even safe!!!! The Hell with this shit!!!! I cant even come back without drama----> I have never in my life been a part of any cricut board let alone sell the shit!!!! WTH|?!!!!!

Kelli Holt? Who the hell is Kelli Holt? I have never been kelli holt?

YOu know what FUCK IT@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M DONE!!!

I was unable to have someone take a screen shot because she either deactivated her account. I don't know what blog she was referring too but I think she might drive up traffic to my blog and for that I say "THANK YOU ANGELA!!". I always enjoy getting new readers. Okay, I will give her that I do not know for sure that she is indeed Kelli Holt, but that still didn't address the issue of her not sending others their items in a timely fashion, such as my friend Linda and then her putting them on a bully list for being assertive and wanting to know where the product was or give a refund. Notice she only focused on denying she was Kelli Holt, she did not deny any of the rest.

But what I am excited about is that her petition is now closed, or in her words "The petition is no closed" (sic). I am sure she will likely start another one. I did find it interesting that there were many anonymous signatures on the petition, as well as only 143 signatures whereas she told Linda she had almost 3,000 signatures. I never have been a genius at math but I don't think even the best algebraic equation can turn 143 into 3,000. As far as I know only Jesus can do such magnification multiplication and I am quite sure He wouldn't bother with a petition.

Folks, I have been around for almost 5 years and have interacted with thousands of people via my blog, messageboards and Facebook. If I start saying things that are out of character for me then you might take it with a grain of salt because evidently other people who have tried to expose this woman have been hacked. You guys know me, trust me and know how I say things so if you ever doubt I said something well you just ask me and we will get it straightened out.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bullying - When People Cry Wolf

This is a commentary post about a situation that has happened recently, and also a historical situation. I feel that if someone is going to yell bully and start telling everyone someone is a bully they should first disclose about their own behaviors. Being assertive is not being a bully, however responding with derogatory comments and language when someone says they will file a dispute if they are not sent the product they ordered or a refund, then that is being a bully.

Recently my friend Linda, aka LGuild, was accused of being a bully on Facebook. While I will admit Linda would like to bully me sometimes I find that different since I do the same to her. In all serious matters neither of us feel like bullying is something that people should do. The woman told Linda she was a bully and was going to add Linda to her petition of bullies in the crafting world.

So a little background on the situation...Linda made a purchase from an Angela Holt on May 8th for some Graphic 45 paper and matching stamps. She waited for WEEKS for her items and tried to contact the woman several times. Well finally the woman did contact Linda, after Linda finally communicated to the woman that she was going to file a dispute with her credit card company, and started telling Linda that she was a bully and was going to add her name to the list she has on her petition Stop Bullying Among Crafters, and I guess since has added Linda. Here is Angela's little Preamble of her petition:
I Angela Holt have been in the crafting industry for 13 years. I have fallen victim for the past 5 months to Adult cyber bullying from grown adult crafters in this industry. Many of you have read my story.

Due to this behavior and vicious antics these people have taken, I have had to close down my store, my blog, my twitter, my live show for 3 years, my ning site and more. The crafting community on a professional level has gotten a bad taste in their mouth and have found it a risk to work with me due to the constant phone calls and harassing emails that were sent to each company and sponsor I was associated with by these women claiming me as a fraud, as scammer, not sending out products and any other fabricated lie they deemed fit to tell.

They have also claimed all my work to be copyrighted and stolen. They have taken every avenue to to destroy me in order to feed their vicious vindictive childish sick behavior.

My rep, my business and my crafting career has all been compromised.

 She made a post on Linda's wall but deleted it but in the post she called Linda an "Old bitchy bittie". I went in and commented about the post saying "I don't know if I think it is hilarious or sad. Obviously the woman has some issues. Now that you told me her OTHER name I remember her well. She didn't want to cross me because I knew too many people on the Cricut MB and I got my items from her. I know there were others that never did." Not long after this Angela went in a deleted her comment on Linda's wall. 

Now let me tell ya a little story about this woman...A few years back she went by Kelli Holt on the Cricut Messageboard. She wanted to start a business and gathered up some members to help buy in bulk some items so she could get started. She contacted me as asked if I knew anyone would be interested in such a group and since a lot of people on the Cricut messageboard knew me and trusted me she thought it would help her. We all made our orders so she would know how much to order and then sent her the money. I luckily sent via Paypal, sadly some others did not. We waited and waited and waited. Finally when we had enough we all decided we needed to take action and started telling her we were going to file disputes with Paypal and or our banks. At one point the sheriff was called and people were looking into how to file small claims disputes, knowing it was going to cost them more they didn't want others to be victims of scams. She contacted me and told me please allow her to send my items, which she finally did. She didn't want me to file a dispute because she would lose Paypal privileges. She also wanted to me to post and write about how I received my items and she was reputable and I told her I would after all the others received their items or refunded their money, some never did so I would not say she was reputable. And actually I would not have said she was reputable but only said that we all had finally received our items or refunds. One thing she said to me was that she didn't want me saying she cheated me because I had too many people who liked me and it would ruin her.

There is so much to this story and I am too lazy to type it all out but I have some ideas of my own about this whole situation....

If someone wants to know where their product is or they would like a refund then they are not being a bully, they are being assertive. 

If someone goes and leaves a message on another's Facebook wall using derogatory language and comments then that is being a bully. 

If someone is not following through and keeping in contact with their customers then they are being untrustworthy. 

If someone changes their name several times after having bad business transactions, they are not to be trusted.

So I plead to my readers, please be careful when signing petitions, try to find out the whole story before you become part of such movements or  support such people who make themselves out to be a victim. In my opinion the woman has scammed others in the past and has not changed her methods. If she was not scamming, again in my opinion, she wouldn't have changed her name from Kelli Holt to Angela Holt and now to Angie Holt. 

Just remember sometimes when people cry "BULLY" they are actually crying wolf!

***disclaimer: events are factual and therefore no defamation is involved in this post. I type my own feelings and thoughts on my website as well as my own experiences***

I have been contacted by several crafters since posting this on here this morning who have told me they too have been called a bully by this woman. Evidently she has even go as far as hacking into people's accounts and posting things that looks like it was from them. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gift Bag - Pina Colada

Now I told you yesterday that I hadn't tried Mai Tai's and that is totally true, and today I am posting the Pina Colada bag and I can tell you I have had a few of those in my day....maybe more than a few. I do like them but find them a little sweet for my taste but they are still good from time to time.

Supplies Used:
Mixed Drinks Digital Cart
Cricut Craftroom Program
Various Cardstock
Sheer Ribbon
Stampin Up Marker
Various Gel pens
Giftbag from Michaels

The gift tag is the same as on the other bags but I wanted to give you a close up shot of how it looked when I used ribbon instead of the twine. The ribbon is some scrap I had laying around from something *okie doesn't remember if it's from another project or from a gift she might have gotten* and it matched the bag well so I decided to use it. 

Here is a close up shot of the drink. I did a little extra doodling on the pineapple because it was screaming for it *okie wonders if other people's paper screams at them 'PLEASE ADD DOODLING' like hers does and decides it probably does*.

I am really loving the Mixed Drink Cartridge and plan on using it some more!!

Here is a close up shot where you can see the details a little better. Notice the chunky glitter on the drink, it is that dazzle diamond glitter or something like that - I'm too lazy to get up and go find the jar right now to see the name of it. I did get it at Hobby Lobby, that much I do remember. I ran the drink cut upside through my Xyron and then applied the glitter. I used that EK Success Powder Tool I talked about the other day over the cut to get rid of any stray stickiness.

Oh the pineapple ring has mounting foam on the back to add some dimension, as does the umbrella.

I guess I better get busy on some new projects...I have about a hundred ideas running through my head at all times and it's hard to pick just one. And right now I might have problems with finding motivation but I will keep you updated on that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gift Bag - Mai Tai

Here is the Mai Tai giftbag I promised I would post! While I don't think I have ever drank a Mai Tai I think I would like it just because of the name.

Supplies Used:
Mixed Drinks Digital Cart
Cricut Craftroom Program
Various Cardstock
Various Gel pens
Gloss Accents
Giftbag from Michaels

I did  my normal doodling on the project with my white gel pen. I added Glossy Accents to the cherry on the twizzler stick *okie isn't sure what it is called but thinks twizzler stick sounds good*

Where the cuts are for the ice cubes I added some diamond Stickles for a little sparkle because everyone knows ice sparkles.

Here is a recipe for a Mai Tai:
1 oz light rum
1/2 oz creme de almond
1/2 oz triple sec
sweet and sour mix
pineapple juice
1/2 oz dark rum

Pour light rum, creme de almond and triple sec, in order, into a collins glass. Almost fill with equal parts of sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice. Add dark rum, a large straw, and serve unstirred.

After reading the ingredients I am almost certainly positive I would really like Mai Tai's!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gift Bag - Daquari Cut

I posted the margarita gift bag quite some time ago that I snatched from Mel of Courtney Lane Designs, and I got some other ones done and just now getting around to posting them. I am such a loser sometimes!

Supplies Used:
Mixed Drinks Digital Cart
Cricut Craftroom Program
Various Cardstock
MME patterned paper
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Giftbag from Michaels

I stamped To: and From: on the blender gift tag for easier gift giving, and besides that is what Mel had done on hers *okie is such a cheater*. I used a silver gel pen to color the blades of the blender and also add some silver dots on the function buttons.

I used glitter paper for the cut on the drink to give it an icy look. I added some seeds to the strawberry with a black pen and highlighted the straw with a white gel pen. For the flower centers I used some Stickles to add a little sparkle to them *okie believes bling is one of the best things in crafting*.

 I will be posting the Mai Tai and Pina Colada bags this week as well. They are pretty much the same as this one but I gotta get to posting something on this dang website or you folks will think I abandoned crafting!! Yeah, like that would happen! HA HA HA

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Card - Still Diggin Cupcakes!

I was able to get my  hands on another My Favorite Things stamped image! I just love cupcakes, well not to eat but to do for cards, I am just not a cupcake person. I much prefer pie...MMM PIEEEE *okie closes her eyes and daydreams about a huge slice of Coconut Cream Pie*. But anyway, I am still really diggin cupcake images and cuts for use when making cards.

Supplies Used:
My Favorite Things stamp
CTMH Alphabet stamps
Art Philosophy Cartridge
Various Cardstock
Various Pattern Paper
Stampin Up Markers
Embroidery Floss
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Liquid Pearls

The sentiment on the inside was done using Hallmark Studio but the idea was from a stamp I have in my collection. I decided to add a strip of paper at the bottom of the inside to so the inside would look more festive. Okay, I will be honest. I was too cheap to waste the white cardstock and since this card is bigger than an A2 the white didn't go down far enough...THERE I SAID IT! *okie wipes her brow* Man I hate that ya'll make me be so honest sometimes!

The first card I made I threaded the little banner with the floss and it took forever! Once I tried the brads holding the banner together it was much easier and I actually think it looked better than the floss. I added mounting foam behind the banner to make it pop up from the card. The stitching on the little banner made a huge difference in going from plain to HOW CUTE. But ya'll know I am addicted to my inking and doodling methods. I thought about going to rehab for it but...well ya know....I don't want to.

The little girl was very simple to color and didn't take much time, or I didn't take much time coloring her anyway  *okie is prepared for her friend Linda to say "oh I feel sorry for that ugly little girl! I can't stand straight hair"*. Once I got her all colored I added some Liquid Pearls for the sprinkles on the cupcake and I think it added a the something extra the image needed. I liked the dots on the corners as well and seemed to frame it a little better. It always amazes me how something so simple can really improve the looks of a project.

Oh and the little flag that has the stamped "birthday" on it is also from Art Philosophy. I just love that cartridge!!

I wanted to show you this cool little tool. It's an EK Success Powder Tool and it is designed to use to take the sticky off of stickers and such that you are wanting to use in a different manner. Linda and I were talking about how Liquid Pearls are still a little tacky even after drying and how it gets stuck to whatever is laying on top, in our case usually another card, and what we could do about it. I thought about my powder tool that my friend Carmen aka Scrappinbee sent me and tried it. Worked like a charm it did! I just rubbed the brush over the sprinkles and then ran my finger over it and got off the excess. The powder didn't even show up and the sprinkles weren't tacky anymore! I am sure you can just use some talcum powder and not have to get the little tool, I just used it because I had one.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!! I will be posting the other 3 gift bags I was talking about weeks ago and never got posted, the ones decorated with the drinks from the "Mixed Drinks" digital cartridge.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

LOVE - Wedding Card

A very dear friend of mine recently got married and I wanted to make her a special wedding card. She had told me her colors were turquoise and brown so I decided to make the card match the colors of the wedding.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Wedding & George Carts
Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirls & Swiss Dots folders
Martha Stewart Buttefly Punch
Mica Stardream Cardstock
Organza Ribbon
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Michaels Wedding Confetti
Hot Fix Crystals
Sugar Loaf inside sentiment

I looked through my wedding sentiment stamps, which was so easy to do now that I have my stamps all cataloged and organized, and found one that I thought went well with the Cricut cuts I wanted to use. The stamp is from Sugar Loaf See D's and they are no longer in business. I added a few of the wedding flower confetti pieces to help the inside look a little more festive. I used a dot of Liquid Pearls in the centers.

I did a lot of layering on this card and using a thin mounting foam helps add dimension without adding too much bulk. Since I was hand delivering this card at the wedding I wasn't too worried about it being a little thicker than normal.

The top layer of the "LOVE" was ran through the Cuttlebug using the Swiss Dots folder after it was cut with the Cricut. 

You can't tell in the pictures but I double layered the butterflies and then added a small piece of mounting foam under the wings to help them stay up. Hot fix crystals in sizes 3mm and 2mm were added for the body of the butterflies. The charm came from Walmart and I found them on clearance sometime ago and this was my first chance to use one of them.

To keep the ribbon and charm on the card I used some Terrifically Tacky Tape on the bow and the back of the charm.

My friend absolutely loved the card and since she knows I make cards I knew there was no way I would get away with buying her a wedding card! I did make two extra of these to have on hand, you know me...never make just one!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Innocent Mischief - Card Series **DISCLAIMER**

**DISCLAIMER**  If you are easily offended please leave now. If you don't like foul language, LEAVE NOW! If you don't like sexual innuendo's.....GET OUT OF HERE! Now if those things don't bother you...then keep reading!!

I am posting the whole series in one post which I know is unusual for me since I usually do individual posts but this series is different....I AM SELLING THEM!! *okie sees someone in the back faint* Uh, do we need to call the paramedics?? *okie waves for someone to go check on the poor reader in the back that is gonna have a knot on their noggin*.

Yep you heard me... S E L L I N G them! I am very nervous about even trying to sell them since I never think my stuff is good enough to sell and I am wondering did I put all the work into these for nothing. But I do have to share that I have two sets sold, sight unseen! I posted a sneak peek of one of the sentiments on Facebook and BOOM just like that I had a "pre-order" as she called it. I then had another lady contact me and purchased a set! One reason I am selling is that I can use the extra money in the summer time due to my work load going down and another is...well I should try and recoup a little cost of all all the money I spend on supplies *okie thinks paper, but will just keep it at supplies*.

Anyway here is the series, I will post pricing at the end of the post. I used A Child's Year as the main focus of the series along with sentiments that I found online from the SomeEcards site that everyone is loving right now. Oh come on now, surely some of ya'll saw this series coming!! *okie cracks up laughing*

This is the first set in the series and includes 6 cards but I took two pictures. You can click the pictures if you want to see more detail.

This set includes a Christmas card, Friend card and 4th of July Card.

It also includes a male birthday, and two general purpose cards.

Here are close up shots of the cards, click on the picture to make them bigger if you would like.

The inside sentiment reads:

A friend will calm you down you you're angry

But a BEST friend will skip beside you with a baseball bat singing "someone's gonna get it"

Inside sentiment reads:

This July 4th, I'm certainly not above a Jim Beam-fueled "U-S-A" chant

Inside sentiment reads:

I am going to re-gift something special for you!

Inside sentiment reads:

hoping your candles aren't the only thing that get blown this year!

Inside sentiment reads:

I'm outdoorsy...

in that I like getting drunk on patios

 Inside sentiment reads:

I hate when I'm singing a song and someone corrects me.

I'm like...
"Bitch what if I was freestyling."

This is the second set in the series. Again all are using A Child's Year as the main focus.

This set includes a friend, get well and love card.

Also includes a female birthday, Christmas and 4th of July card.

Inside sentiment reads:

I appreciate your friendship so much that if we ever got into a fist fight I'd totally try my best to avoid your face.

 Inside sentiment reads:

Get Well Soon

because your cough is fucking disgusting!

Inside sentiment reads:

If you love someone you should tell them every day because...

You never know when you will find someone better

Inside sentiment reads:

hoping your cake isn't the only thing that gets eaten this year!

Inside sentiment reads:

I want you to have something...

I don't need anymore

Inside sentiment reads:

I'm patriotic, in that I sometimes get astonishingly hammered on only American sounding beers

Each card is made with top quality cardstock and designer papers. Attention has been paid to such detailing as inking and embellishing. Every card will carry the "handmade by okieladybug" stamp on the back. I actually thought about adding "okieladybug...when you care to say you give a shit" but thought that might be going overboard.

I only accept Paypal  and pricing is as follows:
Set 1, includes the 6 cards in the photos - $30, includes priority shipping (please add $5 extra for international shipping)
Set 2, includes the 6 cards in the photos - $30, includes priority shipping (please add $5 extra for international shipping)


Purchase both sets for $55, includes priority shipping...this option saves you $5 and gives you all 12 cards in the series! (please add $5 extra for international shipping)

I had 12 sets available but 2 sets have already sold. Once they are gone they are gone because I will not be making this series again! If you are interested in purchasing sets please EMAIL me for details. Do NOT ask for me to change the cards in the sets as they are already assigned to sets.