Friday, May 29, 2009

It's never going to end!!!

So the painting is all done. HURRAY! BUTTTTT........the flooring can't be done until next week. I have had enough of my house being turned upside down! I am going crazy with crap being in the guest room, hallway, living room and dining room. I just want to get the *beep* back in the craftroom and get on with my life!!

I know I will be glad once it is all done but right now........I JUST WANT TO BURN IT ALL!!

Here is a little slide show of the journey so far....

Friday, May 22, 2009


The painter is coming today! And I am ecstatic!!! Now that doesn't mean I will be able to put my stuff back tonight, or even this weekend, but at least it is a start! I still have to get my tables and computer out of here. I decided not to tear down the computer until they told me for sure they were coming. I have to have my computer for paperwork so I didn't want to tear it down unnecessarily.

I will take pictures and post them of the process!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD! I have no idea why I just busted out into that song *okie shrugs shoulders* I do that randomly though.

Anywho....I am finished at the school until August! WOOT WOOT! Which means I get to sleep in at least 30 minutes longer every morning. I also won't be working as much, which means I won't have as much money *okie thinks to self "like I had any money to begin with"* but I do love my shorter schedules in the summer. If I want to work a full week and then a day I get to take off for four days, or something like that. My scheduling is very odd sometimes, at least to others...I seem to understand it perfectly.

I talked to the landlord briefly yesterday and he is suppose to call his son. Now if he got a hold of his son I do not know since my phone at home went out yesterday and I had to call Southwestern Bell, or ATT, whatever they are calling themselves these days, for them to fix it. Luckily it was fixed rather quickly. I guess I will have to call him again today. But I certainly hope they can start on the painting soon. I am ready for it to be over and done with!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am NOT back...but I need to be, or maybe not

I think there has been some confusion. I am NOT back. I just posted where I have been. I am not sure when I will be back as I am in the hands of the landlord at this point. Didn't that just sound like a line out of a really bad movie? HA HA HA.......but did! *okie waits to hear the dum duh da dum music....but hears nothing....shrugs shoulders* okay guess it was just me that thought that.

I still haven't finished clearing out the craft room. Not that there is still that much stuff, but rather I am just that lazy. Which is kinda bad since I should have made 2 graduation cards before I packed everything up and now I can't even get to my stuff to make any cards so I will have to get, *okie guys get ready to gasp* STORE BOUGHT CARDS!! *okie hears the huge enormous gasp* Told ya to get ready to gasp!

I don't mind giving SB cards at all, because think about it for a is for graduation. What do graduates do? They open the card smile, skim the message quickly and then look for a check or cash that should have fell out when they opened the card. So do ya think 2 years from now those kids will say "Shirley sure spent a lot of time on that card she made me for graduation". NOOO!!! They will say "that cheapskate Shirley only gave me 20 bucks for graduation!". So you see it doesn't matter what the card looks like anyway! *okie cracks up laughin and noddin with a look of 'ya'll know good and well I just spoke the truth!'*

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I apologize for not posting sooner. There is a lot going on around here right now and I promise I haven't made anything new and not posted it.....I just haven't made anything at all. Well to be perfectly honest I have made a huge mess in my craft room, but more about that in a minute. If ya have a few minutes get comfortable and read what has been going on.

First off.....every thing is okay, ju
st very busy.

Where should I start....

house being repainted, process going on. The landlord's wife came to pick up the rent last month and she caught me during one of my quitting smoking mood swings *okie wonders if the poor lady will ever be the same* and she made the mistake of asking "so how is the house". I went off in a tirade about everything they were suppose to have been replacing or repairing in the last few years and never have and how "I will let the house fall down around my ears BECAUSE I ONLY RENT". Anywho *okie says in a sweet voice and a smile*.......they have painted the living room, bedrooms hallway, dining area and kitchen so far. I also got a new stove top *okie had been needing that for about 3 years* which I am thrilled about, maybe now I won't be simmering something and then it decide to go to a roiling boil!! And have other things they are going to fix around here very soon. I guess if I had stopped smoking sooner I wouldn't have had to wait so long to get things done around here! LOL

My niece, her husband, her mom *which is okie's cousin, but niece is actually okie's second cousin but has always refered to okie as that should confuse everyone*, and her little sister came to stay right after the painting because she had to go to a hospital here in town to have her baby. We have a boy. He is a III so they are calling him Trip. Of course it is funny to me because their last name is LeForce so when Trip is about 3 and people ask him his name I can just hear him saying, in that little speech impediment way that 3 year olds have, "Triple Force". When I informed my niece of this she was like "OMG! I never thought about that". Her husband in true male fashion smiled nodded his head as if in pride and said "Man that is cool!". As you can see he is a cutie indeed!

I had the 16th Annual Childrens Behavioral Health Conference in Norman Oklahoma to go to for work. I was able to attend some interesting workshops.......and do a little shopping! And I mean little. I got a set of See D's sentiment stamps at Hobby Lobby. They were marked down from 11.99 to 7.19 and then for some odd reason they took 50% off *okie ain't one to look a bargain gift in the mouth* so I was really excited about that. I really liked all the sentiments the set had, it seemed to cover pretty much occasion. I sure hate that Inque Boutique, the makes of See D's sold out...can we have a moment of silence? *okie bows head in respect*

I also got myself a pair of speedo flip flops at Khols. And of course I spent more money on my daughter than I did myself.....darn kids sure get in the way of things don't they! LOL She was thrilled when I came in with a few new summer clothes for her.

About 10pm I was sitting at my computer and was finishing up a
load of laundry. I hear a BBZZZTTTT from the dryer, and my dryer does not have a buzzer, and then orange flashes from inside the dryer. I was able to act quickly and avoid a fire. *OKIE IS DEFINATELY BLESSED BY GOD*. The dryer and washer now repaired, yes I said washer too! LOL The washer didn't catch on fire, I just figured why not have the repair man fix it too while he was here....if your cam dogs go out, well the darn washer won't agitate like it should.

As you can see by the picture it was the wiring that went bad, likely due to vibrations over the years. It is as good as new now.

May 12th

Landlord came by to pick up rent *yeah it is due on the 1st, I left a check when I had gone to the conference, and the check still hasn't been cashed.......landlord doesn't get in a hurry about anything much I guess* and said his son is ready to come back and finish painting. The craftroom will be getting painted and get a new floor. The bathroom on this side of the house will get a new toilet and sink and also painted. They are going to paint the laundry hallway and laundry area also.

So I don't have a picture of me giving my landlord the check, and not really sure why I would take a picture of that I figured I would at least put this picture of my flooded backyard that was taken that same day. I love the rain because we need it but I am ready for some sunshine for awhile. I don't even know if I will be able to get a garden in this year due to all the rain!! heck this weekend...

I have been trying to get my craft room stuff packed away so it will be ready for paint and flooring. It is a bit of a larger task than I thought. I do have most of my scrap supplies moved already. I have to tear down the computer desk and not even sure where to put it while this part of the house gets redone. I am trying to go through and throw some things away that I don't use anymore or I know I won't use, which is very hard for me. But I will be so glad to get rid of this nasty carpet! *okie totally hates carpet and thinks all carpet should be burned at the stake*

y are going to be redoing the hallway to the kitchen, the laundry area and the bathroom on this side of the house also.

I just hope the
y have it done before the first weekend in June, I have company coming after that!! have ya'll been? *okie cracks up laughin*