Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another cherry card

This one I used scraps on and it is note card size. I used this paper on some other cards I posted before. For the notecards I was able to use the scraps which I love being able to use scraps! I am so addicted to cherries right now! I don't know why I am...I just am! The cherry and sentiment stamp is from the same Stampedeous set. The squares are a 1" punch, 1.25" punch and the SU scallop square punch.

I am beginning to really like making the smaller notecards because they go together really fast and they are a great way to use scraps because they don't require very much paper to jazz it up.

add another candle

I am just lovin Lyrical Letters!! I don't think I really like the paper but I do like the cuts! The paper is Imaginesce *okie knows she probably spelled that wrong and is too lazy to look up the correct spelling* and the cake is with mica cardstock. Of course with mica I have to use the deepest blade setting and the highest pressure but I sure do love the look!

Here you can see where I was able to color the mica cardstock and was pleased that the shimmer still came through. I used SU markers for coloring the candles and then used Stickles for the flames.

Cuttlebug Birthday

I love the birthday cuttlebug folder and then a friend of mine sent me a special set that came with some little embossing sets and one had a birthday cut and emboss stamp set and I came up with this little birthday card. I think it will work great for a male card.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 Star Movie Card

I so totally swiped this idea from Jeannie Phillips on the Cricut messageboard! She is one talented lady, let me tell you! If you have a minute go over and check out her work on her blog at A Place For My Cards or you can also check her out at Win a Handcrafted Card and see if you can't win one of her fabulous creations!

When I saw Jeannie's card I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make some. My sister gives her (grown) sons movie gift cards in their Christmas stockings each year and I thought this card would be great for her to put the gift cards in. I sent Jeannie a message and asked if she minded if I posted a .cut file to the 4 STAR MOVIE CARD on my blog. Being the gracious person she is, she said she didn't mind at all!

I used Plantin for most of the cuts, however I did use Locker Talk for the ticket. If you want to use the file you can just delete the images of the ticket. The file is set to cut 4 at a time. I also just used my trimmer to cut the silver for the back of the film strip. I used a background stamp for the popcorn bucket and then colored in between some of the lines with a Stampin Up marker. I used cat eye ink to do the shading on the bucket, ticket and popcorn. The mats are all labeled for you. There are some extra circles that will cut to help you fill in the popcorn bucket, but you might have to punch or cut a few extra also.

I pop dotted the popcorn and ticket for some added dimension *okie so loves dimension on cards...and layouts...and is glad we live in a 3 dimensional world*. I didn't glue the bucket all the way down so I could slide some "popcorn" in the bucket. I added some stickles to the popcorn just because I thought it might look good and I LOVE STICKLES! Anyone else out there love Stickles? Can I get a HELL YEAH! *okie cracks up laughing at herself knowing that people are rolling their eyes and thinking 'that dang okie ain't got no kinda sense'*. I did use the white Signo pen to do the doodling around the edge of the card.

The saying is generic so it can be used for various occasions. Also the sentiment is completely in one piece so if you want to resize it you can. Just don't forget to resize the stars that go on top also. I used Doodlebug sugar glitter on the stars and then dotted with black diamond Stickles. I also doodled with the white Signo pen on the letters.

The inside envie will hold a gift card. No that is not a movie gift card, it is my Staples Teacher Rewards card! I had to make sure it was the right size and that is the card I pulled out of my purse to use as an example. But it does fit rather nicely with the stars on there now doesn't it. I used some Aileens Tack It Over and Over on the flap of the envie so it will stay close but yet be able to reopen.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good news and bad news....

Bad news.....I didn't get the popup card cut tonight *okie hopes no one realizes that her farming kept her busy*.

Good news.....I will have files for the E using Plantin and the Baby Bug using George!

Will try to get them on here tomorrow!!



I was able to manage to get the Tri-Shutter GBS card .cut file made. Now let me tell you this sucker is a little tempermental so I don't suggest moving anything on the card base around or ya might get the DREADED RED X OF DEATH! *okie knows from experience*. It will only cut one card at a time but at least ya don't have to do all that stinking measuring. The instructions will be the same as the Plantin version.

**WARNING** I did not do a test cut on this file because I don't have my baby bug hooked up. So whoever uses it please let me know if it is working okay!

I will try....

To make a version of the tri-shutter card with George and for the baby bug. Keep your fingers crossed because ya know the dang DS wants to give me the dreaded RED X OF DEATH when I try to drag an image very large.

I am also going to try and get the pop up card done this evening and hopefully post it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tri-Shutter .cut file and instructions

Here are the instructions for the Tri-Shutter card PS. I used Plantin Schoolbook for the cut file and also the Expressions. Since the card calls for a 5.5 x 12 inch piece of card stock for the base the paper doesn't cut all the way to the end, but it is easily clipped as seen in Step 2. I also added extra tabs for multiple or single card cuts. The mats are all labeled *okie hopes she did....she thinks she did*.

1. This is what you end up with once you cut your base. As you can see even the cut lines are there. Not sure if youc an see the score lines in the small picture but if you click the picture and make it bigger you will see that the score lines are there for you.

2. You will need to clip the ends of the card stock since the E only cuts 11.5 inches. But that is no big deal about getting it straight since it is just a small snip that you will have to do.

3. Once you cut your pattern paper this is components of the card you will have. I see now that I missed getting the middle rectangle in the picture, but it is in the cut file. The tabs are all labeled and there is PP1 and PP2 for patterned paper 1 and patterned paper 2.

4. Next you will want to score your card and then fold according to the picture. I know it might be hard to tell in the picture where to fold but you will be able to tell more once you have it in front of you.

5. And here you see how the papers are placed. I inked my edges and added brads before I placed the paper down permanently.

And this is my end product!! I added flowers, inked the edges, stamped flourishes, Stickled the flourishes and I had to hand write the sentiment since I didn't have the sayings I wanted and I was too lazy to do it with the printer. I did use the Stamp Up Tag punches and Keytag punch and I used EK Success oval punches.

I hope you guys enjoy the cut file!!

******Baby Bug Users*****

The file for the baby bug can be found ---> HERE!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coming soon to a Cricut near you....

A tri-shutter .cut file and a pop-up card cut file!

I got both of the .cut files done but I don't want to post them until I get them tweaked and make sure they work okay. I did get the tri-shutter cut tonight and stickles are drying so it will be tomorrow before I post the pictures and such. I am hoping to get the pop-up card cut tomorrow and get it posted also.

I start back to school tomorrow so I won't have as much time to work on things as I have had in the last few months but to be honest I think sometimes I get more done when I am busier. Don't have time to procrastinate then! LOL

Here is the tri-shutter card I made. I will have instructions for it tomorrow, along with the cut file.

Film strip cut files

I had a request some time ago for a film strip that would hold bigger pictures and I made one that will hold 3 x 3.25 inch photos. There was mention about a film strip again today on the Cricut Message board and I remembered I hadn't ever posted my cut file.

The 3 x 3.25 Filmstrip PS will cut two at a time on the expressions, it must use a 12x12 mat and Plantin Schoolbook. The strip will measure 11.5 inches.

The 3 x 3.25 Filmstrip GBS will cut one at a time on the baby bug and must use a 6x12 mat and George and Basic Shapes. This strip will also measure approximately 11.5 inches.

Here is a screen shot of the PS version. The GBS version will be turned the other way but is basically the same cut. I did have to click weld for the objects to show up on the screenshot but they are not welded in the cut file.

Hope ya'll enjoy!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cherry Good Wishes

I got Lyrical Letters today and I had to try it out! I have been drooling over it for awhile and then completely fell in love with it for the saying Cherry Good Wishes. The cut file is set to cut 6 cards at a time. I used George for the scallop rectangle and the mats and Lyrical Letters is used for the "cherry good wishes". I used the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder on the white mat. The white strip is done with the Stampin Up scallop border punch and isn't included it the cut file.

I did cut the stem off the red cuts for the cherries. I used glossy dimensions on the cherries also, though I am not sure you can tell in the picture.

Here is a close up of the saying and I think if you click you can see the glossy dimensions better. I took the picture before the stickles on the scallop rectangle was dry so they aren't showing up quite as well as they do now that they are dry.

Here is a close up picture of the dimensions. I pop dotted the scallop rectangle to pop it off the card a bit. I LOVE DIMENSION!!

Berry Sweet Birthday Wishes

I love that saying and have seen it in several magazines and also on the Cricut message board and I decided to use it. I made a cut file for the Berry Sweet Birthday Wishes card since I had to make the strawberry from scratch.

I used Plantin School book for the strawberry and the mats. I used All Mixed Up for the sentiment. I had gotten a K & Company paper pack that had all kinds of berries in it and I knew it would be great for some kinda berry card. It is set to cut 6 at a time, but you will have to cut the strawberries and leaves twice since I was too lazy to keep copy and pasting the parts for them.

I used the D'vine Swirls Cuttlebug folder on the strawberry and Swiss Dots on the white. I also used the Stampin Up scallop border punch on the white mat.

I used All Mixed Up for the saying.

Here is the front along with the saying inside. I used a stamp from an Inkadinkado cupcake set I had for the inside sentiment. I used Stampin Up Riding Hood Red ink.

Here is a close up of the berry and saying. You can see the detail better. I used diamond Stickles on the swirls and the words. The little round embellies are Robin's Nest embellies adhered with super glue *okie again hears the gasps* OH GET OVER IT! IT WORKS!! *okie cracks up laughin*.

This shows the dimensions better.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My friend Linda came over yesterday to make cards *okie still is wonders why she and Linda don't get much accomplished when they are together* and we had to make a run to the LSS just to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. I saw this duck paper over with the baby stuff and thought immediately about a belated birthday card!

I went back and forth on using either "Awww Duck" or "Holy Duck" and went with the "Holy Duck". I wasn't sure if people would "get it" but I quickly found out that people understood the hidden meaning of "holy duck" because they cracked up laughin when they saw the card.

The duck paper is We R Memory Keepers, not sure what the patterned paper is some that Linda gave me. The "holy duck" is cut out with Printing Press. The sentiment on the inside of the card is from an Inkadinkado stamp that had a snail with it, but it fit nicely for my duck card.

Bright Birthday

I don't really have a name for this birthday card but the paper is very bright, so I am just callin it Bright Birthday *okie shakes her head at herself*.

After making so many small note cards this card seemed huge to me! LOL

The paper is Bo Bunny and I can't remember the name of the line right off hand. The circle sentiment is also a sheet from this line. I used my circle punches to cut out the circles on the paper to use for the sentiments and then used the Stampin Up scallop punch. The balloon brads are some I ordered from Eyelet Outlet *okie highly recommends that company to anyone* they have the most awesome clearance sales and their shipping is like actual trumped up charges. Well at least it was the last time I ordered from them.

I resisted the urge to use brown ink for my edges and used warm red this time. I just thought I would keep the card bright. To me this looks more like a card for a kid because of the colors.

Note Card Set

of 72...that is right...a total of 72 note cards is what I made! As most of ya know I can't just make one of a card, I would rather make 4-6 of a card because to me it just makes sense *okie shrugs*.

I started the note cards as an idea for a birthday gift for a family member and then I thought "dang I will need prizes for my annual Girlfriend Christmas Party so I might as well make some for that". So I did.

Here is the little tin I altered to put the note cards in. Not all the sets have a tin, just one very special set and I can't say who it is for since they might read my blog and it would ruin the surprise. I used a small Tim Holtz tin and I wish I had about 2 dozen more of these but sadly this was my last one! I used a chipboard swirl and covered it with paper and added some bling to jazz it up a bit. The paper is Fancy Pants and the flowers are prima's. I know the ribbon doesn't look like it matches in the picture...but it does in person *okie things photographs are very strange things sometimes*. And yes I used some stickles!

The note cards measured approximately 5 x 3.5 inches so they fit nicely in the tin as you can see here. I had no problem fitting all 12 in the tin and probably could have fit a few more...but 14 or 15 just doesn't seem as nice as an even dozen...and besides...I was running out of ideas!

If you have problems seeing the cards you can click the pictures to make them bigger.

Set 1 -
In this first set I have "cherry hello", "you are the best" and "thinking of you". The papers were mostly from scraps and vary by company. I used the Stampin Up scallop punches on these. Even the "cherry hello" is an SU is called word window. The little cherry stamp is from a Stampedous set as is the sentiment. The sentiments on the other two cards are Studio G's.

Set 2 -
Again I used mostly scraps. The stamps are all Studio G's. The cupcake one is a wood block one *okie knows it will have to be unmounted if it wants to stay in her collection*. I also used some border punches on these. The scallop is Stampin Up, the scallop with dots is Fiskars Threading Water *okie has no idea how ya thread water and thinks it is a ridiculous name for a punch* and the scallop with half circles is a Martha Stewart punch called Apron, I think anyway. The white flower is also a punch, it is EK Success Daisy Whale of a Punch. I double layered the flower and curled the petals slightly for some dimension.

Set 3 -
The "hello" card is probably my least favorite of the bunch. I tried my hand at paper piercing and let me tell you...I NEED MORE PRACTICE! My daughter thought it was just down right ugly! LOL The flowers on the other two cards are from Michaels in the wedding section. A friend of mine sent them to me and I think they are fantastic for little cards. If I remember correctly I think they are about $5 for a little bucket and there is a lot in the bucket! The tag is the Stampin Up tag punch. The pink flower card has the Martha Stewart double lattice punch used on it. I also used the cuttlebug distressed stripes *okie so loves that embossing folder*.

Set 4 -
As you can see there is the card that started it all...the coffee card! It is a My Favorite Things stamp set. The "friends" card has 3 different punches used. I am not sure what the border punch is called but it is a Martha Stewart punch as is the little butterfly. I use that butterfly a lot! The sentiment is the curly label punch. I stamped the image on the green paper and then punched it. I then stamped the image on ivory paper and cut around the oval. The "friends" in the center is from an Inkadinkadoo set I have. Okay WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE LADYBUG CARD?? And if you said "me" then you can leave my blog now! *okie gives mean dirty looks at the crowd lookin for anyone who doesn't love the ladybug card*. My friend ScrapperDelighted sent me a couple of sheets of that ladybug paper and I knew I had to use it! The ribbon came from the LSS that closed down last year. I used several circle punches for the sentiment to acheive the effect I got *okie makes it sound like she planned it the way it looks when in reality she just couldn't decide on what to do and kept punch paper*. The little sentiment is a Studio G stamp.

So as you can see I have been busy afterall! Just too dang lazy to take pictures of each one individually since they are considered a set! LOL


No seriously....I AM! *okie cracks up laughin*

I know I haven't posted anything in awhile but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! I did 6 sets of 12 note cards for gifts. Really....*okie nodding head up and down* I did...I promise! That little dang coffee card in my last post started it all! I will see if I can get those posted this afternoon but right now I have to go check in at the school. I can't believe the summer is over already! But I will be glad to get back to a better schedule...which means more money....which means more scrappin supplies!!

Oh by the way...Who here has a Dream Kuts?? And do ya like it. I am seriously contemplating asking Santa for this for Christmas *okie wonders if Santa delivers early*. I am too cheap to make a full card out of my Stampin Up card stock so I am cutting the pieces into 4 and just using them on white cardstock to do cards *yes...okie does know she is a cheap azz...and okie doesn't care*.

I also have a two birthday cards I will be posting later!!