Sunday, June 14, 2015

Going to Houston!

I've been so busy with work, trying to work extra so I don't have to use vacation time, because I am going to Houston in a few days and I haven't been crafting much. I'm going down to see my friend Carmen again and I say again because I was down there in March for a week. Most of y'all know about Carmen and how we met on the Cricut Messageboard some 7 or 8 years ago and became the best of friends. We talk almost every day and for hours on end and have been for about as long as we met on the MB. 

I chose to go at this time because our friend Lori is having her Craftapoolza *okie knows she spelled that wrong and spell check won't spell it right either* and my friend Donna who use to live in Houston will be in from Saudi and attending the *okie tries to spell the word again 5 different times and gives up* thing so I figured it would be a great time to see several of my friends as well such as Demita and Karen, not to be confused with BFF Karen who was suppose to fly in to Houston but has gotten side tracked with house hunting. 

I'll try to get some pictures of the cards my groups made in the next day or two. They really love making the cards and we do birthday cards every June. I would post more but I got paperwork to do and a list of stuff I need to get together and get in my trunk so I don't forget anything!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

When It Rains...Wall Quote

I'm not sure why my friend Amy has me make wall quotes for her when she has a machine and could cut it herself *okie wonders if Amy is just lazy about weeding*, but anyway she told me the other day she was needed a new quote to go with a picture. She sent me a quote and then told me what size she wanted.

I'm sure it will look a lot better on the wall when applied permanently but of course I couldn't do that for the picture since I have to send it to Amy. I really can't remember what size it is set to in the file you can download and since this is something people would want to re-size for their own use it doesn't really matter. This particular one is approximately 24 inches wide. I had to cut it in two pieces since the height was too tall for a 12" mat. 

I had shared the design on Facebook for Amy's approval and a few people asked about the file so thought I would make it easy and just have it available here instead of having to email it to people. 

Once again if you download please at least leave a comment so I know my files are used. Thanks! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Celebrating Freedom - 2 Page Layout

I have often said to myself, and probably a few others, that I think I enjoy designing projects more than making them. I love to come up with layout designs, whether the idea is in my head somewhere or if I am putting a spin on a sketch I see in a book or online. This particular layout sketch just screamed "I WANT TO BE PATRIOTIC" to me when I saw it online and so I made it what it wanted to be. 

Here is the list of dimensions for the base and stripes:
  • Blue base - (2) 12x12
  • Red stripes - (2) 12 x 1.5, (3) 12 x .5, (1) 8 x .5
  • White stripes - (2) 12 x .75, (2) 12 x .5
  • The photos sizes are suggestions.

The scroll cut is what I will be using for adding my date and journaling when I get ready to cut this layout. 

SVG USERS - Remember to select all and resize to 12x12 if you want the pieces in the size they were designed for the layout. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dear Bill Gates

Dear Bill Gates,

I have been a fan of Microsoft for years and haven't even considered a fruity computer, ie an Apple, but with my recent purchase of a laptop that has Windows 8 installed I am considering some fruit salad for my computer needs.

You see Mr. Gates with your latest wonderful updated program I can't find a damn phucking thing on my computer unless by some miraculous stroke of luck I have been able to actually short cut it to the desktop. Speaking of desktop, why must I have to wade through little screens on the big screen when I turn on my computer to find my phucking desktop?

I understand some people are APP happy but I am not one of those people. I have Apps on my phone and I would like programs on my computer. Maybe this means I am not savvy or chic but I do not care to be, I prefer to find what I want where it is suppose to be and be able to access the things I want with a click of a mouse. But, no, instead I spend 30 minutes scrolling and scrolling back through the phucking red screen only to realize I have to hit the phucking down arrow and then scroll for 2 hours through the little windows to find the program, oh excuse me, the phucking APP, I am looking for. Sometimes by the time I find it, sadly, it is already time for me to go to bed so I can go to work the next morning and then I have nightmares about little windows coming after me.

I often use the Paint program, oh sorry, Paint app, and do you know it actually took me 3 phucking days to find the damn thing the first time! I will say I am quite impressed with myself because now I can usually find it within a minute. BUT, only because of the search feature, or is that an App as well?

I can't remember how to shut down my damn computer half the phucking time. I truly miss being able to click in the bottom left hand corner and a nice little menu coming up and being able to conveniently seeing what program I want to open or turn off the computer.

I could go on and on but I'm afraid if I keep typing I will accidentally end up erasing everything I have typed as that has happened several times and one time I lost half my email contacts because I hit something and I have no idea where they went. But one last thing...I want my old calculator back! Ya know, the little one that looked like a calculator! I hate the phucking whole screen calculator and I was able to get it down to half a screen one time but I didn't like that either.

I hope this letter find you having a terrible day.

who wishes Steve Jobs was still alive and kickin

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Together We Make A Family - Layout

So while digging around in my files I found this layout I made back in January and never posted *okie thinks she should write sticky notes sometimes for her to keep track of her life* and thought I should get it posted in case anyone would want to use the file.

One of my first loves of paper was Basic Grey and while I still love it I have slowed down on buying it because...*okie looks from left to right and then right to left, leans closer, puts her index finger to her mouth and whispers* let's face it, I dont really have much room left for more paper. The papers used in this layout is from their Origins Collection and was probably the first collection I ever bought. 

I wanted to make the tree a little more interesting and stole the idea of using the buttons from my friend Carmen who made me a card years ago that had buttons embellishing the tree on the card. These particular buttons are from the same collection, I believe I have brads for this collection as well. That is one thing I love about collections, being able to have matching embellies and not having to dig through everything to find something that matches. I also thought the buttons were more interesting than cutting a bunch of leaves out of paper...*okie takes a deep breath and ponders for a moment then sighs deeply and hangs her head* okay I'll tell the truth...I was just too damn lazy to cut a bunch of leaves and put them on the tree and branch. Are you happy now? Are you happy that I admit I'm a lazy crafter??? *okie pouts for a second and then raises her head and puts her nose in the air* But you have to admit that the buttons are a very creative idea!

I liked the idea of the title swerving with the tree branch and that took a little finagling *okie is amazed she spelled that word correctly and knows it is correct since spell check didn't underline it* and right now I can't remember exactly what I did to make it curve. I might have adjusted each letter separately and then welded them together. 

I hope someone does use the file because I think it is a nice design. 

If you download please leave a comment of "thank you", "downloaded" or even "kiss my ass bitch" so I know my files are getting used. If they aren't being downloaded then I don't want to go to the time of converting them, uploading them to Google Drive, editing to share and then posting them.