Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kiss the Cook

In my house seeing a man in the kitchen is a rare sight. Okay actually seeing a man in the house is a rare sight...but the kitchen is even more rare! I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of my daughters father cooking supper for us.

This one is a super simple layout but I was able to use From My Kitchen, which I love but rarely seem to use. I also used Don Juan and Indie Art.

After putting the layout together I wish I would have shadowed with either white or light grey for the title. But oh well, what's done is done. I am sure my daughter will just appreciate having some pictures of her father one day and not be worried if mom shadowed the title correctly! But then again with her being MY daughter, she likely will say to herself "I wonder why mom didn't use white or light gray to shadow the words".

I wanted to show a close up of the oven mitt to show you how you can add a little doodling to a cut and make it look so much better! I simply inked the edges, then using a quilting ruler I made faux stitching going on diagonal one way and then the other giving the mitt a quilted look.

You can see where I added faux stitching to other areas as well. The photo corners were done with a Martha Stewart photo corner punch.

I used some metallic paper for the pot so it would have a more realistic look than just using gray paper. I added a little detail with a black marker and white gel pen.

If you do any cooking layouts or recipe books and don't have From my Kitchen, well....ya need to get it! There are some really great cuts on this cart. I think you can probably get it on eBay pretty cheap these days also.

Tomorrow will be my last layout from the Swarm and will be the two page layout I did.


  1. I love this layout! :-) From My Kitchen has been on my "maybe" list for a while now... just not sure I'd use it very much. I didn't know that MS made a photo corner punch! I need to find that!

  2. Very cute! And thank you for telling me how much I really need this cart! LOL

  3. I really like this one. I have been really wanting to do LO's lately, but we have a big family and I keep making cards for family and friends instead. Your darling LO's are inspiring. I love the faux sticthing and the colors you used. The pot looks great and your application of each item is perfect...God bless, Pamela

  4. What a great layout!! Nothing better than seeing a man in the kitchen and knowing what to do there!! :)

  5. Love this layout. We sometimes at the holidays have the men cook and this would be a great layout for that.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  6. What a great Layout Okie! I have this cartridge and have yet to use it... I know SAD! but your layout is inspiring.... maybe I can get something done.... :o)

  7. I love your layouts!!! Why can't I ever think of that!

  8. I do enjoy using From My Kitchen, it also has some nice word art on it. Thanks for continuing to inspire us! BethAnn M.

  9. Another great LO ... I'm thinking you need to go on "strike" more often ... after all, everyone needs a night off from cooking!



  10. I never win at eBay :(
    Love the layout and what you did with it. This would be a great cartridge for a recipe book. I better get shopping.

  11. Great lay out!! I have a man in my kitchen often. Wait before you say I am lucky.. he is looking for food not cooking it!! LOL!

  12. I love the faux quilting on the oven mitt - so clever of you! I am going to scraplift :)


  13. Great LO's Okie. I love Kiss the cook.
    I have this cart but I don't think that I have ever used it.
    Must get busy!!

  14. Cute layout. I've been on the fence about that From My Kitchen cart because I do have several photos of my daughter, granddaughter and I cooking our favorite dishes that my Mom used to make. Just wasn't sure if it had the right images for my photos, but you've convinced me that I need this cart! ;)