Monday, August 23, 2010

Yep...Tigger finally made it!

I have had several comments about Tigger and hoping that he would appear in the Winnie the Pooh Series and of course I could not leave out Tigger!

Tigger was a bit more difficult to put together than the other characters due to his stripes wanting to move around when gluing down. So if you do cut him this small I suggest start at the head stripes and work your way down. I seemed to have better luck with that method.

The patterned paper is Bo Bunny and cardstock is Prism and some other that I had in my stash.

The sentiment was generated in Hallmark Studio and says "Birthday's are like Tiggers....They're a wonderful thing!" Which I thought was pretty clever since I couldn't find a direct quote from Tigger concerning birthdays.

I used the 5x7 dot Cuttlebug folder for the white mat behind Tigger and added some red eyelets in the corners. I also used the Numbers Cuttlebug folder on the blue strip of paper. You can't really see it too well but it does look nice in person.

I do have to share a little story about my daughter and this card. When my daughter saw the card she started saying "T-I-double-guh-err" and then started singing "Tiggers are wonderful things. Their heads are made of rubber, their tails are made of springs ". I asked her how she knew so much about Tigger and she said "I have the movie Mom!!" and then proceeded to tell me I got it for her which I do not remember but if she says I did then I am sure I did. I just don't remember her watching Winnie the Pooh. Now all the other Disney movies yes...and I can still talk and sing along with quite a few of them. I guess my friend DCDoll is right, she texted me not long ago and told me I suffer from CRS! *okie wonders if everyone knows that means okie has the affliction of 'can't remember shit'*.

Tomorrow will round out the series since I ready to move on to something else. I had planned to do some of the other characters but I need a little break for Pooh and his friends for a little while. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my last card in the Winnie the Pooh series!


  1. Tigger's my favorite! Love this card Okie. And don't worry - I also have CRS.......


  2. CUTE! LOVE tigger! They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
    LOL! Love that song, but now it's gonna be rattlin' around my head all day, rats.

    Another great card Okie :)

  3. "CRS"? Really? That's hilarious! I'm gonna have to borrow that term from you :D

    And oh, yeah, love this new card and the layering too - I need help with that. TFS as always!

    hugs, MelodyR

  4. I love it!!! Tigger is my fav. When my BFF youngest was little that's what I called him 'cus he bounced everywhere!!! And I suffer from CRS also!! :)

  5. Tigger is my Favorite out of all the Characters! He's funny and silly just like you Okie! :o) I really like how this turned out.. Heck they all turned out AWESOME! :o) And don't worry... I too have a bad case of CRS! :o) I think we ALL Do! LOL

  6. As soon as I saw the card I started singin in my head that tigger's are wonderful things!! Thanks OKIE!!

    Jenny Kozar

  7. This card makes me want to bounce!! Love it!! It's fun FUN F*U*N!! TTFN

  8. Ohh this is sooo cute...Tigger looks sooo happy. TFS!

  9. I love, love, love this series of cards Okie.
    My three year old Grandson loves pooh.
    I need to get my Pooh cart out and get busy!

  10. Okie...your Pooh and friends cards are sooo cute. You did a great job on them!!!

  11. Just love your Winnie and friends cards, all of them. Found your blog on cricut circle, I am happy that I did. Your work is amazing. Thank you

  12. Love you card! Tigger is my Favorite. Wish I was that energetic ;)

  13. Love this! As soon as I saw the pic of Tigger that same song started going through my head. TFS!

  14. Piglet is my favorite, but Tigger really makes me laugh. Your sentiment is so clever.

  15. Hi Lady - been following your blog since I became obsessed with paper crafting, but this is the first time I've posted - I think - I'm pretty sure I've got CRS so I might have posted yesterday and don't remember!!
    Love all your great ideas! Keep em comin'!!

  16. Ohhhh Noooo! The Pooh series is about to end? (*sniffle*) Well, I can understand how you might need a break ... working with the same cart can become a bit tiresome, but I do hope you will carry on ... I was really hoping to see what you would do with the Baby Pooh characters too.

    Oh, and before I forget, I love this card. If you struggled with the stripes on Tigger, it sure doesn't show, he looks just as adorable as he should. I can't help but think how cute he might be holding a couple of balloons too. There's sure a lot you can do with these characters, isn't there!



  17. Great card Okie! I love this series and ALL your cards. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I suffer from CRS too....

  18. I just love when my girls remember something happy from their childhood, for just a few seconds it is that feeling I did something right, that feel good inside feeling, you know the one they give you every 5 years or so, now what was it we were to blog about, (CRS) oh yes Pooh cards, kidding aside, love all of them, and love your website.

  19. I have been lovin' all these Pooh cards!

  20. Tigger was sooo worth the wait!!!
    It's simply A double D-ORABLE!!!!
    I hope Roo is next!

  21. I love Tigger - your card is great! This week's been crazy so I'm getting caught up on your fabulous creations. :)