Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nope it's not Piglet..... really is. I was going to try and shake things up but to be honest at the time I am typing this post I am tired and about ready to go to bed so I don't have anything to put in the place of this next Piglet's a Piglet today!

When I saw Piglet cut I thought it would be cute if he was holding a present, and luckily there is a present on the Pooh and Friends cartridge!! *okie thinks she is so lucky to find these little things out so she doesn't have to switch out carts while cutting*. I did have a booger *okie giggles because she said booger* of a time cutting the present and I am beginning to think that cutting with the Cricut is much like sewing.

My mom use to tell me "when you keep having to rip out stitches it's time to put it away for a little while". So I need to keep telling myself "when you keep ripping the paper it is time to put it away for a little while".

Since the cut is rather large I had very little room to embellish the card so I thought embossing the mat that Piglet is on would be a great way to add something extra to the card. I used Cuttlebug Happy Birthday word folder for this purpose. I also lightly inked the paper so it would show up just a big more.

The patterned paper is double sided Bo Bunny and actually some I had left over from a Valentine's project *okie so loves using scraps*.

And if you are wondering if I had a hard time finding a quote.....the answer is of course YES! I really couldn't find any direct birthday quotes from Piglet so this is just another one that I thought would do for the situation.

I bet no one wants the .cut file for the Piglet cards *okie wonders if her .cut files even get used anymore* but I will post the download anyway. So if ya wanna make your own Piglet cards you can download the file here ----> PIGLET BIRTHDAY CARDS.

For the Gypsy files click here -----> PIGLET BIRTHDAY CARDS GYP


  1. I love how you inked the embossed gave it the perfect showcase. Piglet is so stinkin' cute! I've really enjoyed your Pooh cards! I love making cards myself with this cartridge!


  2. I do love your sense of humor! It is always fun to read your posts! You did a great job on the piglet and present card!
    p.s. I would use your cut files if I had the cart. Thanks for sharing!

  3. love it - love it - love it!! Did I say I love this? Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jenny Kozar

  4. Okie - another winner!!! Love the colors and again, the sentiment is perfect! I would certainly use the cut files IF I had the cart! So don't stop with the cut files - PLEASE!!


  5. This is so adorable! I just love piglet and I am going to download the cut file and try it out. I really love the paper that you used. I just love it when I can use up scraps too! Great card!

  6. I use several of your files all the time. The tri-fold shutter card is one of my favorite cards and now with your cut file, I use it a lot! Also love the waterfall card. Having your cut files makes our lives so so easy! I have liked all of your Pooh cards but don't have the cart. : ( Keep up the good work! Now if you could just come up with a swing card cut file, I would be in heaven. ; ) Thanks Okie for all you do!!!!!!!

  7. Of Course your CUT files get used! We LOVE LOVE LOVE them (and you) and totally appreciate all your hard work and that you share with us! I'm sure you were just tired when you were thinking that. Rest up and take care of yourself.

  8. Hi Okie, I love your Piglet cards. They are so cute!
    I couldn't open the gypsy files but I am still at the cabin. I have to get together with my son. He helps me with all mac stuff.
    Hey if you get a chance you have to see what I caught yesterday. Oh and I don't go to many picnics. Well, unless everything is just right.LOL

  9. Hi Okie
    May be is my 1st time wrote on your blog but I read your newsletter always. When I saw Piglet Card i smile... Yesterday I arrived from Disney celebrating my Birthday.
    I love all Disney caracthers.
    Beautiful card, great job!


  10. I like it! Keep the Pooh and friends cards coming. I may have to get this cartridge yet!


  11. Love this one too! I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creations.

    I've downloaded the gypsy files for this series and am hoping to give these a try once I get caught up on my other projects. :)

    Thanks Okie!

  12. Thank you for sharing, you're the best! Cute! Cute! Cute!

  13. How adorable your Piglet is!!! You are doing some awesome cards here!!! :)

  14. Wonderful Card! I love the paper and the inking and the embossing and well the whole card! :o)
    The sentiment is perfect too! Thanks for the cut file as well! :o)

  15. I love your Piglet cards! Keep up the great work! I am loving to check every day to see what is next in this series!

  16. I love these Pooh cards! I think I will have to get my Pooh cartridge out myself!

  17. OMGosh, this is sooo, so CUTE! I LOVE the colors. You are awesome!

  18. Yes, some of us do not have gypsies yet!!!I really appreciate that you do both files for us!
    That sentiment is a cute one for this card. I LOVE piglet! And, even though I have had the Pooh carts since they first came out, I am enjoying seeing what you do with them. Keep it up!! I am thinking Tigger has to be next!

  19. another great one in your series! Love the embossed background.

  20. I just love piglet!!! and your card came out so good!! you did a great job as usual!!!!! i just love coming here to see whats next!!!

  21. Thank you for sharing. I use your cut files! I haven't been able to get a gypsy yet so please continue to share your cut files. Thanks!