Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies...Delivery Tag

My daughter is likely in her last year of Girl Scouts so this year is really special for us, even though the troop isn't as active as it use to be I try to take pictures of what I can and do little special things. Right now is cookie delivery time. We will be delivering cookies tomorrow and I thought I would make something a little more special than the index cards I usually do to tag the bags *okie laughs at herself because she rhymed.....and then wonders if it is stupid little things like that that causes her daughter to call her a nerd*.

Anyway here are the delivery tags I made. I didn't use any Cricut *okie hears the gasps in the crowd*. OH JUST CALM DOWN!! I am sure you guys don't always use the Cricut do you? Now be honest...DO YOU?? Well okay maybe you do. But I have an excellent reason for not using any Cricut...tonight was LOST!! *okie thinks that trumps just about anything*

-Tags, premade
-Sentiment stamp is Inque Boutique *okie is still in mouring over the company going out of business*
-Circle Punch, EK Success
-Scallop Circle Punch, Stampin UP which is also made by EK Success
-Grosgrain ribbon is brown
-Printed paper is something Girl Scout, I think made by K & Company but don't quote me on that
-Jute for the string
-Stampin Up Chocolate Chip for doodling
- Glitter pen for adding dots of glitter and glitter to the heart
- Mini Skittles dyed with Tim Holtz alcohol inks, I think maybe the color is ginger

This shows the back of the tag. I used removable adhesive so we can take the printed paper off and double check the boxes and it will also act as a way for us to make sure we got the money from the people who bought cookies. I also did the removable so people can reuse the tag for something if they wish to do so.


  1. They are so cute Okie!! I remember those girl scout cookie days with my daughter. Lots of fun. TFS


  2. SHUT UP! (not literally) That is so stinking cute!

  3. sin of sins Oakie - no cricut!!!
    Bad girl, but your tags are gorgeous

  4. LOST overrides everything but last night was totally lost watching that show. When will it end.

  5. SO CUTE!! Great idea!! I am sure your customers will love them too!! Nice work!!


  6. Okie, love your tags and I know what you mean about Inque Boutique. I sold their stamps at the store and loved them. I only have a few sets left and do not have the heart to reduce them out!!!

  7. DO NOT let my cookie customers see these! They're getting their cookies today - in a plastic grocery bag! No tages attched!
    Those are so cute!

  8. This is what makes you a truly exceptional mom! These tags are just darling and so professional. I should've ordered cookies from you! They are so fab that I'll forgive the lack of Cricut:o)

  9. I guess we have been doing this too many years, my daughter is a Cadet, sorry, no fancy tags here LOL They are VERY cute!

  10. Heidi my daughter has been in since 2nd grade and she is now a Junior in HS..figured I better go out with a bang! LOL

  11. I have never received a tag or card with my cookies! I think these are adorable and your daughters customers are blessed to have such a cool Girl Scout Mom.