Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a quick note...

I haven't posted anything in almost a week. There is a reason. A very good reason. At least I think so. I decided to stop smoking. Not for health reasons....the way I figure it we are all gonna die anyway and I enjoy smoking. The reason I decided to quit is that I am too cheap! I went to buy a pack of cigarettes last Wednesday and the price had jumped from $3.28 to $4.55. I left the store without buying a pack and haven't bought any since then.

SOOOO...right now I am still going through some withdrawals. One of the times I loved to smoke was when I was at the computer so I am trying to avoid the computer most of the time right now.

I hope to be back creating and posting soon.


  1. Good for you! I hope you will stick with it. Yes, we are all going to die, but might as well make the years that you have pleasant years.

  2. Good for you Okie!!! Stay strong and spend the money on craft items instead of smokes :-) I know I need to stop smoking also (have 4 times in the last 3 years). Look forward to seeing your next post as a nonsmoker ;-)

  3. Good for you, even it is because you are "cheap"! I always tell my dad when he says "cheap", I say "frugal"! Any reason to quit smoking is a good reason.

  4. Good for you! I had to stop talking on the phone when I quit several years ago. After the initial withdrawl, it definitely got easier. Can't wait to see your first creation as a non-smoker!

  5. That's awesome that your kicking the habit. Withdrawals are totally normal. I've heard drinking grapefruit juice helps. Something about the taste. I don't know. Good Luck!!! I know you can do it. Keep us posted but if we don't hear from you we understand why.

  6. Great job Okie! It's hard... I know because I kicked it. Stay strong and think about all that money you can spend on stamps, ink, cartridges, paper, bling, Signo pens, etc, etc. So much more fun than ciggies!!!

  7. that is great, okie!!! more money for the craft toys and shiny new things! Wishing you the best and success in quitting!

  8. Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!! I quit 10

    years ago and have never looked thing I have ever done for myself :) Things will get easier as time goes on. You are right to avoid "trigger" things for awhile.
    Good luck!!!!!!

  9. Okie I'm right here with you.

    I quit to refusing to pay the new tax. Misery loves company so complain away.


  10. Hang in there, Okie!
    looking forward to seeing your posts again soon!

  11. good for you, wow what a big price jump they made.

    Ooo think about all the cool craft stuff you can buy instead of cigarettes.

    I wish you succes while stopping, I know it is hard in the beginning, but as time goes by, it wil get easier. My DH stopped over 20 years ago, he went cold turkey and never smoked again.

    Hug Linda

  12. Bless your heart! I know how hard it is, Okie! I too am a smoker and I also enjoy it. Right now, still putting up with the price increase but maybe I will quite someday soon. Will keep you in my prayers and I am SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

  13. Take as long as you need Okie, we will all still be here to cheer you on! It will be a great reward in the end!

  14. I quit on Halloween 2004 after a bad hangover left me not wanting anything near my mouth for 2 days. What helped me was that I would chew a piece of gum when I would normally smoke. Not nicotine gum, just regular gum. The act of getting the piece out of the pack was the same as a cigarette for me, especially if it was the gum that comes in the little flip top boxes. I often found myself "packing" a pack of gum, but hey it worked. Haven't smoked since.

    My husband is right now taking Chantix with some success.

    Good Luck!

  15. Congrats Okie! Prayin for you!!!

  16. Good for you. I know we all die sometime but a nice lady like you shouldn't die the painful way most smokers go. You are too thoughtful and giving. God Bless

  17. Way to go Girl
    I know how hard it is...I quit 1 year ago in feb 08...and there are days that are still very hard for me...the price is what keeps me from them...Some tips
    start a good eating habit...and lots of walking
    and take alot of deep slow breaths
    it really helps.....
    Good Luck to you Okie
    Your in my thoughts

  18. Okie

    I will keep you in my prayers and I hope you can continue to not smoke. My husband smokes (camel non filters!) and I know how hard it is for him because he has tried to quit many times. Although I don't smoke, I have my own addiction to fast food, its sooo hard, and I desparately need to cut back for my health too. Hang in there hold on tight. You can do it!


  19. I am a smoker and I am so proud of you!!! I love you blog and your cut files. Thank you so very much for sharing all of them with everyone. I saw a picture of one of your nugget boxes and fell in love with it. If you still have that cut file I would like to have it. Again Hang In There on the not smoking. I've tried before and it was very hard for me. Sounds as thou you are doing it. Thanks in advance for the cut file.