Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You guys know how I rave about Jet Pens

and it is where I purchase my white Signo UM 153 pens...well.....

I WAS FEATURED ON THEIR WEBSITE!! How exciting is that!! I made a project for their website and they featured it in the Penpedia section.

If you would like to make a card like this you can find the instructions for the LAYERED IMAGE CARD at Jet Pens. While you there check out the prices on their pens, personally I don't think they can be beat! They have lightening fast shipping and wonderful customer service!


  1. Congrats!!!! Perhaps they will ask you to do a monthly spot??? And give you FREE pens for LIFE???
    and they sure picked the right person!!! You always use their product AND get so many others to order from them then fall in love with the pens.

  2. wtg Oakie, it's a beautiful card

  3. WTG, Congrats.
    There you go enabeling us again!!! LOL

  4. Wow Okie! Congrats that is great...I always love seeing what new things you come up with
    God Bless You Always <><

  5. Hey that is awesome!! I have two white pens and i'm so unhappy w/them now. Especially the one i bought from SU last year. They're starting to clog up! :(

    I would love a nice/clean writeable white pen. *sigh*

  6. Okie that it soooo great. Congratulations you are such an ARTIST!! -- Kathy Wyatt (luvs Raggedy).