Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poodle Skirt

I had made this file of a POODLE SKIRT some time ago to use on a LO of my daughter. By the time I did the LO I had forgotten about the file!! *okie cracks up laughing at herself* So maybe someone else can use it.

I used George to make the file. The little cuts to the right are the belt and buckle. Of course you can place the poodle where ever you want. I had planned on just hand doodling the leash or using some kinda string when I was going to use it.

Wouldn't the poodle be just adorable flocked!!


  1. Thank you for this skirt - I think I can use it with PDDU or even make a 50s card!


  2. What a cute itdea! Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate it. GailHeinecke

  3. thank you so much having sister 50th anniversary and was hunting all over for a poodle skirt thanks from my heart.

  4. This is perfect for a scrapbook page of my mother and aunt in the 50's. Thanks so much!

  5. That is so cute, I am new to your site, can someone tell me where to click to download tis cut fiel, maye I am looking right at it, but I can't see it, dumb blonde here