Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gusset Square Envies

There are two sizes on this GUSSET SQUARE ENVIE. I did one for a 5 inch card and one for a 6 inch card. They are actually a little larger than actual 5 and 6 inches but I didn't want them to be too snug. The card in the picture is actually 5 1/8" square and it fits in there fine. It might actually hold up to a 5 1/4" card.

This file does require Plantin Schoolbook and the Cricut Expressions because of the size of the cut.

Here is the envie with the card all the way in and then closed. This will require extra postage because it is square. *okie things the post office just thinks of ways to nickel and dime us but she still loves the United States Post Office*

Step 1 and 2

Step 3 and 4

And you're done!! Some how this one seems easier than the other one but maybe it is because I didn't take as many pictures.


  1. Another cut that will make my life so much easier! Thanks!

  2. I think that envelopes look so classy with a liner. Thanks for the cut file. I make a lot of cards and wondered what you use for adhesive for the flap? I wish there were an envelope glue out there that was similar to what the Envelope makers use. Is there?

  3. Thank You Okie, I have been wanting a square envelope, now I can make a square card.

  4. Thanks you so much Okie, I also love to make square cards. "Nana Donna thinks Okie is truly amazing"