Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some things I will never learn

About cutting my own hair....

1. it is a bad idea
2. requires my contacts being in and the lights being on
3. should be done with clean wet hair
4. makes my arms tired about half way through
5. should not be done with Cutterbee scissors
6. requires steel guards on my fingers if I don't want to have blood in my hair
7. the back of my hair is almost impossible to cut straight

I am sure I could think of a few more but the above are very important lessons. I doubt that I will ever learn them though. I now have something on my head that looks like a cross between Tina Turner and a football helmet. *okie sighs and thinks she just needs to stick with cutting paper*

I thought I would post pictures of my haircut for those who are curious to what happens when you cut your own hair. Yes I am smiling because ya know's will grow back!! ROTFLMAO I am hoping I can maybe style it a bit better next time and get a decent lookin hairstyle from this mess I did. And if I don't...well let's just say I know where the scissors are! HA HA HA

It is really hard to get a good picure of the back of
your head when you are taking the picture yourself. I am just glad I am not the one who has to look at the back of my head! I took a few shots but they were worse than this one. You can't really tell how bad the back looks in the picture because of the angle and my hair is flipped on my shoulder.....but that might be a good thing ya know!!

And this is what happens when
you are not careful while cutting your hair. If anyone wants to say that Cutterbee scissors are not sharp....I will be willing to argue! I actually thought about getting some superglue and gluing my skin together. But I am hoping for a nice scar so it will remind me NOT to cut my own hair again! *okie knows there isn't really a chance of that happening because she is the worlds worst about grabbing some scissors and choppin on her hair...and if there weren't any scissors available she would likely find a knife to do the job*


  1. Oh Okie I can relate to this post soo well. But i never learn i still do it time after time (gives me more money to spend of craft if i don't pay for it to be cut )

  2. Girl! There are just some things better left to professionals! You are a pro a cutting paper... let someone else cut the hair! I learned that a long time ago after a home haircut gone terribly wrong! I showed my mother where I wanted her to cut it... I was thinking BELOW my fingers, and she somehow translated that as ABOVE my fingers... I'm still recovering...

  3. rofl - only you Oakie, only you lol
    I've left a little something over on my blog for you

  4. Okie needs a flowbee LOL

  5. Okay...if this makes you feel any better...
    I think your hair looks FINE! I got my hair cut by a pro 3 months ago and she gave me a Billy Ray Cyrus hair cut...sometimes maybe it is better to do it yourself! :)
    You look great (and craft great) no matter what your hair looks like!

  6. Well if you lived close to me we could make a trade I would cut your hair and you could cut some paper for me. I seem to be working too much lately and no time to scrap. I better not complain as so many people have no job. Spent my earnings on scrap:)

  7. SUNNIEDAY!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BROUGHT UP THE FLOWBEE!! I was thinking about that after I cut my hair!!

  8. I think you did just fine, Okie!! I love the haircut! Besides, you are too cute no matter what!!! Hugs!

  9. Okie, My 11 year old son thinks your hair looks good. He also asked if your daughter is single. LOL! He thinks she is cute. He was reading over my shoulder as I checked out your blog. He always makes me feel good when I do something like cut my own hair. :)


  10. I too used to cut my own hair, the arms getting tired is the worst. You think, oh yeah, all I have to do is....... and notice, it is so easy when you are just doing it with your fingers, well, the scissors is the big mistake, it just doesn't do as well as the finger thing did LOL. anyway, now I find that when I start putting my short hair in pony tails with my hands, that it is time to go and get it cut. We have clippers now, and that is really dangerous when doing your hair. LOL, take care Okie, Love all of your work.

    Sharon, Vancouver, BC