Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cricut Explore VS. Cricut Mini

Okay there really isn't even a comparison here...seriously! But since I did own a Cricut Mini I am gonna discuss it anyway *okie is wondering just how short this versus post will be*. I acquired the Cricut Mini on the second Cricut Cruise I went on and it was something I never considered buying. 

I really didn't get the concept of the machine and maybe it was because I really loved my Expression and being able to cut 12x12. I know some people were excited about the size of the machine because they felt it would be easier to take to crops and such but if I remember correctly it was difficult for a lot of people due to the requirement of having to be connected to the internet to use it and not all venue's had internet capabilities. 

Now I will say the Mini did cut great and it was more quiet than the Expressions when cutting. I know it even cut glitter paper quite well. The small size of the machine was nice and it was easy to store. After using it a few times I put it away and went back to my Expression. I ended up donating the Mini and the mats to a school teacher I know.

As for comparing it to the Explore, like I said earlier, there is really nothing to compare...EXPLORE WINS. I guess I can say the Explore wins because of the superior cutting abilities, the quietness of the machine while cutting, ability to cut 12x12 material, cutting a wider variety of materials and yada yada yada. And even though I hate to admit it the Cricut Design Space program is easier to use than the Cricut Craftroom program and so far I haven't had as much problem with the internet connection as I did with Cricut Craftroom but that maybe due to me only using Design Space for cutting and not designing. 


  1. So glad you are doing this comparison of the Explore to other Cricuts. I have been considering an Explore for Christmas.

  2. Yeah, I never got this machine as it never even began to interest me as something I had to have. Like you Shirley, I never liked the Cricut Craftroom program (which I called something else in the last post by mistake). I never got the concept of this machine either because of the internet thing. Now all crop places have access to internet, so this machine never interested me. So there for I can't even say anything bad about this machine,lol. I only know there is no way it could EVER compete with the Explore. Design Space is so much easier to work with than Cricut Craftroom for me, it is just more user friendly to me. I've not had any problems yet either with it and because I love the Explore I will happily use it as long as it continues to perform well and they continue to improve upon it. Love these comparisons Shirley, it good for people to see the differences in these Cricut machines so they know which machine will work for them! Hugs, Brenda

  3. I love you posts Okie!!
    If I knew anyone that was out to buy an explore I would send them to your blog and tell them to read these posts
    I never had a mini, but after the expression I never wanted anything that was smaller.
    Thanks for these comparisons on all these different machines
    . Anyone that knows you at all would know these are your true and honest opinions.
    I can't hardly stand it though when I read these post because it makes me want an explore right now.

  4. yep, had to have it too because it was a good price...Guess around the time it was getting fazed out. Still using my original Expressions...sold the mini when I moved. Keep up the good work..:)

  5. Can't say that I jumped on THAT bandwagon. Didn't interest me for the simple fact that it didn't cut 12x12. After having that capability, why downgrade (in my eyes). Shirley, what are your thoughts on the Explore and Explore Air? Am I correct in saying that the only difference is that the Air has built in WiFi capability? Because other that that, I hope it would all be the same. Like I said in my last post.....temptation for a purchase is setting in and Black Friday offers are making my drool.....hahahahahahaha

    1. The only difference is that the Air has the built in bluetooth. I have the adapter on my Explore and I love not having another cord to deal with in my craft area.

  6. Yep, I have the Mini too. I'm not even sure why I got it, except that I was able to get it for an excellent price at the HSN Outlet store (this store has since closed in my area). I liked the idea of an 11x8.5 mat size, but the mats are extremely difficult to find now. I do not like using Cricut Craft Room at all, and the Mini doesn't even have a slot to insert a cartridge, so you can't use it as a stand alone machine. At least it does works with a Gypsy. To be honest, I've never even used it. I already had a Baby Baby Bug and an Expression, why did I buy something I just didn't need? I should have thought that through a little more carefully!

  7. Thank you for the update! I do have to admit I totally forgot about the Mini!

  8. i used my mini quite a bit for small jobs and yes, it was alot quieter. but for bigger jobs i needed the 12" mat. i still have mine but haven't powered it up in over a year.