Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Celebration Giveaway!!!!

So yesterday I finished my series of comparison posts and to celebrate I am going to do a giveaway. I am feeling a bit generous and after much contemplation about what to giveaway I have decided to give away....

Go ahead and do a double take...yes that is a picture of a Cricut Explore Air!

Why am I giving away a Cricut Explore Air? Well simply because I believe in the Explore. I love this machine. I think this is the best cutting machine on the market at this time. So yep, that is why. 

Usually when I do a giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment but this time you are gonna have to work for it a little bit, just because I feel like being a little mean *okie gives a little evil laugh*. Okay, seriously I just want to make sure who ever wins is someone who reads my posts and isn't just coming here to enter a giveaway.

1. Enter only once, remember I have to approve comments so your comment might not show up immediately, be patient as I will approve comments periodically as my time permits.
2. Comment entries must be submitted no later than Midnight Friday Novemember 27th, 2015.
3.  Answer each of the following questions correctly.

  • 1. In the Cricut Explore VS. Cricut (baby bug) post what was the image in the screen shot?
  • 2. In the Cricut Explore VS. Expression post what did I say was unnecessary to me on the Expression?
  • 3. In the Cricut Explore VS. Expression 2 post where did I say the 2nd E2 I owned came from?
  • 4. In the Cricut Explore VS. Cricut Mini post who did I say I donated the Mini to?
  • 5. In the Cricut Explore VS. Pazzles post where did I say the Explore beat the Pazzles hands down?
The winner will be announced Saturday November 28th. Good luck everyone!!!