Sunday, November 15, 2015

3 Flower Card Challenge Projects

Sometime ago I use to post card and layout challenges and a lot of people always wanted me to post them and wanted to participate but then when the time came only a few participated and then it got to where no one participated so I stopped taking the time to make a design, make a post, etc etc etc and it looks like this might be my last card challenge. Since I did have a few people participate in the last card challenge but thought I would get the pictures of the cards up that were posted or sent to me.

My friend Avra made two cards for this challenge. I like how she used some of the Stampin Up flower punches in place of the flowers in the file. I have the same punches and they are some of my favorites. The "hello" is also from Stampin Up if I remember correctly.  

On the second card Avra made she took a Christmas spin on the design and used snowflakes in place of the flowers. I really love the look she got with all the different patterned paper. 

This card was done by my friend Kathy and when she posted hers I hadn't finished mine yet and I thought about not finishing it because I didn't want to post mine along with hers! I love all the colors in Kathy's card and the embellishments are just gorgeous. 

For my card I used Graphic 45 Le Cirque papers. I used the flowers from the file and like how the turned out. I curled the petals a little to give them a little dimension. As I was laying the card all out after getting the base pieces done I thought "Oh dear God this thing looks like a crayon factory exploded!" Once I got done and had the large white piece for the sentiment in place I felt better about the card. 

I'm not sure if and when I will post another card challenge. It's getting close to the holidays and I have some other things I need to work on and might not have time to do some designs. 


  1. Thanks for doing these last couple of challenges! I know I am guilty of not participating the previous times you did them, so I understand your frustration. I always save the svg files you share though, and try to get around to using them all!. For some reason I was motivated to get cards made for the last two challenges, and hope you get around to doing more sometime!

  2. Oh - the "hello" in my first card was cut with a die (don't remember whose but I could figure it out if anyone was interested), and heat embossed.

  3. I feel so lucky. I'm published! Lol- Kathy Wyatt

  4. Thank you for sharing all the amazing creations! I appreciate the time and effort everyone has put into creating their designs.

  5. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing your creativity.