Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cricut Explore One - Black Friday

If you are wanting to get an Explore and can be satisfied with the Explore One then ya might want to jump on the deal that Walmart is having! This was just posted today!

It's a great price for a great machine! If later on you decide you want to go wireless you can always get the bluetooth adapter separately. It does seem to come with the ablity to use pens if you want by using the accessory adapter that is included. 


  1. Oh I want one so bad, and really it is all because of you!!! I was fine with my expression and Cameo until you did that review. The fine cutting is what interested me. I knew you was honest and not saying what someone else wanted you to say. I will get on but probably not until after I pay for this surgery I am about to have which will be long after Christmas.....LOL

  2. where did you find this ad? because I can't find it online. I want to refer this ad to a friend who wants one. we are in the SF bay area, maybe the ads are different out west!


  3. I love all those cards... Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Hugs