Monday, December 3, 2012


I only have two days before my first guest arrives at the airport and I can still think of a ton of things I would like to get done before they start arriving but I think I have run out of time!

I worked on weekend on finishing up getting items ready for the games and I can officially say that everything I need for each game is ready to roll. That is ahead of my regular schedule! I am generally hunting around the Friday before the party to find a few more supplies but I was on it this year.

Where I am failing is that I still need two more prizes and still need to wrap a few others! I can the completed ones in boxes and just wrap them later. I am having problems thinking of two more prizes to make. Well I can think of several but due to time constraints it's just not possible right now so I guess I will try to whip a few things together before heading to the airport on Wednesday evening.

Okay back to work...gotta get some paperwork done tonight before I get fired from my job! LOL

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  1. Let's see, since its now Fri. morning the festivities are in full swing! I hope you enjoy the time with your friends and have a fabulous party! Sounds like a blast and I am sure that they really don't care about the prizes. The biggest prize is getting to hang out together and have fun!