Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pen Charm, Personalized For Each Guest!

Sorry about the late post! I forgot to get it posted earlier.

This was a last minute idea and what seemed so simple took a lot longer than I thought to make...I know that happens to ya'll too so don't even try to pretend!

Two of the games at the party was going to require each guest use a pen. I had them do a Christmas Word Scramble and Holiday Movie Trivia. I picked up some gel pens at General Dollar and then when I got home with them I thought it would be nice to personalize the pens a little and add to their Swag Bags. I have never done any "dangles" as my friend Carmen calls them and when I was making them I tried to call her for help and she didn't answer so I know my little Pen Charm Dangles didn't turn out as nice as what Carmen makes, and she wasn't overly thrilled with my attempt but for a disposable pen I think it was fine.

The snowflake charms are ones I got off of eBay back in the summer. I planned on using them for cards and layouts and I think they worked well for the dangles. The beads were some I already and since the pens are disposable I didn't want to waste a bunch of money on something fancy. I wasn't sure what material to use so I just used some wire I had laying around *okie wonders if everyone has wire just laying around*. I left enough wire at the end so I could just use it to attach the dangle to the clip of the pen cap.

I used Make The Cut and my Cricut to cut the names. I can't remember the font I used but after getting the names all lined out I added a small circle with a hole in the middle and welded it to each name so I would have a way to add it to the dangle. You can see the size difference from the ones I cut and then after they were shrunk. I used the shrinky dink film that turns out white and then used my ProMarkers to go around the edges of the name so it would stand out a little better.

Everyone seemed to like their personalized pens and if I decide to do them again I will do a better job of researching the supplies I would need to make it a little classier.


  1. Very cute idea Okie!!
    I love personalized things!

  2. Love the idea of using shrinkydink.... haven't used that since my daughter was little :-) Great project!!!

  3. I would have never thought to cut shrinky film. Now the wheels are turning...

  4. Super idea! How big did you do them before shrinking? Great idea for hostess gift too.

  5. Love the idea ! I may have to do this for our annual family party!

  6. Okie - who would have known that Customizing Pens could be such a quick and simple process. I've got to try this!