Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Special Order Card

My friend Bonnie needed a very special card for her father for Christmas. Evidently he really likes the western artist Bill Jaxon and for Christmas they were getting him a signed print but wanted him to think all they could get him was a post card with a personal note from the artist. Bonnie's mom asked Bonnie if she could do something special to present the postcard to Bonnie's dad and Bonnied told me "I told her...hmmm, I probably can't but I know someone who can!". And that is how I got commissioned to do the card.

I generally decline special orders, or any orders for that matter *okie doesn't like to think of papercrafting as orders because then it is a job and no fun* because I am always afraid it won't be like the person wants and they will complain or not like it and all my hard work will be for not. I really need to remember that the majority of my friends and family are NOT papercrafters so anything I do is awesome to sure would help alleviate stress!

I scanned the front of the post card and printed it off on cardstock. I used a frame from the Cricut Fancy Frames cartridge and then the trees are from Christmas Noel. I was careful in choosing colors that would keep the picture as the focal point of the card. I think the darker paper contrasted well with the white frame and trees and gave it the look I wanted. I added brads to the corners to dress it up a little.

You guys know how I love my dimensional effects so of course I had to add some mounting foam to make the frame and trees pop off the card. The snow along the bottom of the trees is felt paper. The trees were side by side when I cut them on the Cricut so I did do a little hand cutting to layer them together on the card.

Since they wanted the back of the post card to be part of the card as well I did a little photo magic and moved the personal message from the artist onto the scan of the postcard back so it looks as if he signed the postcard. Bonnie told me the sentiment she wanted inside the card and to leave enough room for everyone to sign the card.

When I gave Bonnie the card she was quite pleased and as a thank you she had made me one of her famous bundt cakes that I love so much. Of course I can't show you a photo of that because Chuck and I ate the cake! LOL


  1. Okie, this is just beautiful.
    I am sure they loved it!

    I am like you when it comes to taking orders for something.
    To me if they see it and love it, then that makes you feel good.

    But if someone want to order this or that and wants it a certain way then I am always wondering if they are going to like it or if this is what they had in mind.

  2. I think you did a fabulous job.
    This is a card your friend's father will cherish.
    Smiles from Canada

  3. Great job! Perfectly masculine and the snow scene fits the post card. I like the pop up you used on the trees too.

  4. Okie,
    Great job, another great project!