Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Took Two Days Off...

From blogging that is!

I didn't get anything posted on Sunday or Monday, shame shame on okie! *okie smacks the back of her right hand with her left hand*. Actually I have cards that I could post but right now I am a bit tired *okie wonders if she should tell her readers it is actually Monday night when she is writing this* and I don't feel like going in and editing pictures and such. I have been having some headaches the last few days as well, think it is the dang arthritis in my neck getting at me.

I have gotten a few more .cut files uploaded, check the layout and altered item tabs. It really is going to take longer than I thought to get all the files uploaded. I was going to load some more layout ones but I think the files are on another computer and I will have to see if that one will even fire up. Thank you to all those who have left great comments and understand this is quite an undertaking! I guess I should have done it this way long ago but I don't even think the options were offered for different pages when I first started my blog.

I went a concert on Saturday night...Charlie Wilson, ya know "my name is Charlie, last name Wilson". He is DDAAAMMMM SEXY!! I danced and sang through most of the concert. I even had a man buy me a drink! WOOT WOOT! Shoot maybe I can even get my groove back when I hit Jamaica on the cruise!

My friend Chelle called me earlier in the week asking if I wanted to go to the concert with her since she had an extra ticket. We had a blast and it was the first time Chelle and I went out and did anything in quite a long time! We were on the fifth row from the stage in the center! AWESOOMMEEE! I think Chelle was even surprised at how much I danced during the concert. My daughter was totally jealous as she loves Charlie *okie just wonders who wouldn't love Charlie*.

I was able to get some layout kits ready to take on the cruise. I am doing kits for my friend Karen and I to work on during the nightly crops. Since I have all the supplies I told her I would just do a layout kit for her when I did one for me. I am leaving some picture areas blank so she can fill in with what pictures she might like, but most of them I had double printed and including the pictures in the kit. I find it hard to scrapbook for someone else but with Karen I am not as pressured because I know she doesn't give a chit what it looks like, she is just darn happy to have it done for her! LOL

I will try to get some projects loaded to post this week. Maybe I will feel better this evening and be able to get some done.


  1. Okie, I can't imagine anyone not liking your LO's or anything else for that matter.
    Sounds like you had a blast at the concert. It has been a very long time since I have been to a concert.
    Glad you guys had fun. But I can't imagine being with you and not having fun :)

  2. We all need a break Okie! Including you! Sooo take as much time off as you need... I just hope you start to feel a little better soon! I checked out the other files you've added and can't thank you enough.... It really is going to be a lot of work... take your time and relax.... And tell that darn arthritis to stop messing with you! I get it in my hands really bad so I can't even imagine having it in my neck! Yikes! :o)

  3. Okie,
    Rest and take whatever time you need to get the files uploaded. I'm glad you had a blast at the concert, I would love to see Charelie Wilson in concert. I have his CD in my car so I drive to his sounds all the time.

  4. Uncle Charlie is AWESOME!! Saw him this past summer in new Orleans where he left the stadium speechless!

    Enjoy your rest!

  5. Oh yes he is one sexy guy and that voice just make you melt. Sounds like a wonderful time. You go Okie!

  6. I think arthritis in the neck is a crafter's malady. I have arthritis in my neck, too. When I first started having my neck pain checked on, the doctor said, no computer, no knitting, no scrapbooking. Ok, than WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?????? I didn't listen. That might be why my neck still hurts.

  7. Hoping you feel better soon, so sorry to hear you're uncomfortable. Your posts always make me smile.