Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Fun Filled Evening With Linda!

So last night was the first Thursday of the month. That means one thing...STAMP CLUB! Linda comes down and we go running around to see what goodies we can find, go eat dinner and then off to the LSS to meet the other ladies for a few hours of stamping.

I have come to learn 3 important things about Stamp Club night...

1. We must shop and buy something...even if it is flushable wipes! *okie thinks every good human being should keep flushable wipes on the backs of their toilets for those times when regular toilet paper just isn't enough to take care of the back alley of downtown brown*  
We hit up the bargain store and I got some Perfect Pearls for $6 for the 4 container pack. Once again Linda and I got accused of not liking each other. We are quite perplexed why people would think such a thing, I mean seriously...just because we constantly argue and call each other bad names no way reflects the fondness of friendship there is between the two of us. We also found some of the "Lock N Lock" containers for a good price and we got those. As we were checking out there was an ad pop up on the cashier screen that said flushable wipes were on sale. Well of course Linda and I had to get 6 each of those! *okie thinks that she and Linda must have the same amount of traveling in the back alley of downtown brown*

2. Eating is important...probably more important that stamping! 
Linda and I use to go to Taco Mayo, figuring it was cheap and we could spend more money at the LSS before going to Stamp Club. Of course that was when we use to meet at the library instead of the LSS. Then we started eating at Applebee's and we evidently got a little burned out on Applebee's because we at at Taco Mayo last night, besides, Linda had a buy one get one free coupon book! We do hit the Chinese buffet occasionally but have found out that we usually eat way too much and are miserable the whole evening.

3. Never plan to get anything accomplished...this way when you do you feel quite proud!
We always discuss what we are going to take to Stamp Club to work on, but probably not as much as we discuss were we are going to go eat, and most of the time it is a waste of time because we don't get anything accomplished. Linda however did get some really cute Valentine cards done, but she totally cheated and had everything ready. All she had to do was tape the crap down. I got a bunch of images stamped off, sheets for me, Linda and a gal named Sue. I also got a bunch of inside card sentiments stamped off for future use.

We always have a blast with the ladies at Stamp Club and I think we have started going more for the socialization with other crafter's than for the stamping but ya know what...that is A-OK!


  1. Sounds like fun and it's great that you have planned time to spend with a friend!

  2. Sounds like a great time with a great friend!

  3. I think you need a Stamp Club Reality would have many viewers and all would have good laughs

  4. OMGOSH! You had me laughing my Butt off at #1.... I'm still laughing! Sounds like the 2 of you had a blast! I go to a Crop til ya drop once a month and I usually don't get my stuff done either.... I'd rather go talk to everyone and buy stuff too! Luckily it's a potluck so we save the cash to shop for more supplies! LOL

  5. I rather envy you having a friend to hang out with and being able to speak your mind. Those kind of friends are far and few between. Sounds as though you both had a great time.

  6. OMG! You are so funny! You write the things I think, but wouldn't put out there...maybe when I grow up I can be like you...LOL!

    On a serious note it is fun to have a bestie that you can just be yourself with. You are very lucky to have such a close friend(s)! Many people have no idea what that means!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

  7. Sounds to me like the first Thursday of every month is FUN, FUN, FUN! Good Friend, shopping, eating, socializing, and a little crafting too. Now I ask you ... Does it get any better than that!


  8. You girls always have so much fun.

  9. That sounds like soooo much fun!!! I long for a group like this in my area! I am not sure where to start to even look for one. No one in my small circle of gal pals even craft. Oh well, guess I would make more progress if I start looking instead of whining about it. Ya think?!!!!! I am very happy for you! Have a Lovely day!!!!

  10. A bargain is a bargain. LOL! And if we use a 2 for 1 coupon at Taco Mayo, it saves us enough $$$ to splurge at the LSS! What's more important? We just have our priorities straight IMHO! LOL!

    But, I'm pretty sure the coupon didn't save me enough to cover the cost of the 3 new EK punches I bought!

    And, for once, I could share a bargain find with Fred! (the wipes, not the punches). So, it was a good shopping trip, for sure.