Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I know my Facebook friends know the mission I have been on since Sunday....RIBBON ORGANIZATION! Well I can proudly and gladly say that I finally finished up last night! Well at least finished up until I get the ribbon from Linda we ordered *okie shakes her head and refuses to admit she has a ribbon addiction*.

I kept finding more and more ribbon in my craft room but I didn't give up until I had it all done! I will be honest and say some of it I bagged up and I am sending to my friend Carmen in Houston. She doesn't make multiple cards so shorter lengths of ribbon are okay for her. I, for some reason, think I can buy less than 5 yards of ribbon at a time...preferably 10 yards and sometimes 20 yards.

I will share a few pictures, maybe later today but for right now I don't think I can make my fingers work well enough to even get the pictures on my blog!


  1. I saw the pics on FB. It looks good. My ribbon is all over the place. I should follow your lead and get it all organized.

  2. Congrats on the organization!!! Man I love when I finish something like that in my craft room! Thats aweasome you are sending scraps to your friend. I can wait to see those pics.

  3. I Look forward to seeing what it looks like.... I Have an ADDICTION to RIBBON! I store it everywhere!!!! Soooo I would love to see how you organized yours... I too make multiple cards... never just 1! Soooo I like to buy ribbon by 5 yds. or more as well.... :o)