Friday, September 3, 2010

Flying Witch

I just loved this cut when I saw it on the Celebrate With Flourish booklet! I thought I would use patterned papers on the witch and moon to give the cut a more whimsical look. And of course I love polka dots so that is the paper which I chose to use on the witch *okie laughs at her nerdiness*.

The paper for the mat is Making Memories. I got this little 6x6 stack almost two years ago when I was in Phoenix. I found it at a Tuesday morning for $1.99 and I had never used any of the paper in there. I thought it gave a good background for the Cricut image. I used a very light gray as a second mat and inked the edges with Lime Pastel.

This gives you a little different look on the pattern of the paper. It is the same from yesterday, Little Yellow Bicycle.

I added Stickles to the green flourishes. Do you know which Stickles I used?? *okie puts her hand behind her ear as if trying to hear* WRONG!! It's not Diamond! It's Stardust! See I am not totally predictable!

Linda, aka LGuild, said she thought this one had too many layers also but she did say she liked the flying witch. Hmm...come to think of it it does look a bit like Linda! *okie falls out chair laughing and knows she is gonna be in big trouble for that one*.


  1. Really cute the patterned papers and the witch cut too!!!

  2. Okie, I love all the layers on this one!

    hugs, MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom

  3. Love the card! Okie, you always crack me up! Sometimes I go back a re read your posts just to make me smile!

  4. Whadda ya mean it looks like Linda? Girl, you know my big behind wouldn't fit on a skinny broom handle. I'd have to have a Kirby vac to ride!


  5. ROTFL!

    I just remembered the reason I stop by here often...great humor and even better crafts!! :-)

    Love your witch card...your paper choices are always perfect!

  6. Love your card. You always make me laugh, you can brighten up my worst days.

    Thank you.

  7. A Kirby ( Linda said it) that would really be cool on this card.
    I love the poke-a-dot paper. She looks like she has the measles. All witches should have the measles. That makes them really scary.
    This is from Celebrate with Flourish? I love it. Another great card Okie! You are the best.

  8. Great card!! I love it!! That patterned paper is just perfect! :)

  9. I just love the humor you add to your posts!!
    Great card - great patterned paper too!

  10. Sherry <~~~~leans back so far in chair she tips over laughing at how funny okie is when she is making fun of linda...but still very cute this is gonna leave a bruise.

  11. OK ... I'm going to say it ... maybe it's because I am a witchy kind of person (shhh ... now don't even don't even go there, I can already guess what you might be saying) ... but this is really my kind of Halloween card.

    I great use of patterned papers, these work perfectly together, but don't "fight" with one another for attention.

    I think this is my favorite of the Halloween cards so far. LOVE IT!


  12. I really love this! Okie - you are a gem.

  13. Ok..I really like this CARD! the Background paper goes perfect with this witch! Another image I have yet to cut out.. I'm going to make something with it now.... I also like the sparkle from the stickles..... Great Job! :o)