Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Layout Challenge - Let's have some fun!

It's cold and rainy here and the trees are covered in ice, the roads are okay at this time but with this weather I am staying in the house all weekend! I was talking to my friend Carmen last night and we decided we would craft together today, via phone and internet, because we are both ready to do something for ourselves instead of filling orders or making things for other people. Carmen suggested we do the layout I had designed and posted on Sunday. I then asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to play along and we would make it a challenge. My friend Misty said she would like to play along but she doesn't have MTC so for this purpose I am now posting the file in SVG format as well for those who don't have Make The Cut *okie really wonders why anyone would NOT have MTC at this point*.

You will need to use the images from the file to play but you are free to move them around as needed and change up whatever you want, just make sure you use the images of the ribbons, swirls, wreath and title.  Once you have your layout done please take pictures and EMAIL them to me at okie_ladybug@swbell dot net so I can post what everyone has done. Please have your layout done by Sunday night so I can post the pictures on Monday or Tuesday for everyone to see.

Okay folks...READY, SET, GOOOO!!!!

To download the files click below:


  1. Super fun. Wish I could play but the family is all here until Christmas so I will get little crafting done.

  2. This is so beautiful! I will certainly use this in my scrapbook! Thank you so very much for you kindness & willingness to share with all of us. I appreciate your generosity more than I can tell you. Not only for this, but for all the beautiful files you create! God Bless & Merry Christmas to you & your family!! Sincerely ~ Kathy

  3. Thank you for the SVG file. I know that MTC is great, but I am now using DE on my Silhouette CAMEO and don't need it.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Thank you so much. Most generous.