Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tumbler Order - Part 3

Today's tumbler's are sport themes once again. My friend was very athletic in high school and was a starter for our basketball team, I think he must have passed on his love of sports to his nieces and nephews.

This tumbler is pretty simple, no joining shapes other than the shadows. I did curve the name to give it some interest. That is one of the wonderful features of Make The Cut, you can set that conical warp to just about any size you want! I used one of my "circular" settings in the conical warp feature to get the curve of the name and then once I got it how I wanted with the soccer ball and shadow I used the conical warp that was set for the tumbler.

This is another tumbler where I curved the name with the circular setting and it is a little easier to see how the tops of the letters are larger than the bottoms with the setting I used.

For the softball cup I wanted a long tail that is often used with sport theme items. I was able to find some in an internet search and then did the whole trace thing. I chose one that fit well with the name and with the tails I found that the font Script MT Bold seems to work well. I was then able to weld the tail to the last letter of the name. I did the "cut out" method I guess I will call it, to get the softball added on the tail without overlapping.

The soccer and football player are available from the file from the other day and you can download the softball and swashes files here:



  1. Great job Okie, Whomever gets these will be happy!!
    You amaze me at the things you do. I read all your post( I know I don't always comment) and hope that just a little sinks in.
    I read your post a lot through my emails.

  2. I love all your tumblers... I want to make them but haven't found the time to venture into MTC... Heck I'm still trying to learn all the silhouette stuff.. So much to learn so little time.