Monday, December 2, 2013

Tumbler Order - Part 2

Two of the girls had basket ball as an interest and I wanted to make the tumblers different some how. I know kids generally don't like having things exactly alike.

On the first tumbler I used a very loopy font, can't remember the name off hand and then put a basketball at the end of the name.

Sometimes it is hard to get the vinyl to line up right if it drops on one side, which it did on this one so I set the basketball layers aside and added the name to the shadow layer and then went back and placed the basketball on the shadow.

The name goes through 3 basketballs on this tumbler and I used the method similar to the JOINING SHAPES that I did a tutorial on back in June. In order to get the shadow around the name I set my shadow at .510 and then used that to "cut out" on the basketballs". I am just now thinking that if I say much more I am going to confuse myself and everyone else *okie makes a note to do a tutorial on how to complete this process*.

I am including the file for the basketball and the basketball border and you can download the file here -


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