Friday, May 20, 2011

Very Merry Christmas layout

Remember the picture of Lucy working on a layout? Well this is the layout she was working on! She did get a little upset when I made her go with a darker background patterned paper even though I tried to explain that the lighter color made everything look too washed out. I think she got over it though because I did let her dig through the embellishment stash and use whatever she wanted.

Supplies Used:
Cricut - E2; Design Studio; Gypsy; Gypsy Wanderings; Joys of the Season cart; Elegant Edges cart
Cardstock - Coredinations; Mica Stardream
Patterned Paper - Anna Griffin
Robin's Nest embellishments
Stampin Up Ticket Punch
Gold Ink pad (not sure of brand)

The "Very Merry" was cut from Gypsy Wanderings, the date plate was cut from Elegant Edges, the swirls were cut from Joys of the Season. The photos were double matted on silver and then gold Mica cardstock. Lucy matched the blue cardstock to the blue of the pajamas my daughter was wearing. I told her she did good there.

The darker patterned paper really did look better than the original lighter paper that was planned. The title seemed to really get lost on the lighter paper.

The "Christmas" was cut from Joys of the Season, as was the present. Lucy added Robins nest embellies to the swirls and I told her to add the 3 next to the present. Well okay actually I had to add the embellies because she kept getting the mini glue dots stuck to her paws.

I think Lucy did a pretty good job on the layout over all. I asked if she wanted to use the Janome Sew Mini and she looked at me like I was crazy and then I realized she wouldn't be able to reach the foot pedal from the chair. I told her I would work on adding a little ledge on the chair in the future if she wanted to try the Sew Mini. I think she rolled her eyes at me so I am taking that as a "don't even bother".


  1. Lucy did an excellent job! I was just thinking this morning about how there are certain blogs I look at every morning with my coffee. People I don't know but that I enjoy checking in with everyday, that feel like friends. You are on that short list so I just wanted to say thank you!

  2. Lucy did a wonderful job. Very good job Lucy!

  3. Wow ! You've done such a great job of passing your talent on to Lucy ! :) This is great !!

  4. Beautiful layout!! I love it!! Lucy did a fabulous job!!! :)

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! :) I just love reading your blog! Great layout! As soon as I get more experience under my belt, maybe I'll let my fur-babies help me... so far they just like to jump on, or lay on the paper I spread out on the guest bed to get myself color-coordinated... (sigh). Those putty-foots...

    Have a great day! Thanks for this post.

  6. Lovely, just lovely! It's a such an even blend of elegance! Well done.

  7. Okie, you have given me so much inspiration and sometimes much needed "smacks" on the MB (and one time you threatened to give me another on FB) LOL that I want to give you a Versatile Blogger award! Stop by and grab it when you can!

    BTW love that you're doing more and more LOs!

  8. Lucy did a wonderful LO! So glad you aren't trying to take credit for her work. Thanks for reaffirming to me that I need to find Elegant Edges!

  9. You're so funny! I love reading what you post.

  10. Oh WOW! I LOVE this LO! It looks so elegant Okie! Pretty paper and cuts...... and of course adorable pictures to match! :o)

  11. Lucy you did a fabulous job!!! It's a gorgeous layout!!! But you need to include yourself in pages too, that's my only advice :D

  12. time goes by to quickly doesn't it.

    Enjoy the now!