Friday, May 13, 2011

Really Simple and Plain Layout


I did this layout quickly. I just felt like doing a layout and pulled out some a few pictures I had. These were the only pictures I took on a trip to Texas for some reason but I still wanted my daughter and I to remember it so decided to scrap these together.

I used Basic Grey Euphoria for the paper, sticker flower element and the chipboard letters. The red pearls are Queen and Company. As you can see there is NO CRICUT! *okie gasps* I was too lazy to try and cut anything and since I had all the cool elements I just decided to slap it together quickly. Of course I did have to ink the edges, remember it is a compulsion with me at this point in my life and I cringe if I even think about not inking edges of paper *okie wonders if there is a therapy for this inkoitis that she seems to suffer*.

I am really trying to remember that not every layout has to be a masterpiece! Sometimes it can be simple, and that is okay.

The flower vine got kind of lost on the edge so I took it apart and cut the horizontal paper back a little so they would show more. I do like the pearls in the center for the flowers and it did add a little bling to help dress the layout up a little.

I did like how the flower vine overlapped onto the pictures an since the pictures were a little dark it showed up better.

I started not to share this layout since it isn't one I really put a lot of time and work in to but I figured we all have these kind and if we don't we need to remember it is about the pictures and not all the artwork.


  1. There is nothing 'plain' about this layout! LOVE it! :)


  2. Love what you said Okie. I too need to remember every page does not have to be a masterpiece that takes hours and hours. I will never get caught up with grandbabies pics if I keep doing that. Cute layout and thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I need the reminder, too!

  4. Very pretty Okie! I need to start scapbooking again. It used to take me days to finish a 2 page LO, because I thought it had to be perfect. You're right though, it is all about the pictures, let's hope I remeber that when I start scrapbooking again!!!

    Puppy Hugs,
    Wendy, aka Roo

  5. I love it... simple but beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!