Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tried A New Product! Safmat Film by Letraset

I was sent sample of a new product from Letraset, the makers of ProMarkers, quite some time ago but then my printer got fried and before I got time to try it out. Since I got the wireless printer hooked up and working I thought I would finally try it. The product is called Safmat Film.

Safmat Film is a product that you use to print designs onto materials that normally won't go through your printer, such as heavyweight cardstock, acetate, large 3D objects, glass, etc.

It was very simple to use! It's just a matter of printing, trimming, applying and burnishing. That's it!

I did take some pictures of my first use of the Safmat Film so I could show you guys how easy it is to use.

I typed up what I wanted in MSword and then printed on the Safmat. Just make sure you print on the NON-WAXY side.

I then trimmed close to the text with my trimmer. It was very easy to cut, no more difficult than any other paper product.

After allowing time to dry I peeled the Safmat off of the backing. Taking the Safmat off the backing was very easy and I didn't have any problems lifting the edge with my fingernail to get them apart.

Next I lined up the Safmat onto the cardstock I had prepared. Since I was using textured cardstock I wondered about how well it would look but thought it was better to try it out on texture and say if I liked it than use it on smooth and say I liked it then trying on textured and finding out I didn't.

It went down easily and smoothly onto the textured cardstock.

Next I used my Basic Grey rub on tool to burnish the Safmat down. This made the Safmat have a very smooth look and you didn't see the film. It looks like it was typed onto the cardstock.

And here is the Safmat applied and burnished to the cardstock. As you can see there is some distinction about the Safmat being on the cardstock but I think it is because this is a close up picture. It actually is not even noticeable on the layout after I got it done.

I am definitely giving this product an A+ on quality, ease of use and most importantly the ability to use it for scrapbooking and cardmaking!

I am hoping to use it for some card sentiments this week. I think with this product it will make it so much more simple to add sentiments on colored cardstock and also to print and apply your own sentiments you need when you don't have that "just right" stamp or the size you are wanting to use.

Tomorrow I will be posting the layout that I put this journaling on so you can see how well it looks.


  1. Okie - this looks like a great product - I'm always trying to print from my laptop to a card of LO and it won't fit in my printer - it's either try this stuff or buy a large format printer (NOT!!!)

    Thanks for sharing - will be trying this soon!


  2. Thanks for the info! I'm going to check this out--been trying to find some way to get sentiments on cardstock.

  3. What size are the sheets? How does it compare to using clear labels?

    I looked at those the other day and had thought about doing inside sentiments for cards with them.

  4. Great product.. Thanks for posting! Did you find it difficult to line up?

  5. Where can I find this as it looks
    like a great product?

  6. TFS...I love to print on cardstock, but most of mine will not go through my printer. This looks like the perfect solution! Can't wait to see your other projects.

  7. Hmmmmm ... this product looks pretty snazzy. Does it leave a bit of a glossy finish? I'd love it if it did!


  8. i got a sample too. i plan to use it for the same reasons, on the inside sentiments i can't seem to find on stamps. besides using words. couldn't you also download and print off images. i can't wait to see how it handles 'color'.

  9. Wow this looks great. You can even see the texture. Thanks for the review.
    How do you get on the list to try out products and review them? I would love to do that.
    Thanks again1

  10. Oh WOW! That is a pretty cool product! I like that you can print what you want and trim it down to size then add it to whatever you want! TFS!

  11. I like these and think there is a place for something like that (in my craft room for starters! Keep showing us how you use them in your other projects! TFS