Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Altered Purse Tim Holtz Style

I think everyone knows I love Tim Holtz products! If you don't then you do now! I have managed to get 4 of his stacks and have been refusing to use them. You know the whole "if I use it I won't have it anymore" mentality. I finally did break out one of the stacks to use on a purse.

Supplies used:
BE Chipboard Purse
Tim Holtz - Lost and Found Paper Stash; Distress Ink; Ball Chain
K & Company - patterned paper, brad
KI Memories - Key
Small doily
Stampin Up - Marker
Jeweled brad
Geo Breeze - dome circle
Terrifically Tacky Tape (used for adhering elements to purse)

Here is a close up of all the elements on the flap. The clock was cut out from a sheet of the paper in the stack. I layered it with chipboard and a piece of the pink cardstock like on the front of the purse so it would have stability to stand up off the edge. I added a small doily behind it for the lacy look. Oh I added a small dome circle on the thermometer part of the clock.

The paper flower is book flower I made using a scallop punch and two different size circle punches.

I made the tassel on the key with some twine.

When I got the purse done I just felt like it needed something else and that is when I went back and added the ball chain. I thought about adding it just directly onto the flap but then I thought it would look so much better if it could swap from the flap.

You can see in this picture how it is just draping from the flap. Yes, it is okay for you to say right now "OMG OKIE!! YOU JUST ONCE AGAIN PROVED YOU ARE A CRAFTING GENUIS!" I'll wait....*okie waits for her readers to say the phrase...clears her throat and glances over to the right to the reader who is rolling their eyes and says...* Now now! Don't hate, just say it and we can go on...

I thought I should show how I added the ball chain since I know someone will likely be curious on how it was done. I used some nylon thread and a sewing needle, yep, that was the secret! I used my Tonic paper piercer to pierce through the flap so the needle would go through. Once I got the chain in place I made several passes through with the needle and thread so it would be sturdy. I then tied it with a square knot since nylon thread has a tendency to not want to stay tied.

While it is obvious in this picture how it was done you can't really see it when you are just looking at the purse in person.

I did add a little effort to the back of the purse this time *okie thinks to herself very little effort* and I know I did it because it just seemed to need it with the vintage theme of this purse. I was going to add some brads across the back to make them look like rivets but I decided not to waste the brads since most people will probably never see the back of the purse *okie is so cheap sometimes it almost hurts her* and I figured why waste them!

I really do think it would look better to decorate the backs a little more but honestly I just can't see myself doing it! To me it would be like decorating the back side of a layout!

To make the partial scallop circle I used a punched out scallop circle and laid it on the paper. I then took my foam inking pad and inked out so it left the image of the scallop lighter.

I think it gave it a nice effect but I wish I had started on the outer edge and worked my way in, making more of the scallops. I might try this on another project in the future and see how it works out.

You can see the faux stitching pretty good in this picture. A lot of times just a little faux stitching really adds a lot to a project.

I still have two purses left to alter. I can't decide what I want to do to them so it might be awhile before I get them done. So far this one is BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!


  1. yeh, me saying....(omg). just for the record, you 'DO KNOW' i'm a tim holtz fan! not sure what to do with them? duhhhhh, want my addy?

  2. This is SOOOOoooo FREAKIN' G-O-R GORGEIOUS! How ever did you think to make something like this. Oh what am I saying... You're OKIE, that's how. BRAVO!!! Smooches... Felicia at & frankleecrafts[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Okie your purses are Beautiful! I'm just curious, what do you do with them after you create them?

  4. Okie,
    You are indeed a crafting genius! The purse is awesome, tfs!

  5. This is my favorite, too! Great job!

  6. Adorable! And what a clever way to put the ball chain! I so know what you mean about not wanting to begin on some supplies, just because you think it is too beautiful, but this purse is really super cute, so then you must have a good feeling about it now ;o))

    I must say that I always enjoy reading your blog. You crack me up sometimes with the 'okie comments'!!

    TFS, Marlies

  7. OMGosh you are a "crafting genius". Don't tell Linda I said that she might get mad at me for giving you a bigger head. I knew that would be awesome with Tim Holtz paper. I am going to have to find some of these to order. This is so stunning!!!!! You already cost me money as I ordered $90 in Penny Black stamps this week from on sale. Anyway this is my favorite purse. Maybe one of those tornados could blow it over to my house. LOL

  8. Great project - love Tim Holtz things also.

  9. i love the purses, how do you attach the paper to the purse , with glue or tape wish you would do a vidio on how to cover the purse

  10. Hi Okie, I just got back from vacation (first one in 3 years...) and your blog is the first one I'm catching up with! I just love all of your projects :) Thanks for always taking the time to post stuff for us to see.

  11. Connie...I will be using these as prizes at my Annual Girlfriend Christmas party. I think the guests will really like these!

  12. Suzanne I tell Linda all the time that she is jealous of my big head. And that I have to have a big head so it can hold my magnificently large brain! HA HA HA

  13. Grambojoan I might try and see if I can do a video since you mentioned it. I haven't done one in awhile and I still have two purses that are bare!

  14. Craftygirl congrats on your vacation! I hope you had a wonderful time! The cruise was the first I had taken in many years! I am truly honored that my blog was the first you wanted to catch up on!

  15. I have been enjoying all of your purse projects, but I have to say that this one is my favorite so far. It's beautiful!

  16. I don't know which I like more - the purse or your narrative!!! thanks for sharing and making me laugh out loud!!

  17. This is my favorite one too & yes, you are a crafting genius!

  18. Your purses are lovely, BUT, my eyes were immediately drawn to the doily you used. It is tatted. Tatting is becoming a lost art. It is a Victorian type of lace making, very tedious, but lovely. LOVE the doily!!!

    My mom and I tat, my Grandma taught us both how to do it, and my mom and Grandma tatted lace to use on my wedding veil, 29 years ago. My Grandma has since passed away, and my mom is almost 87.

  19. Love It!!! The inking, the texture and the vintage look is way cool! Great Job!

  20. Love all the texture and dimension!! Great project!

  21. OH Okie this is really stylin. I love it. That paper is wonderful. You out did yourself!

  22. Okie, your are a crafting genious!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! The clock looks so real. This is so BEAUTIFUL!!! You should sell these on Etsy or E-Bay!!! Where do you get the purses? Though, I know if I even tried, I wouldn't be able to do as good as you!!!

    Puppy Hugs,
    Wendy aka Roo

  23. Love this purse! Awesome job!!

    Nicole T.