Thursday, January 14, 2016

You're Never Too Old To...

For quite a few years now I had been putting cheap boxes of Revlon Golden Blonde on my hair as it lightened my natural color and colored my gray hair blonde. The bad thing is that the blonding was killing my hair and making it much like straw. About a year and a half ago I started using semi-permanent coloring in light browns on my hair because I figured it wouldn't be as harsh. Then a few months ago I decided to stop coloring my hair and try and go with my natural color *okie tries to remember exactly what her natural hair color use to be* which is a lot of gray these days. I just keep thinking about the Indian women, not the Indian from India kind of Indian but the Indians from Oklahoma kinda Indians, I have seen during my life who have white hair and how gorgeous it makes them look and I wanna be gorgeous like that. Hey so what if I have to wait until 50 to be gorgeous...I'll take it! 

Evidently I am never one to keep up with the latest and greatest trends because the other day when I was walking into the kitchen area at school I was questioned by a few of the students. The conversation went something like this...

Girl 1: "did you dye your hair?"
Me: *thinking the girl was being a total smart ass* "No! I haven't dyed my hair in awhile."
Girl 2: "It looks like you did"
Me: *with one eyebrow raised* "Seriously? Now how does it even look like I dyed my hair?"
Girl 1: (several of the students now laughing) "Did you dye it silver?"
Me: "What? No! Who dyes their hair silver?"
Girl 2: "Haven't you seen those people dying their hair silver"
Girl 1: "Yeah, everyone is dying their hair silver now!"
Me: *with a shocked look on my face* "REALLYYYY?"
Girls: "YEESSS!!!"
Me: *blinking in astonishment* "This is my natural color coming in. I stopped dying my hair a few months back. I'm old and have gray hair, I'm waiting for it all to turn gray!"
Girl 1: "Well it looks really good!"
Me: *with some apprehension* "Uhhhh...thank you?"

I Googled about silver hair and sure enough I guess it is a bit of a trend and there were a lot of pictures of people who have dyed their hair silver. I never would have guess that I would become a fashionable person at the age of 50! I guess the old saying of "you're never too old to..." just might be true!


  1. Well, what'a ya know ... I am apparently very "trendy" too. OK, if I am honest, I am not there yet ... but I sure have a dang good start at it. Except that it doesn't really look all that great. Since I have always been blonde (actually, I had white hair until about age 15 when it started to darken a little to more of a light blonde shade). When gray hairs started coming in, you really didn't notice them much mixed in with the blonde hair, so I didn't give coloring it a second thought. These days, the blonde/gray combination is about 50-50, and it's not pretty. In fact, I think I have graduated to a delightful (not) shade of unidentifiable color. In other words, it's a yucky BLAH. I've been seriously thinking about coloring it for the past several years. It's probably too late now ... but I'm still thinking about it.

  2. I can't handle the pink, turquoise or green hair coloring, but the silver is beautiful - mine isn't solid silver - it's mixed in with the gray - so I'm cool at 72! LOL!

  3. I quit dying mine a long time ago. My hair grows too fast to keep up with it. I am a brunette, but man oh man do I have the salt and pepper look going on. Mostly salt these days Glad to know I will be stylin' when it all

  4. I have been turning grey since I was a teenager. I had been dying my hair dark auburn for years. Then I started having an allergic reaction every time I colored my hair. I am 47 years old and was not ready to be grey headed but had to quit coloring. Since I quit almost a year ago I have gotten alot of compliments and have had some people to think that I colored mine this way but it is all natural. Great to know that I am trendy.

  5. Too funny! I'm 70 and have like 5 gray hairs. I wish it would turn gray 'cuz I love that look. My mother had only a few gray ones, so I guess I won't turn "silver". Darn!

  6. Ha ha! That's too funny, thanks for sharing!

  7. You have always been beautiful, Shirley!
    Ohmygoodness you are a riot!
    What fun it must be to have all those kids around to keep you up on the current fads.
    Looking forward to seeing your updated picture.