Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Have Probably Lost My Mind

No seriously, I have lost my mind. Wait until you read why!

A few years ago when I went to Florida I flew Allegiant Air back home because it was cheap, or at least it seemed that way until all the fees started adding up but even with the fees it was cheaper than any other airline I could find and it was a direct flight. For anyone who is not familiar with my whole fiasco concerning that flight can read about it in this post - Starting With The Bad - Allegiant Air and since I have a whole post concerning that event I won't go into details about that trip but instead I will just tell you why I just booked a round trip to Orlando and back with Allegiant. 

The reasons I chose to go with Allegiant again...
1. Karen said her friends fly it all the time and they never have any problems
2. It's a direct flight both ways
3. It's F'ing cheap!
4. I know what to expect this time.
5. I really want to go see my friend Karen!

I am not taking any checked bags so I don't have to pay that fee but I do have to pay a carry on bag fee (cheaper when you pay in advance). Karen and I have already discussed how I won't need anything but clothes and a few pair of flip flops. We are not going on a cruise this time but instead going to enjoy her new house and pool and also meet up with some friends while there, so I won't be needing a lot of things I usually take. I won't need shampoo, soap, hair dryer, or any of that nonsense. I will limit my jewelry to my standard watch, silver hoops and the heart necklace I usually wear. I won't have the money to go shopping this trip, and to be honest there isn't anything I really need to buy while there, so I won't need the extra space to bring anything home. So basically I will need to pack a few pairs of shorts, a couple of pairs of capri's, some tank tops and a few shirts and of course my bras and underwear and I think I can fit all that in a carry on just fine. 

My airfare total, with all the taxes and fees and other nonsense that doesn't seem to make sense was $221.50. Yes, that is correct TWO HUNDRED TWENTY ONE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS  for a DIRECT FLIGHT ROUND TRIP ticket to Florida. I will say the price would have been a bit cheaper but I did spend a total of $52 so I could choose my own seat and also the ability to make one change free of charge *okie isn't sure how it is free of charge if she had to pay for it* to my trip if needed. I am hoping for that price, and me already knowing what to expect, the flight will be tolerable. I already know to get something to eat and snack on because I sure don't want to pay $9 for the equivalent of a Lunchable again and I know their employees at least the ones I dealt with, for the most part are hateful bitches. I now know this is a basic no frills airline and definitely not the luxurious airline, Southwest, that I generally fly. In order to see my BFF Karen I am willing to make the sacrifice and board another Allegiant Air bucket of nuts and bolts. 

I will likely be needing prayers to make it in one piece so if you can remember to send up a good word on March 6th and March 13th I would really appreciate it!


  1. Safe travels and enjoy your time with your friend! Liz Alvarez

  2. Good for you! You'll have a wonderful time!

  3. Good for you! You'll have a wonderful time!

  4. Will keep the two dates "pinged" on my cell so that I can say a quiet prayer for you. I know you will have a great time at Karen's so all the sacrifices you make will be well worth it.

  5. Okie - so glad you are going on your trip!! Please watch this video and you will learn how to get the most out of your carry-on...
    I did it - I had two weeks of clothing in my carry-on. I did not need to bring a lot of toiletries either - so i was also able to put a small makeup bag with brushes in the bag as well. Have fun!!!!!

    1. HOLY CHIT THAT IS AWESOME!! I think that method will be of great use!

    2. It mom uses the rolling method and this Christmas when she went to go home she was panicking because I have her a king size electric blanket and some clothes and she knew that it would not fit in her suitcase. I convinced her to let me try this method and was able to get the blanket plus more in what she had as an already full suitcase. Good luck and safe travels

  6. can't beat the price, worth the sacrifice! have a great time, thanks for the laugh

  7. Whoa! I remember reading some of your "smoke in the cabin, please pray" facebook posts, but I don't recall reading the entire blog post before now! Think I"ll start praying for you now for a safe, relatively hassle-free flight - both ways!

  8. I don't know how much they charge for a carry-on bag, but is it possible that it would be cheaper to mail your clothes? Just a thought. Good luck.