Monday, January 18, 2016

Pegboard Reorganization

When I went to Houston last month one of the things I wanted to do was go to Ikea, for several reasons but the main one was to get some of the little Bygel Baskets. I had one that I tried on my pegboard and I loved how it held my stuff very well since it was pretty roomy and very sturdy. I was able to pick up 8 of them while I was there and then last week I found something else that I thought might work on my pegboard and finally got around to working on my pegboard reorganization this weekend.

While during one of my digs at the Zipp Outlet here in town I came across a box of 24 brochure holders and while looking at them I could see it hanging on my pegboard with some embellishments in it. I knew I would have to figure out how to hang it but being a gal who is never without a cordless drill I thought I might just try drill a hole in the top and if that didn't work then I would try something else, with there being 24 I didn't figure it would hurt if I messed up a few of them. 

Luckily I was able to drill a hole pretty easily in the top so I didn't have to try several different methods. They don't hold a lot but I think they work out nicely for a few things in my embellishment stash. 

Here you can see them hanging on the pegboard along with the Bygel Baskets. I actually have a few empty ones so that might come in handy if I decide to buy more embellishments *okie wonders who in the hell is she kiddin because if she sees a good sale she will certainly buy more embellishments*. Some things I would have liked to put in there were too wide, such as my smaller blingy rhinestone packages and pearl packages but I actually ended up putting those in a drawer below my craft tables so I can access them easier. I will be making a post of my new craft table set up pretty soon.

It's impossible to get a full length picture of my pegboard since it is in my closet and somehow I ended up leaving out a row between the two pictures. There are a total of 8 clear holders and 11 Bygel Baskets on the pegboard. 

I try to keep certain embellies in their own basket, such as Basic Grey, K & Co., Tim Holtz and Webster Pages, so when I am using that company product line I don't have o dig through all the embellishments but instead can just dig through that one basket. 

Now that I have this all done I am thinking the pegboard is a waste of space and that Bygel bars on that wall might work better but since I don't have an Ikea close and it will be a long time before I get to go to Ikea again this will work for me. It does look a lot nicer and cleaner and by getting things off of pegs I no longer have to pull everything off a peg to get to something in the back I want to use. 


  1. Looks good Shirley. How/what are you using to hold the wire baskets on the peg board.

  2. Some hooks I already had, when I turn them just right they fit under the notch of the handle and keep the baskets in place pretty well.

  3. Your organization always amazes me ... Just when I think it is perfect, you come along and make it even better.

  4. Nicely done as usual, you are so organized; tfs!

  5. What a wonderful find Shirley! Your pegboard looks amazingly organized. Like it would be anything but! lol I've always thought I wanted a pegboard and then later thought too that it would be a wasted space. Not sure I feel that way about yours though! It looks great!!! Hugs, Brenda

  6. Love your basket idea and think i might try that as I always seem to need what is at the back of my pegs. TFS!!!!!

  7. So thankful for your blog ..and what little bit of memory I have left. My DIL is in California visiting friends and messaged me yesterday to "brag" that she was at IKEA. Will kinda brag anyway... She remembered me talking about some baskets and rods I wanted from IKEA (thinking I've been talking about them for years and just how bad I want to visit an IKEA too)

    Anywho she had text me to see what I was wanting from IKEA!!!! Of ourse for the life of me I could not remember what they were called but no fear Okies Blog was here and of course I remembered her posting about those darn baskets. Yep a quick search and we had Bygel baskets!!!! Yes that's it.. iI'm now the proud owner of 5 bars, 3 baskets and 6 cups! Now for the bad part she won't be home until around the 1st of July!!!

    So in short if I wasn't so darn excited of maybe just a boring person I could of posted. Thanks to your blog I'm getting Bygel bars and stuff! LOL HAVE A GREAT DAY!