Sunday, August 16, 2015

Well I'm An Idiot!

I was talking to my friend Carmen about reasons I haven't been blogging much and the number one reason was because my new laptop didn't have an SD slot for my camera card. I never even thought about checking for one when I purchased the laptop back in February because I thought it was just standard on all computers these days. I know I could use a cord *okie wonders where that cord might have ran off to* and hook up my camera but that would be quite a pain. It's torture for me to get pictures from my phone to the computer because I usually can't get them off the phone to the laptop very easily or quickly *okie is so technology challenged at times* and most of the time I have to email them from my phone to myself and then upload to the computer and then edit. I have tried bluetooth in the past and couldn't get it to work and when I email them to myself they tend to sit in the outbox forever in a day. The best way I have to do it is post the pics to Facebook and then save to my computer. I just don't like change much and I was use to popping my card out of my camera and popping it into my laptop with no problem and getting the pictures that way. Heck I haven't even hardly used my camera for that reason.  

Yesterday morning I was looking around the edges of my computer to count my USB ports because I wanted to know how many I had as I have been looking for card readers that hook up to a USB port because I knew if I was able to get my SD card directly connected to the computer I would use my camera more often, especially since I use to use it almost daily!  I noticed a slot in the front of my computer that I never noticed before and I am sure I had quite a puzzled look on my face as I tried to see what the little icon next to the slot was and as I looked into the slot with some light I thought "HOLY CRAP! IS THAT AN SD SLOT?". I never thought to look at the front of my laptop because the SD slot on every other laptop I have used was always on one of the sides, never in the front *okie is quite convinced Toshiba puts their slots for gizmo's in different places just to frustrate people*

I grabbed my camera and took out the SD card and popped it into the slot and it fit perfectly. Then a little notification popped up and POOF it was asking what to do from that drive. Now I wouldn't normally tell this story because it makes me seem like such an idiot but it was too funny not to share. The best thing about it is that I can start using my camera again and get pictures edited without having to jump through 3 flaming hoops, getting in a cage with two man eating tigers and make cotton candy for a crowd of 500 before I even get the pictures to the computer. 

I am going to blame the computer company for this because I don't remember my laptop coming with a manual, as most things don't anymore as they tell you to download it online, so I will just say I wasn't made aware of this feature and save myself from idiocy! 


  1. Oh my, Mine has one in the front also. But I had to get a flashlight to see inside to see if it was for a SD card, and it was. It was rather dusty though since I have never used it. Heck, I don't even remember where I put my camera up at. (So it wouldn't get misplaced) On my other computers the slots were always on the sides also. Thanks for this post. But to honest you really can't see it unless you turn it up some, at least I couldn't. Thanks for this post...oh and we all know that you are no idiot :)

  2. Well, I am not going to say anything negative ... and I am not going to call you an idiot either, because I have no doubt that I have you beat in the technology handicapped area. I can't even work the dang call waiting feature on my phone. (*sigh*)

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah glad you are blogging again. I enjoy reading them.

  4. Yep, my Toshiba had the card slot in the front of the laptop. My now HP has it on the left side. So don't feel bad because I was looking all over my Toshiba when I had gotten it for a card slot too. lol If you want to get your phone photos to your lap top, there is an app that is called Dropbox. Install that and put it on your laptop too and every time you take a pictures it will automatically download to your laptop and will also be on your phone. I love it because all my phone pictures are on my laptop without me having to do anything expect down load an app to my phone. They walk you through it when you download the app and then you put it on your laptop and boom! You have pictures without doing a thing. Love it!
    Hugs, Brenda

  5. LOL, the same thing happened to me! It was well over a year before I discovered the slot.

  6. I did the same thing with my work computer ---- after I found the cord and was all ready someone just told me -why not use the SD slot - right n front totally missed. FUN!!